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RE: Daily Dose of Sultnpapper 01/18/18> How do you like your spam? Okay, fried it will be…

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I guess you are right am new here. Not even a month. Actually am new to steemit as a whole. And some rules and group regulations am not familarized with. So dont take it too seriously. It a starter mistake. Anyway i will make up to the standard next time and try to make as much as i can to make a posetive contribution to the socoty as a whole.


Even outside of thesteemengine group comments that show you read the post are what are looked for in the steemit community so it would be wise to only post thoughtful relevant comments as a whole. There are plenty of people who upvote comments and you can earn a fair amount of steem just commenting. Again, welcome and enjoy yourself in the group and the community as a whole.

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