Documenting ordinary, everyday life - August 2018

in blog •  7 months ago

Welcome back, Steemians. Recently, I made a practice of photographing the simple things and moments that are part of my day-to-day life. I believe it could be a good visual journal for someone who isn't used to writing everyday yet.

Finding inspiration and choosing what to photograph may be challenging in the mundane daily routine. But there is beauty in small things - rainy windows or a clear night sky, a pet playing in the yard, favorite passage in a book... anything can be a subject worth documenting.

I'm still figuring it all out myself and hoping to make it a monthly practice to share these updates. What do you think about the idea? Note: No, my days are not usually this exotic.

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Welcome back! I love this idea, I always try and photograph a few things each day even if like you said, they aren't that exotic! But sometimes they can turn out to be shots you really love!


Hi! That's great to hear. :) There's a beauty in those everyday life moments worth capturing. Nice that you are practicing it as well!

Is there anything like “yawn of the century?” That was clearly my favorite 🙂 Amazing pictures as always, Alci 👏


Haha yeah little sleepy tiger. 😄

Did you use an analog camera? Some of them have that vibe and I like that, if you didn't then you edited them really nicely :)


But at the end, I really don't know nothing deeply about photography :D


No, all the photos are made with digital camera (Fuji x100f), but I like to edit them in the style of old film so it's not surprise that you ask. :) I do shoot with analog camera as well from time to time.

For a short period of time when I had the opportunity to borrow a digital camera, all I did was taking photos of simple, daily things.

I absolutely love this idea and your photos! I hope you'll turn this into a series of posts! :D


I'm glad you like the idea, Nikolina, and that you used to practice it as well. :) Hoping to make this a monthly thing so stay tuned. :D

It’s funny, some of the simplest shots here are my favorite.. the tea, the coffee table, that wonderful book.. you were able to capture something beautifully dramatic within those everyday moments.

Those grapes though 😲... everything is absolutely perfect in that shot! It belongs in a fine wine magazine, very well done.

I still say that is the best composed selfie I have ever seen.. it just works. I prefer the color version as well 😉.

Love this idea and I am excited to see where you go with it!


I'm glad you like the idea behind this! Beauty of life is not in the special occasions but in everyday moments. At least that's how I see it.

Thanks again for the selfie comment. :D

I also used lightroom. I am a photographer but there was a problem to edit lightroom. Do you have any kind of presets ?


I just use some presets that I created.

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You took some really wonderful photo shots from everyday's life, @alcibiades.

Excelente idea, eso de tomar fotos del día a día, disfrute ver tus fotografías son hermosas.

Extraordinary reflection of the seemingly ordinary makes us realize just how often we're blind to the beauty around us. If we only stop to see instead of look.