Dubai - season 2, episode 5 (the wild beach)

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Hi guys ,
This is again my post related to Dubai and my life here.

All of you know that Dubai is famous with luxurious hotel , skyscrapers, sport cars and etc..

Not so many people will expect that very close to Palm Jumeirah you can see wild beach . Beach without any shops or restaurants. Beach where you can enjoy your time and the sound of waves.

You can find the location by searching in google for Al Sufouh Beach.

From there you have an amazing view toward Dubai Marina

Image source: @ai-crypto-tech


I am jealous ❤️🤗😉 in good way 😉

Thanks a lot :) are you on steem chat ?

have you been to dubai. nice photos.. i will follow you

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Omg Amazing blog and post

the level of authorship

need to be constant to succeed

I agree with you

You are a good person dude

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Nice sharing dude!

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mejor gracias hoy para compartir

This is really great

Good sharing in day.

This job is for you

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share is a knowledge thanks

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