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this will be the first final between France and Croatia. Both selections faced only once in world cups for semifinals in France 98 divided that gains Zidane's France 2 to 1.France will play its third final in Russia 2018 the Last one was played she was in alemania-2006 12 years ago where it was losing the title for penalties before Italy if it achieves the title this 2018 he will be 20 years old after the first one obtained in francia-1998 and it will be its second world glass

Mbappe and Griezmann are the players who more have turned goals into the selection in this world cup of Russia 2018 each one with three goals francia of 10 goals that it turned till now, 4 were of calm ball. Argentina was the selection that turned more goals (3 in whole). And n two finals that juice turned a whole of four goals into the final of 98. Didier deschamps the current technician was a captain of the champion selection, while in 2006 Zinedine zidane was the captain. Nowadays Hugo lloris is the current captain and only it received a whole of 4 goals to me look like the best goalkeeper of the world cup for his part

for his part Croatia is the first final that plays of its five shares in world cups, being in francia-1998 its first participation and achieving the historical third position in French soil. Another curious fact is that Croatia in francia-98 faced Argentina in groups phase as in Russia 2018. now croacia it goes for its first world title as Spain in sudafrica 2010.Luka Modric is the player who turned more goals of the selection two goals into whole and he is the current captain of the team. Croatia turned a whole of 12 goals in rusia 2018 (3 goals were of Calm ball) As curious fact from Eighth all the parties Croatia started by losing, this number 9 will be final that they were playing only European teams of all the world cups. Only two ends were between Latin countries counting all the finals played in world cups only two they were defined from the penal point (the United States 94 and Germany 2006) in 1958 the final staked with more goals (Brazil 5 vs Sweden 2)

Sincerely I want that Croatia gains the glass of the world. So I want to see a new champion. Also I believe that players as Luka Modric deserve to gain the title

As always thanks for giving me little its time I Hope that they should have liked my post!


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