Glitch vs The Returned

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I have been more focused over the past few days and I have been able to watch a little tv like I used to when i was a kid.

These days my mind wanders off into a world of its own and I tend not to watch tv because I end up daydreaming instead of watching whatever program is on the box.

When I was younger I was a film critic, well to my friends to a point where they used to watch what I had suggested and I pointed out which ones were the ones for that specific person based on their own personalities.

My attention span had grow week, and until this monday I have struggled to stay tuned to what is on the box.

Now however, after a new medication I have found myself more focused and able to watch tv like a normal person. (in moderation of course)

My wife and I have stumbled on to a series on netflix called the Glitch, it is an australian program and has just been renewed for a 3rd season.

I am currently on season 1 episode 4 and I love it, it has a vibe to it that I think would make a great idea for a film to be made at some point.

It is about some people who had died over many years and have come back to life and climbed out of their graves.

There is nudity from the start, just light stuff, a few boobs and bums, nothing that is too much for the ladies to watch.

Each character has flashes to their lives when they were first alive. I don't want to say too much about what is happening as it might spoil the program for you.

The program I have had to compare to The Returned, I had started to watch it and in all fairness I hated it from the start.

There is a lot to say that they are very similar, you will either like one or the other, if you are like me then you will probably choose Glitch, as the acting is far better, and it is easier to follow.

I am looking forward to continuing to watch this tomorrow, it is something I could see been a great long running program, and I hope they bring out a season 4 if it carries on been this great.

Have a little watch, it is something that I would recommend to you, if your into a bit of the dead coming back to life.


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