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RE: My 2019: Achievements and Failures – When a plan isn’t coming together...

Remy, don't say passing away lol, its passing out... big difference!

I always admire the positive approach to life you have even when you had a rough time. Glad that things are improving.

Love the door prank.. that's so sweet. Those photos of the birches are stunning! Here's to a great 2020... we might see you, who knows!


Oh stupid!!!🙈 Indeed a big difference don't want be on that side from the line for a while🤪 Thanks for helping me out @riverflows I corrected it.😘

Did you spot the little surprise between the birches?😉

Yes I did hear the audio message but there was a lot of information in it need to listen it again a few times. But I did hear and remember you were coming this way! BTW if you decide to go north instead of south and you need a place to stay there is a spot for you here in my house! Did the holidays already started for you?

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