Thoughts About Corporate Media

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Illusory democracy
Freedom of expression
Blah blah blah
They own your thoughts
They own your work
They sell your soul
Dollar $laves
Corporate monopoly

Unshackle yourself
Liberate your mind
Open source your work

Available & Reliable. I am your Witness. I want to represent You.

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Drakos bustin out some consciousness flow for us! :)

Awesome stuff @drakos ! upped and resteemed! I just added you to my new auto voter on my other account @momskitchen as mine is now full . Steemit is a great way to express your self and thoughts! Love your poetry 👍💕✌😀
Thanks for stopping by my post last week , where I answered the question on yours as to where have all the Dolphins have gone!?!? Loved your post! keep up the great work! I always have voted you for witness! upped and resteemed


Thanks for the love and support :)


You are very welcome😊

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Decenteralied currency such as crypto sort of gives us our own privileges in a way, how we are in control

Can I add to this consciousness stream:
"sue the censoring bastards"

The mainstream media is just enslaved by big governments and won't allow some people to freely express or whistleblow on something that a particular government do not want the public to know. It is just good the we have a decentralized social media like steemit as a great option for telling the truth.


Yes Steemit has given us a great opportunity to express ourselves

@dracos Liberate your mind and come on Steemit! :p

Wait until Alex Jones is posting on steemit everyday!


I also became free because of the means of communication
Thank you for this information
I appreciate your efforts

In this day and age, people are enslaved only when they choose so and allow it. Knowledge is power, critical thinking is power. You are really letting your artistic poetry side shine, good for you, keep it up 💚

I am going to be honest and say I still use my off chain networks. Despite youtube punishing us smaller channels it was more than a decade. Now it is like being a guest in a superposh party with so many rules. Maybe convenient, let us face it, reach. But you keep doors open and have cozy super fun party with your friends too. Their networks, their sites, their rules. They are free to destroy them too . We have a place to clash and have fun, no high heels and tuxedos.

Pd. I have never worn high heels in my life anyway.

That is true decentralised and become independent, that is our present adn near future. Nice rhyme on hot topic, I did not know that you are a poet. Do you write occasionally or is it something you are doing for a while?