Big pile of steaming internet marketing dung on Steemit

in #blog3 years ago

So, here are some crappy marketing tips in honor of "steeming marketing dung on steemit." Tip # 1 find a market that does not want your products. Tip #2 Get the worse sales copy,message off point.Tip #3 Never replicate winning marketing campaigns ! Bonus tip Always be the first to market,take all the steaming pile of crap!! #$*^ 16508117_10208582284737134_3052563532196858576_n.jpg
This is the part for crappy boring marketing dung. Never say your an EX internet marketer or any kind of marketer when being introduced,.Most peoples eyes roll over and are instantly bored. If i see one more guru selling a how to market on the internet product, I shall go buzzirk! How to be an ex internet marketer in 2 easy steps. Numero uno- Find a targeted audience that knows likes and trusts your stuff,. Last step invest in the right blockchain technology and say "Hasta la vista, baby ! A BUZZIRK flawed business model is when people "Make Money Online" only by "Teaching Others How To Make Money Online" This model can really stink... Next blog, 'WHY BUY INTERNET DUNG FROM THE Gurus in the growing mobile world ?"

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