Blockchains & voting power & all the things I'll never comprehend

in blog •  6 months ago

Edit: I wrote this a few days ago and was unable to post...trying again, now, as I still don't fully understand what is going on, but I know work is being done...

I am lost in this world of technology and blockchains and voting power and all the things that come with this brave new world.

I tried voting on a post earlier and was unable to do so. Obviously, I am aware of the upgrading and 'stabilizing'. I am also quite aware of my lack of time to keep up any real and good standing here in the community as I post and engage sporadically. So, I will simply wait this out....though I feel my day off from work (which often translates to my steemit catch up time) has been wasted today.

At any rate, I am simply posting now to see if I have the ability to do so.

In light of the lame narrative, here is a picture. It's nature matches the tone of this post quite nicely, I think. Yawn.

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ooh!! It's a hobby I've picked up again. I've done a few little projects lately that have rekindled my love of it. I will certainly check out the links above!
Thanks for visiting and commenting!

lol. I am like you. Lost amidst of sea of jargon, (I think they make up these new words). I follow along and smile and nod and I try to be a part of this new thing. But my heart and soul relies on old fashioned simple times, when people sat on their front porch, you smiled at your neighbour and children rode their bikes all day long, instead of using an Iphone. But hey..we are way seers. So here we are on the steem blockchain..Struggling away. We look good and no one really knows we dont know what we are doing. lol

Whoops, looks like I've taken a week off, too. The picture is nice. A return to simpler things.

I think we still need to wait to vote, but not sure. Now we have Mana or some such :/

Also if you want to join the funny steemit clone WEKU do it here with this link then I get a some weku (don't ask me what weku is, not sure yet ;) )

More later, over and out...end communication ;)