Steem Tales: Daddy forgot to come pick me up from school! Thanks Steemit!

in #blog4 years ago

Daddy: Hello, darling. Sorry, I'm a bit late. Was working online...

Dudi: {mean stare} Yeah, yeah. That's what you said yesterday!

Daddy: Yeah, well, there I was typing away, then had a look at the clock and it was 13:02. mmm... 13:02. That's one o'clock. ONE O'CLOCK!! I gotta do something, haven't I? Oh, yes, have to go and pick up daughter from school! Keys. House keys! Car keys! And phone, just in case I get the "Where are you?" phonecall. Right. Go!

Dudi: {hahaha} Naughty boy! Yesterday I fell asleep so I didn't notice you were late. But today I was wide awake... and waiting!

Daddy: Well, you know how it is. You don't notice time when you're reading.

Dudi: That is true. Time just seems to melt away. Hey, Daddy! Look! Can you buy me some fruit? I want more oranges and rambutan.

{Daddy parks, gets some money out and Dudi skips off to buy some fruit... then returns.}

Dudi: Daddy! I need some more money so I can buy some salak - you know it's my favourite fruit! {big grin}

{After another purchase, off they go home.}

Dudi: mmm... yummy! Daddy, did you make any money today?

Daddy: erm... some... a bit.

Dudi: I think I'm the one who's gonna make the money round here!

{Daddy grins}

I hope you know what oranges are, and you may well know what rambutan is, but if you've never eaten salak I'll write about that next.

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Daddy will be often late from now on! Get use to it my dear @dudiland. LOL.

I think very soon it will be Dudi who is up all night blogging, once she understands the potential of Steeming.

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Your daughter is cute! B_smile.gif I have not eaten rambutan or salak, nor have I heard of them before now! I will look them up online!

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