The @blocktrades World Cup | My Selections For The Last 16

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As you already know, @blocktrades loves to sponsor this type of community engaging projects and @anomadsoul & @acidyo know a lot of Steemians love this game, so we decided to organize this enormous Football World Cup event.

You can check at this link "The knockout stage is on! - Submit your entry to keep competing for the 2,000 SBD prize pool!" By : @worldcup-russia

Okay I will give prediction with the terms and conditions that have been set. Here are the predictions I made in the preliminary round of the 16 World Cup 2018 Russia.



Good Luck !

Best Regards : @makhzar

Thank You

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Oooo fans Messi rupajih


Argentina is my favorit team since 2002


argentina bek sampek jeut lage jerman beuh @makhzar


Talo menang tetap argentina, pecinta sejati nyo :D

the winner is uruguay, and remember this..when meet me give a gift to me..


Nothing impossible in football world, if argentina the winner you give a gift to me... Deal? :D


there is no gift, your favorite team has lost


of course, I admit it
ohh shit

Omak mak mak @makhzar. Karab beutoi nyan...


"karab" itu sebuah kata yg mengecewakan bang :D