Diuretics and pregnancy

in blog •  14 days ago

It would seem common sense that a pregnant woman would not take diuretics during pregnancy. Diuretics are often used in weight loss bids, usually to null or sometimes dangerous affect. More often than not pregnant women are trying to gain weight, not lose it, in an effort to make sure they're getting enough nutrition to their unborn children. Still there are side-effects of pregnancy that can be tough enough to make one consider using them. The swelling, for one thing. I haven't experienced much of it, but let's just say I missed my opportunity to get my wedding band off my ring finger and am now more than slightly concerned it might cut that finger in half.

Some women report massive water retention during pregnancy, around the ankles especially. They get the dreaded 'cankle' syndrome wherein their calves merge into their ankles without any definition. Usually the condition is limited to the pregnancy, but for some it seems to be permanent. Is there anything to be done? Should there be? Most OBGYNs recommend avoiding excess salt and drinking plenty of water. Perhaps I should lay off the Chinese takeout. Some women take diuretics to combat preeclampsia, which is considered dangerous.

And, it turns out, there are natural diuretics that are obviously much friendlier to the pregnant woman. I found myself craving watermelon outside of the usual summer desire for the sugary, watery fruit. Turns out watermelon, along with citrus fruits, is a natural diuretic. As far as pregnancy cravings go, watermelon and lemon are pretty inocuous cravings to have--if you find yourself pregnant, and craving these things, perhaps your body is trying to help you get rid of some excess water.

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