Zero Tolerance, Zero Logic?

in blog •  14 days ago

Policies meant to keep our kids safe sent dozens of students to jail for a good old-fashioned food fight.


Food fights are messy, sticky, gooey affairs ... but dangerous? A Chicago school rounded up students ages 11 to 15 for participating in the cafeteria chaos, had them arrested, and charged them with misdemeanors for reckless conduct.

Many parents of students at Perspectives Charter Middle School are stunned at the treatment of their children for what amounts to a schoolyard prank. But the school stands by its decision to have the children arrested. A statement released yesterday says: "The Chicago police officers who help protect our school, concerned about potential injuries resulting from the fight, felt it was necessary to arrest those responsible."

As schools become more and more sensitive to violence erupting on their campuses, "zero tolerance" policies have often become an excuse to crack down on any negative behavior, even if it poses no real threat.

One of the participants in the melee, 13-year-old Cassandra Russell, understands her actions weren't acceptable: "It's wrong because it's a food fight," Russell told ABC. "[But] I never thought I could be arrested for a food fight."

What's next ... kids being thrown in the slammer for throwing spit wads?

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