Forever Has Fallen: The Forever Coin Game Token

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The large number of blockchain applications have surprised even experts in the industry.

One such surprising development is the ‘Forever Has Fallen’ game here the power of blockchain is utilized in a completely new industry.

Forever Has Fallen a global transmedia game, which allows users to use Forever Coin utility chips through an economy both online and offline; which is backed by a business model with the objective of creating multiple sources of income, including FIAT currencies. The use of a strategic form of total access is a clavicle to make it possible for the funds to complete the game and thus provide support for utility tokens when the game is launched. 

 The sales event of this game token offers nothing more and nothing less than 35% of the total source of the token in 1ETH, which equals 10,000 Forever Coin, for a maximum of 35,000ETH, and a uniform limit of 2,800ETH. The rights and privileges of the player in the game are provided by the purchase of the game token. The funds generated will complete the global experience game, along with marketing to players in an undisputed market space. The business plan has strategies to comply with the variations in ETH values, in order to go to the market with a world-class game/service offer.

When the game token is sold, 45% of the total offer of tokens will be ready to create popularity for the game when it is released and to allow the use of the game token. The Forever Coin profit tokens will be sold at retail for US $0.50 per token through the Forever Has Fallen website. As a retail price, we are free to set prices to adapt to market conditions. This 45% of the total supply of tokens boosts the economy of the game, to attract, incentivize and reward game players, as well as offering scalability to create and develop content. 

 Blockchain offers a new gaming experience and becomes an accounting book for player status, achievements, and digital products. Players who contribute, create and recruit for the game are rewarded by intelligent contracts, which sometimes reach exceptional levels of scalability to create gaming and marketing experiences. In this way, this is a rare sale of tokens. Active members of the community can also be listed as buyers of tokens to influence electronic games, along with other digital products.

The Forever Has Fallen game play enhances using Smart blockchain contracts, in this way it is possible to offer verifiable completion of challenges which leads to the rewarding of the player, all of this due to the immutable decentralized game ledger. The game counts with 2,800 coins for its economy soft cap and a hard cap of 35,000 ETH. 

 This revolutionary application of the Blockchain technology tells us a story, and in the process involved the game universe in generating and maintaining an economy, is an impressive fete. The Forever Has Fallen game is a great chance to combine different passions, no matter if you are a gaming only enthusiast or have interest in the blockchain technology, being rewarded with valuable coins is something that attracts everybody’s attention.

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