Study: The Psycological Effects of Seperation

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It has been a while since I posted on the FP community Page, but it isn’t and will never be due to a lack of support. I had come across this some days ago, but it already seems like a well established fact. Which is children who are separated from their families are at risk of not just physical (which may be curbed), but the much more dangerous Psychological abuse.

This study was carried out in Finland by Doctoral research students and sponsored by the Academy of Finland.


Of 54 814 individuals with complete data, 388 (1%) were first placed at ages 2–6 years; matched controls were identified for 386 of these children. At ages 18–25 years, those who had been placed as children had greater odds than never-placed controls of substance-related disorders (odds ratio 2·10, 95% CI 1·27–3·48), psychotic or bipolar disorders (3·98, 1·80–8·80), depression or anxiety (2·15, 1·46–3·18), neurodevelopmental disorders (3·59, 1·17–11·02), or other disorders (2·06, 1·25–3·39). Participants who were placed had more psychotropic medication prescriptions (1·96, 1·38–2·80) and higher rates of criminal convictions (violent offences, 2·43, 1·61–3·68; property offences, 1·86, 1·17–2·97).

Result Conclusion
The results showed that children who grew into the foster care system faced a much higher risk of developing psycologcal disorders deep into their adult life.

Why this is Important
Amidst mounting, research based evidence, it is impossible to deny the implications of having families separated over non established cases of real abuse. Even in the Finnish system, Cases of abuse/neglect as an unestablished as everywhere Else.

This is also the second time I would be coming across such a finding as similar conclusions were drawn by Students in the University of Amsterdam.

Perhaps the best way to take advantage of such findings would be to collate them as more evidence comes to light into a list on indisputable findings round the World.

Thank you FP community for supporting me even when I don’t post FP related content. I am really grateful and will always be here to give back in the little way I can

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"Child Protection Agencies" are taking children away from their loving families.

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...Every single person that I have known (as far as am aware), brought up in state 'care', have some serious psychological issues, unfortunately..


Every? Strangely am not surprised


yup...It's not that many (maybe 15 people...?) -...but still every. yes

I would say this is true

Perhaps the best way to take advantage of such findings would be to collate them as more evidence comes to light into a list on indisputable findings round the World.

A great idea. these materials need to be available for all to use in their efforts to fight the system. The psychological implications of the foster care system does not surprise me. It is sad. It is only a no brainer that staying with your biological family and not separating is best for all involved...except of course the CPS. LOL thanks my friend @empress-eremmy

I have no doubt as to the trauma involved. When I began the 9th grade, one of my initial best friends was a girl who was living with foster parents. She had been sexually molested by her previous foster parent, and she hated being in the current home because she said they were doing it for the money. She was sad a lot of the time, which was made even more bothersome because she was not well liked at school and she had a really good heart. Really sensitive, most thought she wasn't a talker but she was once she trusted you.

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I recently came across this post. I didn't get around to watching all of the videos, but the Stefan Molyneux one on The Abused Brain is about the damage done to young, developing brains via abuse and the long term affects.


Chilling...wondered why I haven't gone about his videos before


He can be hard to take for some people. He's brutally honest and usually right. Doesn't pull his punches. He's been putting his videos on dtube, but doesn't communicate with anyone here really.

howdy there empress...well after reading the excellent comments I have nothing to add, after I finished wiping the tears away, but thank you for supporting the FP people and all they do and thank you for your caring heart. God bless you.

when it comes to child abuse I get very pessimistic about the world we live in

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