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A Blues to remember

The night progressed, everyone was sleeping and there we were. On that occasion we started late our last rehearsal before the day of the concert. The radio announced the proximity of a storm but we still had faith in that event. Tuned on the scale of the Sun, we worked a work of Hendrix... The studio turned into hell, was burning until we played the last measure. We had a new theme, but our instruments required renewal in order to achieve the desired sound.

At 12:00 am, after the session, we turn off the equipment and start saving everything. Despite not having finished the song we try not to lose enthusiasm. I picked up the cables, the microphone and the pedals, but just when I went to store the guitar I could notice an unusual glow detached from my Fender.

I placed my precious jewel in the case, which I laid on the side of the amplifier. I told myself! it will be until tomorrow, when I manage to get that melody out of my mind. Sometimes it is necessary to oxygenate the fiber, the notes must sleep in the creative memory. One essay after another is the perfect routine for a successful presentation.

I took a sheet of paper with the intention of writing the stanza and decided to sleep that night in the hot rehearsal room.

"I am the Blues Genie, the root of your sound. The light of the universe is in lost souls that seek their direction. I resonate in the bars and in the blind streets of forgotten cities, my magic hidden in the furnishing of this instrument will be the honorable dress of your hands"

A Blues to remember;

that will be the title of your song...

I woke up at 2:00 pm, the musicians were about to arrive. I went in search of my leather jacket even with my hair tangled in my eyes, I took the notebook which I had left on the side of the carpet before falling asleep. I walked a couple blocks to the store in search of a cigarette, while reviewing those lines which I did not remember writing them.

On second thought, I think I was trapped in a murky dream; "The Blues Genie", Mmn! rather it was like an apparition, an epiphany.

Just remembering it, I suddenly felt enlightened. My fingers were fingering alone, a rhythm unchained in my mind began to flow stormy.

On the way back, I was eager to take my guitar, I started to create cadence notes, they spoke for themselves, they were melancholy, hardcore and psychedelia. My teammates thought I had worked all night on the new piece and were also pleased by my new guitar, as bright as a mirror.

I was pursued by the suspicious memory of that dream, enveloped by its light, I continued on the path of genius. It led me to feel the bitterness of the repressed, nostalgia and the strong reason for being.

Only two hours after the beginning of the Music and Art Fair, new lines continued to appear in my notebook, came out of nowhere, then whispered in our ears:

"Through the erratic angel, the person in Club 27, take the power of the precursors, feel the compass between the barb and the staff. Sink your thought into the broken lips of the revolutionary poet and you will hear the aged voice claiming vindication..."

A Blues to remember;

transcends with the voice of the Great...

Converted into a super band, we looked like wax statues faded by the flaming presence of the Blues Genie. We looked at each other making ourselves disregarded and left the dressing room for our staging.

My guitar shone spellbound by genius, I added the tones, I knew all the scales. Around us the ethereal figures of rock n' roll legends danced on a stage surrounded by fire and magic, while an unstoppable audience idolized us like real majesties.

How a band of three musicians can reach such a deep sound, capable of changing the mental state of the masses to such an effervescence point; the sub bass seemed to be drawn from a cave, the drummer personified the God of thunder next to an almost guttural voice that tore my throat as if evoking the beginnings of primitive man.

Between the fire and the darkness, that Fender was plasma and strobe, "A Blues to remember" became a song, materialized, came alive from a stacked crowd that mixed sweat and tears, slipped between the mud and the torrential rain singing at unison in a perfect seasoning.

"Find the Blues in people's hearts, the repetitive musical pattern housed in their sad looks, inheritance of simple harmonics, perfect tones that tell the story of our ancestors among lyrics that reflect their incurable melancholy"

A Blues to remember;

...dedicated to Blues music lovers



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