On Fake Outrage: A case of Lies and Deceit

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Well as the name implies you’d probably have guessed that it indeed is political Blackmail, but the problem is that it is usually sugarcoated under the guise of concern in other to advance an agenda in most cases by whipping up sympathy

Fake outrage is not self initiated, rather it is a ploy started by the media using the people as foot soldiers in further pursuance of said goals. It is funny how it only heats up with increased publicity and then suddenly dies a natural death as if it never did occur.

The news report of human slaves in Libya being Auctioned in a country known already as the human trafficking capital of the World was followed by widespread condemnation s and increased outrage only after it was brought to the fore by the mainstream. Now the issue of Libya being a trafficking hub was fairly well known and should not have come as a surprise, but everyone suddenly seemed shocked and ‘saddened’ by the report of one of the most known problems in the World.

Of course there are several more examples to give, as it is a recurring strategy that is rather highly effective by the opinion molders.

On an individual level, if the expression of outrage is triggered by a widespread condemnation of same, there is a very good chance it is fake and will wither like it appeared. The major danger of joining the bandwagon of those who express such outrage, is the possibility of falling a victim to the mind manipulative strategies if the mainstream.

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One hint of a Kardashian with cellulite will blown any Libya news out of water

This is common on twitter where everyone is trying to push an agenda. we do not have sincere people fighting against many of these social ills we complain about. People are more concerned about their image and garnering support-- the feel-good syndrome that has taken over the cyberspace, and are willing to do just about anything to get attention. nothing tangible can be achieved this way as these set of persons are championing courses they don't really care about.

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howdy there empress-eremmy! how did you become so media savvy? or when did you become so media savvy? this is so true and so obvious once you understand it! great post!


Lol I have always been this way I guess. Thanks a lot Janton. My VP is so low right now I would've loved to visit your blog


hey don't worry about those other people you're supposed to save up your sp for me! lol. no it don't matter none, I've been voting for so many people that my vp is lucky to get up to 50%.
just come and visit without voting, I don't care. comments are more important to me. God bless you empress.