Act like the boss

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Once you get an internship or a job, start acting like you are the owner. Please don’t think that I want you to boss your colleagues around and tell everyone what to do.

Instead, you should look at the company that you are working for, as a company of your own. Think about the long term goals of the company, and ask yourself, “How can I contribute to them?” The point of acting like “the boss,” is to make you care about the company on a deeper level than everyone else. Why? Because, you will take your job a lot more seriously, and you will perform much better than any of your colleagues.


Therefore, if you see room for improvement in any area of your company, act upon it.

For example:

  • If you see a way to cut costs, even if it’s just within your department, by all means – cut them.
  • If you see that people around the office are not recycling because there is no recycling bin nearby – set one up.

Acting like a boss is not easy, because you must look at everything from two different perspectives – as an employer and an employee.

What does this all mean at the end? This concept can allow you to go as far as you want, whether it’s just a pay raise or as much as a big promotion. Try it out. I think you will find your job a whole lot more interesting and exciting!

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Nice in theory but it overlooks a common problem with human nature.
There are many studies that show that middle management, when confronted with an overambitious underling, often have the opposite reaction to the one expected. Instead of being happy to have a committed and invested employee under them, they see a potential competitor for their own position on the hierarchical company ladder.

It is a very obvious human trait we cannot fight off. And it is visible all around us.

So my comment is that in small doses this attitude can really get you moving in a company, but overdo it, then expect an opposite reaction from your immediate superiors.

Additionally, you may face backlash from your own peers as they see you as some arse lick. So even if you succeed to supplant or replace your immediate boss, your peers, who are now your subjects may thwart your ambitions further up the ladder.

Complex issue that should not be taken lightly.

Thanks for bringing it up and opening a conversation.