The @blocktrades World Cup | My selections for the Quarter finals

in blocktradesworldcup •  10 months ago

Friends wherever you are. @blocktrades often sponsors community involvement projects of this type and @anomadsoul & @acidyo knows a lot that Steemian likes games whose gifts are so fantastic. To participate, you must make a post picking each winner out of the next 4 matches and you must enter your chosen score in these 4 games in Regual time (only the first 90 minutes):

Uruguay vs France

Brazil vs Belgium

Sweden vs England

Russia vs Croatia

My prediction for the contest :


Submit contest entries until 4 July 2018 at 16:59, UTC + 3 Time zone.

The contest is sponsored by @blocktrades, @acidyo & @anomadsoul if you like what he does, support them as a witness.
If you want to enter the participation in contest, please see here

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