Champagne Drip - Sat, 3-30-19 - Lexington, KY

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This blog details everything you must know about my upcoming travels to experience a live EDM show in Lexington.


DATE : Saturday, 3/30/19 - Lexington, KY

@ Cosmic Charlie's (Facebook)

From 8PM-2AM


Tickets : (Link)

- Price : $15

Facebook Event : (Link)


AirBnb (LINK)

- Price : $45, one night -



Champagne Drip (Spotify)

- Song : “Sentinel" -


Champagne Drip Playlist (on Spotify)


- Map Info -



Video of the last time I saw Champagne Drip in February of 2019 with Liquid Stranger (LINK)


Full List of Shows I Am Attending in My Previous Blog (LINK)


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Great incentives.

Indeed 😎

Great post @daltono
I am lover of music and would have loved to participate, but I am far away in Lagos, Nigeria. Will stay tuned and follow your updates right here on steemit. Thanks..

Thank you @jerryboy4luv

Music is such a wonderful thing. i especially enjoy electronic music. Hearing sounds from every time period of my life (and before/after) mixed together is amazing.

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If you’re nearby to Lexington, KY and have an interest in electronic music you should totally come out. Even if you don’t like this music, being in the atmosphere may change your mind.

Just leave a comment if you plan to attend.

Good in share


Congratulations @daltono!
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