Global School Vienna - Daily Report 19.11.2018 [IT](EN)

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Hey guys!

Today I have downloaded BMW x5 modell. I upgraded it. Besides that I helped Szonja to group a lot of objects on the model of the building we are still finalizing. It was a tiring work, because it took a lot of time to grab an object and drag it to the main group. Later on, I also helped Kevin in his project. He needed some help in positioning the sidebar. We solved it together and now it looks cool.


Here a preview of the car I customized in the morning.


A screenshot of the elements I grouped for the #workshop area made by Szonja.


Here you can see a preview of the shop we are working on. Today, we created the right menü of the shop.

That’s all for now, see ya guys!

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Really nice BMW i personally like the i8^^