Step into my new office...

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Bring a hat though, and not the kind that keeps the sun out of your eyes...

A few more people today!

Following on from the post the other day in which I mentioned I was due to attend an interview of sorts for a job to cover the next couple of months, I am pleased to announce that it looks like I have the job. This is pretty good news, and although the 'congrats' were a little premature, @aussieninja uncovered the reasons why I few doubts that this is a suitable role for me:

Congrats on finding a job which is pretty much the exact same as your life already (blogs, being nice, taking money and giving people your room keys, etc)

Fair :D

I met with the manager yesterday, and after she asked how I was, in Spanish, I gave her my best 'bien' and then listened to her and my friend talk in Spanish (or Calalan?!) for ten minutes, barely understanding a word. We were stood outside the hotel, across the road, and the view looked a bit like this:




Yep, that's right, in true Spanish style, they decided to start huge renovations a couple of months ago (not 6 months ago when the season ended), and now have 21 days to have the hotel ready for the first of May. And it looks like a fucking bombsite! As she gave me a little background into what I'd be doing, I was mainly just looking at the construction site thinking, there is no way that this will be opening in 21 days. If there were 20 things left to do, maybe....

We need to put the windows in...

Mañana, vale?

That lift shaft needs erecting (ooh señor!).....

Si, mañana

When are we supposed to be opening?

Err, mañana


I'm not convinced it'll be ready by the first of May, but a quick check on told me you can book a room for the 1st, soo, then it must be opening, right? Not sure, but if the place is open, it certainly wont be 100% ready, which likely means that the people on reception will be taking the flack. Oh, that'll be me! Now I see why they are looking for an polite English person for a few months - crowd control :D

Anyway, I've provisionally accepted (like a sucker) but did make a mental note afterwards that there were no contract talks - not that a contract seems to mean much over here anyway! You hear that United Nations? Grrrrrr!

I guess we shall see. It could be quite an amusing experience, and I'm glad I made the Faulty Towers reference last time with the place looking like it does. Place your bets on what wont be ready and/or fall on my head next month.

Still, the commute is alright :)





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@abh12345, Then definitely work will move restlessly. Sometimes we think that it's impossible but humans are weird creators and they will make this renovation in time. 😁

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Wow congratulations! I'd love a beach office too! Ah where to get a job near the beach... 😂 Haven't really been looking around here so...

What will you do there though? Hmm maybe I should read previous posts? 😅

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😂 feel free, but basically I don't do much - FT Steemian!

Hehe. That's great then. 👍👍👍

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That is a cool cool commute. You will have to be full on smiley nice when that opens! Full on diplomat mode!!

It's a beauty. Just a shame my mountain bike has a squeak that I cannot locate!

I can do diplomat, much more so when the start time is mid/late afternoon and not 8 am which was the other option!

8AM does suck ass man!! Thats my start time!

No wonder you are heading home at 3:30! :P

Lol, you have my easy life sussed!!! Only when it's quiet!

Yeah nothing quite so charming as a hotel open for business while also under construction. That seems like the most likely scenario. good luck dude!

Indeed :) Although I've never been so unlucky. Some hotels nearby are already open and I feel bad for those guys as there is (loud) work going on all day.

Thank you sir!


I used to have to do a lot of business travel in a previous life and I have stayed in several hotels open during construction. Lovely, I tell you :)

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Ohhhhhh it will be open on the 1st. Who needs doors and windows. It really doesn’t matter because it pays the same.

I'll have to read the Spanish small-print - staff do not get paid if the lift is out of order!

Hahaha. That figures

What are the odds for the bet? And should we bet with the engagement token?

After looking at the photos I also doubt it that it will be open on time. So crowd control could maybe the best job description!

Guess you will have to add “mierda” to the swearing query 🙀

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!ENGAGE 25 Or STEEM - I will lie if I have too! :D

It's going to be a rush, and I wonder if that word translates into anything over here. 21 days to go, I shall be checking progress often!

Are there already rooms booked for the first of May?
That would make a difference!

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I believe so!

But you know what'll happen, they'll just move people to another hotel as the resort wont be close to capacity at that point.

Happens indeed a lot in Spain. Just like they all overbook certain rooms in hotels.
That’s why I mostly book via Germany in stead of Belgium or the Netherlands. They protect there customers better and have more power to do so!

Already studying some lines from Faulty towers?
Me know nothing 😂😂

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I booked a room for the 1st of may just to herras the Guy at reception

Maybe we should book with a complete group😄
My wife tells me that I can complain as the best 😒
Also blockbrothers?

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My husbands says i always complain so might aswell do it in spain and blog about it 😂


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Excellent! You are already improving your Spanish vocabulary! Take it easy

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I've got the basic swear words down 😁

Congrats? Not sure... Ask for your wages in Steem; that way it’s immutable in case they have to refund customers for not being ready!

