I Loooooove Lying in Bed in the Morning

in blog •  6 months ago

I have a full day today. A proposal to write, Kundalini yoga classes I want to create, shipments to get off to UPS, shopping to do, yoga... but the bed felt so good. Being in that in-between state, where you're awake, but you're still dreamy...

My grandma's house on a winter morning... that house was always a little mysterious. Denim jackets. What will become of the family cabin? My father's brother and sister. Mmmm snuggling my dog. Heaven. He's infinity.

So warm and safe. The world doesn't exist outside of the bed. Just me and my dog and the dreamy, warm thoughts coming and going through the movie screen of my mind. One by one they come and go. It's like being a kid again. And I'm so thankful that nothing will disturb me out of the bed. No kids to be cared for. Nothing nagging. Nothing that must be done right now. Maybe there are things to do, but I can just lie there. And then I realized that lying there is the best possible thing I could do. In a deep state of dreamy appreciation. What is a better use of time? All of the good that I was creating for my day while lying in that bed. Instead of carrying over the nervousness and trepidation of yesterday, I'm sitting here this morning reveling in that bed and the experience of those dreamy, almost blissful thoughts in that state of half-awake, half-asleep.

Renewal. Sleep doesn't always bring that level of renewal. Sometimes you get out of bed only slightly better than the day before. But sometimes you're renewed and fresh and comfortable and fully alive.

That was the magic of staying in bed.

Who wants a life where you can't stay in bed and revel?

This day is off to a really good start. ❤️🙂

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I love to sleep, it's the best form of escape, I think all the real magic occurs when you are not conscious. I would suspect that we maybe closer to our real self when we are sleeping, than when we are conscious stuck inside our avatar😀