The @blocktrades World Cup | My selections for the Last 16

in blocktradesworldcup •  6 months ago

Link to announcement.

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Byebye Messi and Ronaldo. Am I mean to be looking forward to seeing their sad faces? :D


Then just Neymar has to leave ;)


Next round... Belgium will kick him out :)

I believe your prediction. thank you sir @acidyo


You don't have to believe in his prediction. You can believe in your own prediction. :)


Thank you sir @sathyasankar
for the suggest. 😁

Argentina will win this world cup. (I wish so)

Wow!! I have been counting myself lucky from now on. I made almost the same prediction as yours @acidyo.

Good luck to everyone

wish you best of luck for your prediction @acidyo Let's see who will win:)

I also believe Argentina is going to be outsted, they look very ordinary


Argentina will loose! Same as Brazil :D:D


Hahahaha you're so right, especially Argentina France will defeat them 2 nil 😀😀

Estamos ahí ... ahí XD

@acidyo my heart was broken last night when i could not find my name in the updated group stage competition... It said it anyone's name wasn't in that list it simply means that such person might have skipped one of the rules.
I checked the rules and went back to my blog page to see if i could find the original competition post on my timeline but it was not.
That could be it, i want to know if there's a way my entry can become valid...i don't know what to think at this moment. Will make my entry for the knockout stage and see how it goes.

Good luck @acidyo with your world cup picks.
This is a great contest and I better do mine.

japan 0:3、、、

well thats incredible. so u too think that argentina and Portugal willl both be eliminated in the knock out stage. predictions much similar to mine except that colombia and england will either draw or colombia is gonna win. i still hope portugal wins. thanks for ur kind predictions @acidyo.

Nooo I dont want Brazil to pass ;) And Colombia will be taffer than you think! ;) Who do you think will win the world cup?? My guess is Uruguay, France and Belgium are really strong this year! Well good luck to you! May the best succeed ;) the German team is already back home and can watch the rest of it from the living room :(... such a shame.

Congratulations @acidyo!
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