1 in 7 Billion... Is Marriage Overrated?

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When you are in your early 20's, it seems so much easier to concede to the idea of finding the love of your life in a much smoother way... Like probably bumping into them at the mall & have a happy ever after... right?

The longer I live the harder the posibility of that happening seems.

I can't imagine having to find that One person I'd supposedly spend the rest of my life with in a crowd of 7 billion people. If I'm being fair, I seem to have a very poor judgement when it comes to romantic ralationships, I can no longet trust myself with my choices.

Every single lead I get somewhat seems to end up as a disappointment. If I'm being honest, I sometimes feel like I have come to some sort of acceptance that I may not have that kind of life.

Would be so bad though?

To live in solitude? I certainly seem to enjoy being alone or perhaps I have just forgotten to be around people. Whatever the case, I am trying to remain as open as I possibly can to the idea of finding my perfect fit on time if I am ever going to have a family of my own.

Talking of Family... Is marriage overrated?

It seems pretty bizzare having to spend the rest of your life with a single person, perhaps it maybe the phrase and thank God they don't mean it literally, but doesn't it get boring and/or overwhelming?

Sometimes I want it, Sometimes I don't. Even I can't seem to make up my mind about it.

What do you think?


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I can totally relate with your post cos I have being there, I loved my company and it just seems every guy I come across don’t understand what it means to be in love or betterstill what love really is and boom! My husband came and swept me off my feet 😁, you never can tell what will happen but I am sure with a beautiful personality like yours, love will surely find you at the right time and yes it can only get boring when people dont work towards makingit exciting and just thinking it will get exciting all by itself, my husband and i try our best to explore, bring new things into the marriage as much as possible to keep the fire burning

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