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STEEM would work for me, although I'd need to cash some of it out right away. Hard cash would work nicely too :P

congratulations on the role Asher, although I'm not sure what exactly it is you will be doing except erecting shafts. Sure you might as well erect something 🤣🤣🤣

Butler :)

Hey, if the right guest comes along, who knows!

Bad children! 😸😸



Love this Band! :D

the moment i read the post title I knew I had to share this xD

Yes sir , no sir, three bags full sir. You just landed in the middle of a smelly sandwich lol. There is no ways that place will be ready in time. Can't wait for opening night as it is going to be loads of fun. Hoping for your sake it is not too bad though, but a job is a job for now.

Most likely. But at least it'll get me out of bed.

I hope it'll be a laugh and I guess that's partly up to me. A personal goal to get some of these people on Steem :)

Free drinks in the bar for any disgruntled guests and a free steem account so they can lodge complaints to someone like a certain @meesterboom. He could be the hotel owner for a week or two.

Some excellent ideas. I'll just pass them on to the vocal Scotsman who can rip them a new one on the complaints hotline.

No complaints on the weekend as we know he is a grouch then. He is only happy late at night during his beer promotional video. Can't believe we even got some dancing on the last one. Probably be singing this weekend.

Haha, we can only hope!


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Wow, that is pretty crazy. I am guessing HVAC will not be working properly. Either that or the TV service. That is probably about the last thing they would be installing. With the potential views though people might not be in their rooms so much. Good luck!

Yeah the finishing touches, not finished :)

Best to get out on the beer if you stay at this place to be honest. There is a bar across the road and so with the windows open in the summer, you need some kind of sleeping aid!

Oh wow, yeah, I can imagine it would be pretty crazy. That is why you sleep during the day I guess and party all night!

A siesta - give it a name to make it sound more respectable!


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It will be interesting to see if it gets finished in time.

I suspect they didn't take in murphy's law.

All the best with your new job.

Good old Murphy. Thank you!

20 days😨 they must have "Merlin the Great Wizard" to complete the construction on the last day.

No contract? Maybe they need a secretary to create one and guess... who will be that be😁

Maybe I can get many jobs at this place 😁

You are very much in demand! Both here on steem and in the real world..

Cheers! Hoping to get some of your tokens next time.. gotta watch on it to be inlcuded in the next list.. haha.. i hope you include the phrases like hahahaha 🤣😂🤣😂

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Not really in demand, but thank you 😬


These? 😁


You just made a girl blush.. nyahahahaha!... thank you very much! 🤣😂🤗

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Looking at that first photo I was thinking you were becoming a life guard. That wouldn't be half bad - look at bikinis all day, only 1 in a million chance of being eaten by a shark. But you'd probably get skin cancer when you are old, so the hotel gig is much better ;)

I wonder how often you will hear patrons say "construction discount"?

That was my plan, thanks for picking that out - your prize is a new follower 😁

I did check your stuff and laugh numerous times, so that helped also.

I would love to be a life guard here. No current, no sharks, nothing to do!

Thanks, I love when I randomly win people.

There are definitely currents and sharks where I live. The lifeguards never seem to have any Baywatch sort of moments here either. It sounds like a great career.

Hola! Per què diables la meva habitació té un forat enorme? Un treballador de la construcció va caure pel sostre a la meva dona! Aquesta és una indignació! Et demano que arregleu això, tofey pommy bastard!

😂😂😂. How rude!


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I think it Will be finished and you dont have anything to worry about, or maybe only Some booking from a herrassing dutchie just for the fun

That would be great - Steemians visit!

Watch out what you wish for......

  ·  5 months ago (edited)

I guess you should buy some magnesium and B6 till then to be ready in your pocket. Also it would be advisable to prepare a few polite lines like:

  • I'm sorry for the inconvenience
  • Tomorrow will be better

... and so on 😁
Patience my friend 😉 you're going to need a lot of it for sure. Judging from the photos, they are selling a dream that is going to happen maybe next year.
I'm wondering how on earth can they get all the authorization papers if the work is not finished.

On the other hand you can look at the bright side. You're going to have a topic to blog about each day. I bet lots of people would be open to a little bit of fun (or a whole lot) I'm pretty sure you're going to tell us "wonderful" stories.

Anyway, magnesium+B6, a smile and patience 😁

Are these vitamins and minerals to help with staying calm? Maybe I should buy two packs 😬

Well I hope they will be ready, but do think that they are selling a dream. It's going to be interesting to find out!

Yes, these are vitamins and minerals that help you stay calm. You're going to remember my words very soon 😉
However, I wish you won't need any and hope everything will be fine.

I had a multivitamin everyday for 20 years, they are expensive though and I've not bought any for a while!

Even if not can make it possible......just keep going and make wonders

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Good idea. I should offer to help and start getting paid earlier!

Wooo! This stunning, I like architectural design. Thanks for sharing.

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Hahaha I will give you the best mañana I have :-D

Delayed constructions are as Spanish as the good old Paella. You gotta like them anyways :-)

All the best for the new endeavor, Ash! Keep us posted about the (surely) crazy adventures you gonna experience there :-)