My First Months as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist Intern

in blog •  6 months ago

I have long awaited the day I moved from the classroom, to hospital. Trade my pencil for a lab coat. Studying four years of undergraduate with one of those focusing solely on nuclear medicine, I had the inclining I was smart enough to do this job. And, being a couple months in, I know I am capable of doing this job. A lot of people are capable of doing jobs, but the difficult part in nuclear medicine (and many professions) is understanding the job.

That is something that has taken me by a headwind so far this internship. It has been as overwhelming as exciting to see how much information, challenge and expertise our profession entails. Certainly the technologists we are learning from are much more experienced and maybe can't attest to the same degree how much one has to know to be a great technologists, but the impression isn't lost on me.

It is crucial to understand multiple faucets of anatomy & physiology. So much background knowledge is needed on different organ systems, the body, and structure and then that knowledge has to be parlayed with patient position and a precise interpretation of cross sectional images. You have to juggle a lot as a nuclear tech. From radiation safety, patient care, workflow, and time management to adaptability, critical thinking and attention to detail.

As I move along in my career, things will get easier. Tasks will become second nature and the basics will morph into rigid memory. I will be able to focus more of my cognitive energy on really thinking about each scan, the angles, how I can maximize image quality. As of now it can be a overload and I miss a lot of things, but that's why you're always with another technologists.

It's been a blast. Chris Abigail and I have developed a good report and I feel like I get along with every technologists. The classroom has helped supplement and explain a lot. I have enjoyed the break up between clinical days even though they can get a little long. I haven't had as much free time as I though I would, which is probably a good thing since their isn't a whole lot going on for young people in Marshfeild.

Progress Note: Fell good on cardiacs and PET. Most other studies pretty uncomfortable with. Lung scans, G.E. scans and bone scans semi comfortable. Just shadowed the stress lab for the first time today. Have a pretty good handle on IV's

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