You will never believe what happened when I was washing my Audi

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A Meditation of Sorts

Today, in the Appalachian Mountains it was finally a beautiful day on one of my days off of work (Zero days off for Steemit). It may have only been 45 degrees, but with proper clothing it was still plenty warm enough to give my car a much needed bath. In the hour and a half that it took me to complete this task I was able to go into deep transient thought. A lot of clarity was gained just by doing a kind gesture for something else. This time it wasn't even a human being or animal, but my car.



Let Us Dive Deeper

The last time I had both the chance and motivation to wash my car was about 4-5 months ago, it pains me to admit this. Normally, in the summer time I get to do this just as often as a haircut, about every 2 weeks. During the winter here, the roads are salted heavily. This causes a lot of buildup on my precious "candy teal" VMR wheels. I absolutely hate seeing this happen, but there really isn't much I can do about it because it happens endlessly. Even if I were to go out and clean the vehicle off in the below freezing weather, as soon as I go back out on the roads they'd cover my wheels in residue again. Taking my car to a machine to wash it for me just doesn't get the job done. Luckily my car dealership/stealer-ship gives me a complimentary car wash after they charge me $125 to do something as simple as an oil change. Alas, I still live here, for now, and deal with it. Same goes for the terrible roads and endless amounts of potholes that my stolen money (taxes) never seem to fix.



A New Day

Today was finally a chance, although for the last 4 days I have had a respiratory infection. I pushed through it today and got outside. It is not as easy to get started on it for me. I live atop of a steep hill that my low car cannot make it up, so I am forced to drag all of my supplies down to the bottom of the hill. My water hose doesn't even reach all the way around the car, so it is vital that I spray from acute angles. No worries, I have mastered this technique. Much like drying my body off after a shower, I wash my car in a particular sequence.



Dental, Damn

The largest task in front of me when tackling this objective are the wheels their self. There are 7 dual-spokes, which totals for 14 tiny little crevices per wheel; 56 spokes in total. It is as if I am brushing the teeth of a giant, luckily I have a decent toothbrush. This lengthy process out in the sunlight gives me plenty of time to organize my thoughts.




What I learned most from all of this is that when we we are going through the grimiest parts of life, if we are not aware we will accumulate waste. All it takes is a simple cleanse to purge ourselves of these impurities. As you can see, the results are quite beautiful.



“Learn to drive a fast car slowly, that is when you know you have full control.”



Best Regards,













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Very beautiful car friends and i like its rim colour beautiful .

Not a big fan of neon coloured rims but for some reason the cyan/blue on your car looks awesome!

You know you love your car when you hand wash it!


That is the honest truth. The same can be said for ourselves. Take care of our body to show it how much we love I.

9.26% @pushup from @daltono

This post has received gratitude of 8.56% from @appreciator courtesy of @daltono!


Thank you very much my friend. Teal is my favorite color. I love this car.

Cleaning up a car has a great way of bringing it it's beauty you almost forgot about.... Lovely car and post by the way.... #lilthingsthatmatters


Thank you! I agree with what you say. I almost forgot how beautiful.