The @blocktrades World Cup | My selections for the Quarter finals

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The @blocktrades World Cup | My selections for the Quarter finals

Well, well, well... That went not so good. Sweden - Switzerland? 0-1 I said. What did it turn out to be? 1-0. That kind of thing. The teams get better, the scores closer to each other, the differences smaller. Will there be ties at 90 minutes? I don't know. I just gamble and say 'no'. Here is what the teams will do... I hope.


Want to join in the fun?

  • First things first: you can join even if you didn't for the first rounds! Of course there will be a disadvantage since you're missing points from the first rounds, but don't let it keep you from joining!
  • Here you can find the announcement post - Share your own guesses!

Thanks to all the cool guys organizing this, @blocktrades, @acidyo and @anomadsoul, crating content is what I'm here for, but playing a few community games once in a while is really fun (and important) too!

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I think belgium will go through @soyrosa....
Lets see i will create this post too thanks for sharing..