Pretty Hot Today for The End of October!

in blog •  7 months ago  (edited)

It's 29°C or 84°F on my thermometer today, which is pretty crazy if you think, that November is around the corner

This is obviously one of these SIGNS reminding us how quickly the climate has been changing, and that very soon we'll be getting all kinds of trouble, even if we enjoy the sunny days more that rainy ones.

But in Italy it's probably the last of anticyclonic waves this year, that prolonged the summer unexpectedly, and made people grab their heads in disbelief.


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Yeah the wether it's crazy this year, same in switzerland there are 29 C
Nella svizzera italia c'è ancora una bella temperatura di giorno, ma alla mattina e alla sera è molto freddo


Sì è bello e si sta anche bene, ma queste temperature sono ovviamente pazzesche per l'autunno :)

I wished it stil was that warm over here!!
Its starting to cool off now.


I think today is the last day of hot weather. From tomorrow a series of rains is forecast in NorItal, so it's gonna put an end to it.