"History engraved in brick" My thoughts (what we will leave behind?) blog #1

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I will first explain my thought. Where it came from.

Photo taken by: Witalis Szoltys comes from

I found the article "History engraved in brick".
Where, on two bricks, the inscription in Russian is engraved with a dull tool: 'Long live your homeland. I did not say a single word. On February 11, 1943" Nobody knows how it was sent to the Upper Silesian Museum. It is believed that someone was guided by an intuition that understood that the inscription engraved during the Second World War had to cost a lot of sacrifice, and that he had to extract bricks from the reconstruction or demolition of the house. History suggests that it could have been a forced laborer or Soviet prisoner in the Bytom-Tarnogórski district, supervised by the German Reich.

We have here an incognito person who wrote, as well as a second person who brought this part of history to the museum.
Nobody used anything, nobody wrote that it was him and thanks to one sacrifice in my opinion two people were worth remembering and no matter who they were important that they did the right things. The creator of the inscription showed love, and the finder showed respect for her.

After a hard day's work, homework duties found some free time. This time opened my mind as soon as I closed my eyes and remembered my dreams and goals, suddenly I thought of an "image" in which I touched upon the subject. What will we leave behind?

Well, what? Apart from, for example, "children", we have a lot to leave, but whether it will be remembered or not. Do you have such a desire to be remembered "for something"? I have, but it's really difficult. We can take many pictures and any other thing we can take and leave. How can we be sure that a handful of people will remember ?

There is one fact. In my opinion, this fact is love and goodness, or something that says "I and I love it or that...", but we may be different, and there will be some who will be remembered for their bad actions.

Now we have so many possibilities of expressing our feelings, avoiding those that everyone knows, that is: showing love for good deeds, or simply being with someone, now we have the Internet here we can leave a lot of things, for example: writing, photographing, commenting and participating in every possible way. Though we rarely think about what we do. In addition, we are most often covered by nickname, which often makes us monsters, we feel anonymous.

All in all, I can say here. It is good that portals or services such as @steemit are being created and that the community cares about the well-being and culture of this place.

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nice post you got here although not a fan of history good job b4ck


Thank you very much. You don't have to be a fan of history. We are part of it