blocktrades helps you get a steem account faster

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hello steemians friend
How are you today
hopefully keep the spirit in carrying out your activities,

today I would like to write an article about the services provided by blocktadres to make steem accounts easier and faster with just 3 sbd only.

I am personally in a day-to-day association with my friends in a #steemit chat to introduce steemit media to my friends at the office many get complaints that making a steemit account takes too long to get a confirmation of a reply so they dotired of waiting because they have tried several times to register the answers they received remain the same,


this is the reason I created a post today after reading a post made by @blocktrades article on how to create a #blocktrades account, it turns out #blocktrades not only as a means of cryptocurrency transactions but also #blocktrades provides services to get a steem accountmore easily and quickly, this is very useful information in for me and my steemians friends of the world in order to do #promo-steem and #steemit to the community.

for more info you can visit account @blocktrades which in postingkan today, and also and can wait for next posting on next Friday
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