Stop Calling for A Military Intervention in Venezuela

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The situation in Venezuela has considerably worsened since the beginning of the year as the economic crisis hit harder. Despite all these Maduro has focused on straightening his seat to power by making constant allegations of plots to remove him, thus holding a firmer grip over the affairs of the nation.

As the situation bites harder, even those in Venezuela who were initially opposed to the idea of a military intervention by the US have began to accept calls for such an intervention as quickly as possible. Leading the calls on the home front is none other than Senator Rubio who appears seemingly fed up with the worsening humanitarian crisis. There were even reports of secret meetings between US officials with alleged ‘coup plotters’ reported by the mainstream media at the weekend.

It is quite easy to simply give in to the need once again to be ‘big brother’ or the World Police in this situation and listen to calls for another intervention, but as a nation obviously overstretched by participating in needless Wars, the US once again should take heed and listen to the naysayers by seeking alternative solutions to the crisis.

Venezuela is not a small nation that can simply be bullied or conquered easily into submission. It is twice the size of Iraq and with a sizeable population of 30+ Million to ensure that any intervention that involves direct conflict will definitely be a long, bloody and expensive one (in lives and material cost).

What can be done in the situation is to involve other nations in finding diplomatic solutions to the crisis. From their closest allies to border nations feeling the Migration wave, a united front from affected and interested nations put forward and accompanied by a people led (peaceful) revolution will do more for the Country towards ensuring lasting peace than any direct military intervention will do at the moment.

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The only reason the leadership in the U.S. would be interested in a Venezuelan intervention would be because Venezuela has oil.

The U.S. and the Western Governments have proven time and again that they have no interest in saving people in the name of humanitarian concerns... it's always about resources, or strategic gain...

If the U.S. was really interested in humanitarian concerns, I'm sure there were -- and are other places in the World -- U.S. Leadership could look. The problem is, those other places don't have anything the Corporate Pirates want...


oil eh? Sounds like it fits the criteria perfectly....


Yep, this has been going on for awhile now,

"US President Barack Obama has claimed that Venezuela is a threat to the America’s national security – issuing sanctions to seven individuals and expressing concern about the treatment of political opponents"

It's probably only a matter of time before the U.S. enters into a War, with the Venezuelan people, in the name of Peace.

Hi empress. Unfortunately diplomatic solutions never tend to work these days as there is more on everyone's agenda.

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The U.S.A. needs to butt out of being the police of the world, The military industrial complex has more power than the awake voters! (sorry for that)

howdy empress! hey I like your suggestion. It seems like the bordering nations would be extremely anxious to work with Venezuela if they know they can stop huge migration numbers. They're probably talking already aren't they? hopefully.

unfortunately I'm recharging my sp today but I wanted to show my support, God bless you!


Thank you for your input Janton.

Upvote not required


thank you empress, I feel bad when my vote is shot, some people say don't bother when it doesn't even give a penny and others say that it's the gesture that is important. I don't care if people can't vote, I want the comments.

Cause American intervention always ends well, right?

Are there many people talking about this? My daily news intake consists of reading headlines, I feel this usually keeps me informed enough as to what is being talked about but I missed this one.

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