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The first thing Hubby decided to take care of Saturday was our breaks. It ended up taking him most of the day because they were worn down past the break pad.

The poor man even had to walk to the nearest auto parts store to get the rest of what he needed. His walking bothered me more than it did him.


While he was working on the breaks, I took on getting the deck ready to finish up the power washing. I moved all of the flower pots off the deck.


For now they are sitting in an area I usually have a veggie garden in. I am skipping that this year and planting flowers there once the pots are back on the deck. As you can see everything needs to be weeded yet.


Then I moved everything else on the deck to the side that has already been power washed and I put some things away in our garage.

As you can see, our house is a work in progress but we are slowly tackling it.


Hubby got the power washing finished on Sunday and we bought the water seal for the deck. I doubt that is done before next weekend though because work always gets in the way during the week.


I spent most of Sunday working in my SkyBlock Minecraft world for my gaming channel. I have to admit that I had the better job on for the day.

skyblock 305.png

If You Are Reading This, I Hope You Have An Awesome Day!

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Indeed you had the better job. Lol

I took some time and went swimming today. I can only hope with the sealing of your deck your pool will be enjoyed soon.


I'm glad you got to swim! :D Unless we just really decide we need to get out of the house, the deck should get done this coming weekend.

It's gonna look awesome when finished and I'm excited for you!! I hope hubby didn't have to walk too far?! We have a Pep Boys right across the street which is pretty convenient when needed. Bet it feels great to to mark another item done off the list!! 😊


Thanks! He had to walk several blocks but its not too far. I am glad to finally have the breaks fixed though. :D

That's a hard-working hubs you have. Nice he can do the car repair, even if he has to walk to the store. Guess that is a problem, when the car is on the jacks. Never would have thought of that.
Hope you get the pool up and running soon.


He is very hard working. Right, I grew up walking everywhere because we didn't have a car. I actually didn't own one until I was 19.

Thanks me too but its suppose to rain all weekend and most of next week. We need it though so I am not complaining.

Good that the breaks are fixed now.😊


It really is, I feel much safer when driving.

The deck is looking good. Were you able to replace the boards? If it were for me, I'd just jump in the pool if the heat is unbearable lol! You guys are really that busy. It's okay to take a break or fix the break :D


Thanks. I thought Hubby would replace them ahead of sealing it but he said he is fixing those after. I guess they have to sit for a period of time before you can seal them.

It's nice to have a mechanically minded husband! Sounds like you both have been working/ and gaming hard! 😃


It really is, he is so handy. :D