Good Day my dears 🤗

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Hey guys ,

Long time no see !! How are you all doing ?!



Actually I'm going to tell you guys why I have been absent lately and what I'm up to and all that , I actually got this idea from @technosgirl's latest post. Wow I just loved how organised and how beautifully she explained everything and what her goals are and everything. So I'm going to try to say why I have been inactive here too.

What has been happening in my life lately?

Well , I'm going in a world wind rollercoaster situation , haha , well not spiritually , that's the best part of me right now. But other stuff. I'll give you guys more information. Well I had told you guys about our house which was in a case right...yeah so the case was now more leaning towards us loosing our house..even without us being on the we decided to let the reporters in and actually write our story in the local newspaper. Yeah , so the news has actually come's in my language. Do you guys want to see ? I know you won't understand.. but I'll show you.


Yes , that's my grandpa and grandma..behind is our house. So everybody has been so stressed about it. I was stressed because now I just give everything to god you's just too much problems. I feel if I think about them , it could give me a heart attack..haha , I'm not even lying.

Then I did tell you guys last time that one of us had some health complications , and required a brain MRI . Yeah , so that was pretty much what was happening. It was really scary. But now we are waiting for the results..( guys don't ask me who it was for ... I have to keep it personal..I'm sorry) . But im asking for all your prayers for this person specifically.

Then again everyone looks super sad and depressed. And among all this , I actually was cooking my own food these days , and thought , maybe my stomach is no longer IBS ( irritable bowel syndrome) haha , so I decided to eat lentils , brocolli and potato..haha the worst decision I ever ever made hahaha... I'm telling you , my stomach just exploded...that's my's too painful. Can't breathe... Too bloated..but I'm just laughing about how I look right now...haha. Guys , don't ever eat what you can't eat...just stick to your safe foods..haha or else...

Yup , that's just the topping to my life.

How did my day start?

I was woken up by my painful belly at around 1 , then again at 2/3 and again at 4 ..haha I was actually supposed to wake up at 4 45 am so that I have time for my hair to dry naturally. Plus today my teacher had told us to me there at the hospital at sharp 7.. so after all daily stuff I wanted to have some one on one with god too.. so it was pretty early today. And things were going pretty fine. I reached hospital around 6 45 am..and things were okay..and then later on I came back..ate my food and bloated 3××× yooo!!!


Haha , so after that I called home , I tried to do some yoga for bloating ..haha yes that's right..I was searching for ways to reduce bloating, since I didn't have a I wanted to do something without much ended up doing yoga poses.

Then ate some yougurt and corriander leaves.

Wow.. I'm no longer eating anything out of my comfort zone..haha never!!!

Why was I absent from Steemit?

Well , I have to tell you all the truth. Hm,.. actually a guy liked me , I had to break his heart by saying I'm sorry I can't like you... Eish , it took a toll on me. I never expected it to , but it so show did. I guess it was the right decision for me. Because I felt god didn't want me to date right now.. god wanted me to glorify his name. Actually, he made me realize something about me and God , I never knew what plans god had for me until then. But God gave me the courage to say no , to that proposal. God gave me the strength to not fall down during all these days. I'm so thankful to my father.

Yeah so that is one lame excuse , then again my bloatednes , all busy schedules.. everything. So I decided to just pray and do my work and give Steemit a rest. Because I didn't want to write something which didn't have my heart and soul in it , you know. So I just wanted to wait till I recahed taht position. Thanks for waiting for me guys.

Who made me feel ready to start blogging again?

Actually , as soon as I opened Steemit and I saw I was tagged ...I went to check what it was ...and it was a conversation between @aaronpaul and @lildebbiecakes . ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

This conversation , I read it and that gave me that love and strength and courage to come back. And to face anything. Because I realised how far I had come. I realised who I was...and who I wanted to be. And I realised that the devil will bring obstacles in my way..but I should never be fickle minded..but have a strong mind in Christ , so that none of that matters..and so that God has a plan for me even amidst all the chaos... 💝💝💝😍😘

Thank you guys , you probably didn't know how much that conversation meant to me ...I love you guys..and God bless you guys..

What is my next step ?

Well I told you guys that , I realised something right.. yes , so my next step is infact to be more closer to God..and to spread the word , or how God has changed me from unlovable to me now .. so I was thinking should I start doing vedios..
Then I thought I had a YouTube channel , should I do it there , or that many questions. I am praying that God gives me a reply to that.

Because I personally feel everyone deserves to know how I was and I got changed now... something like that... Hehe.

Then off course to come back here everyday . No matter what. Yes , that's my goal. I'm at a writer's block with Freewrite..I'm unable to think much right now.. so I'm going to write with @freewritehouse Abit later... I'm taking a big leave there...hehe. I ahve been absent for so long...but one day I'll be back my freewrite buddies..but for now..I'll see what God wants me to do here.

God Loves you

Thank you guys for reading all this !

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Sounds like your on the right track dear Ashley, thank you for mentioning me dear sister, and I’m so blessed you got something out of our conversation, God works in such mysterious ways doesn’t He? Bringing people together through His children. He is so beautiful and gracious, beautiful post as usual Ashley ❣️


Thank you so much sis ❤️ , you know I was in some dilemma about that you know...but then I constantly asked that what you want Lord..and then I asked you.. and the replies you gave me just made me sure that...what I need is to focus on god , do my studies for now...if something is meant to can happen later on too.. hehe 😘😍


Well I pray you are happy with the outcome, you are working so hard for God, you are loving Him so deeply dear sister. You have made Him so happy. Bless you love❣️