FPL Teach Me about Patience

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My FPL Team - Arfa Steem FC

The Premier League competition has just finished the eighth week. The Eighth week, in my opinion, very difficult week to predict. And many surprises are happening in this week.

As the manager of Fantasy Premier League (FPL), the most interesting game for FPL players is when Manchester City face Stoke City. In this match, Manchester City scored seven goals, two of which were born through the legs of Gabriel Jesus. However, unfortunately, I only have David Silva who scored one goal.

But this week I'm still lucky to have Eriksen as captain with 11 points after scoring one goal against AFC Bournemouth. As a result, as captain, Eriksen collected 22 points. The results are not so bad.

Overall, in the eighth week I earned 51 points from 11 players. You can look at the player formations below.

Arfa Steem FC

Arfa Steem FC.png

Image source: fantasy.premierleague.com

Ranking 37

After three weeks, I was finally ranked 37th in Steemit Fantasy Premier League (SFPL) by @acidyo. Certainly not an interesting thing, but in this game, I will be more patient to be the best, slow but sure.

Because in this competition, my friend @arsenal49 was ranked 11th, of course, it was very good. I see this time, the competition is more exciting. My other colleagues, like @fajri and @raisul, are also increasingly improving.

Fajri Agustin has long been included in the top 10 standings, you can see @fajri account with the name Asamtho Steemit FC. And that's very good, and we often talk about the strategies we use in FPL.

Screenshot (359).png

In the next game week, of course, I will do a lot of substitutions to get more points. I hope in the Champions League this weekend, all players are not injured. Let's compete for all SFPL managers!


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Good team. Maybe look at adding more Manchester United or Manchester City defenders.

Thank you, lets try in next game

Obviously, City is the team of the moment... Jesu, Aguero, Sterling... You are spoiled for choice :)

Yeah, its worst start ... hope be happy ending