Update on Steem Proposal System/Steem.DAO: Week 4

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We’ve just completed our first month working on the Steem proposal system and we believe we are near completion.

Progress this week

We’ve completed all features in the blockchain code itself and have begun testing. We found and fixed several bugs found while testing the new operations related to steem proposals. We also implemented the necessary changes to the steem-python and steem-js libraries (used by 3rd parties to communicate with the Steem blockchain software) and wrote regression tests to verify the new features we added.

We made further improvements to the tinman software used to test Steem, including supporting account filtering during import of data from an existing steem blockchain to limit the amount of data in the test version of the blockchain. This will allow us to create a public testnet that doesn’t impose as many hardware requirements on participants who run nodes on the testnet.

For the technically inclined, here’s a link to the github repo with an overview of the work we’ve done in the past month:

We've been developing the proposal code in these branches:

Public testnet coming soon

We plan to start up a public testnet on Monday. Initially, the public testnet will primarily be of interest to Steem witnesses and web portals to the Steem blockchain. The testnet will allow witnesses to see the proposal system in action and interact with it via the steem command-line wallet. Web portals like condenser (e.g. steemit.com), busy.org, esteem, partiko, etc. will be able to develop pages for creating and voting on proposals within their interface.

Once the portals have developed these pages, there will likely be beta versions of the portals available where regular users can test the proposal system.

I expect that it will take one man-week or less for most of the portals to implement their interfaces to the proposal system if they already support witness voting, as they should be able to re-use a lot of that code for proposals.

At minimum, I think the proposal system will need interface support from at least https://steemit.com before we can contemplate hardforking the blockchain to the new version with proposals, as it will be important that all stakeholders be able to participate in the voting process as soon as the proposal system is enabled.

Next steps

Our progress so far has been inline with our initial time estimates (1-2 months). At the end of this first month, we’ve fully developed the proposal system and we’re firmly into the testing phase.

Next, we’ll need to operate the testnet for a couple of weeks to allow portals to develop their steem proposal interfaces. We’ll also be interacting with witnesses as necessary to assist them in their own testing of the proposal system.

After we have operated the testnet long enough to ensure the new code is robust and that major portals have had a chance to add support for the proposal system, we’ll tag a final release of the code suitable for witnesses to run as the new mainnet.

How are we doing?

Since we’ve completed the first month of work, Ned has asked me to check-in with the community to see how everyone feels about our progress so far and if there are any major concerns about the direction we’re moving. Please comment below if you have an opinion one way or the other.

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What will be the main functions that it will offer once it’s done?


People will be able to propose any type of work that they would to get funded, and steempower holders can vote on which proposals they would like to fund. See the link at the top of the post for full details.


Thanks for your effort and commitment.
I’ll take a look.

At minimum, I think the proposal system will need interface support from at least https://steemit.com before we can contemplate hardforking the blockchain to the new version with proposals

Any indication from Steemit if they plan to do this, and on a reasonable timeframe?


2nd this.

The worker proposal system could be a significant addition to the Steem ecosystem. If Steemit, Busy, eSteem, etc. would all agree to integrate basic proposal voting mechanisms - this could be a significant opportunity to promote Steem, as community-directed governance structures are still rare within the greater blockchain world.


Yeah we cant count on them. Blocktrades should be working with other platforms and developers that we can trust to make something useful in a much more dependable time frame.

Unless of course the client (steemit inc) is requesting that they have first option.
It's their money so if that's how they want it ... so be it.

But too many times blockchain projects thing the answer is just creating cool code and it will solve everything... but truth is we have thousands of supposedly brilliant tools that no one uses because they forget user experience and marketing.

Exciting developments and great communication.

In regards to how you are doing, I would say... Great job and I am excited about this project!

IMHO, Steem.DAO and MIRA are two most-anticipated improvements that are - hopefully - coming soon to the Steem blockchain.


That brings up an interesting point: if both features are near to release at the same time, it might make sense to combine them into a single official release so that exchanges only need to update once (MIRA isn't a hardfork change, but I'm reasonably sure it'll require a reindex). I should check in with Michael before too long and see if that seems feasible on a timeline basis.




I really support and appreciate these community code efforts. It's inspiring to watch it being developed. I believe DAO (technology) can add a lot of value in the coming years.

Can we have back proof of brain back after this one?

Steem became worth playing when the n2 abusers started getting flagged.
Anything that needs to be built will likely be built by outside devs, anyway.

Great progress ! Very excited to see this come to life.

Why the choice of steem-js rather than dsteem ? With the devportal being very dsteem centric I thought that would be the go-to library for the future in the eye of steemit inc.


We considered it, but it sounded like the dsteem developer (johan) could handle the update himself in a day or two, so it seemed to be more efficient to have him make the changes.


Alright thanks for the feedback :)

Looking forward to getting it up and running. I am hoping that the witnesses (including those outside top20) with the skills have a good poke around before the hardfork.

Happy with the progress so far and hoping that once operational, some new possibilities are realised.



Web portals like condenser (e.g. steemit.com), busy.org, esteem, partiko, etc. will be able to develop pages for creating and voting on proposals within their interface.

  • You mention 4 interfaces and yet fail to mention the only one that is likely to do anything about it.

  • I think we all know which one is going to be the first and best at creating a portal because they consistently create cool new features and yet you fail to mention them. All the others are too busy doing... not much... or spending all their effort spamming the community and playing around with selling their votes for "points"

  • Well I take that back there's an outside change esteem does something... their developer is pretty active and steeve... not sure if they're sticking with it but if they are then I could see them doing something.

  • I won't even mention the front end that I'd put my money on ... Because anyone who is in the know on steem knows which one is actually on the ball.

  • Well I take that back there are gonna be a flurry of developers who create crappy interfaces that you can tell were designed by a developer on their lunch break as a tool that they hope gets them a witness vote or two but they won't update or support it in the long run and they'll end up in a graveyard of 1 minute ideas from steem developers.

  • The point still remains there's really only 1 front end that I think will do a good job at... Maybe I'm just writing this to light a fire under the asses of the other sites that seem to be doing nothing.


Is anyone going to create a proposal for a web interface to create a user interface or is there any financial incentive for these front ends to do this?

STEEMIT.COM?? ... Is that a joke?

At minimum, I think the proposal system will need interface support from at least https://steemit.com before we can contemplate hardforking the blockchain to the new version with proposals, as it will be important that all stakeholders be able to participate in the voting process as soon as the proposal system is enabled.

  1. Waiting on them will be a LIFETIME!!
  2. Do you think they're actually capable of something decent?
  3. Why wait on them?

steemit.com is paying for the work, nor is it particularly difficult to do a clone of the existing witness voting interface on steemit.com, so I think it's a safe bet that they will support the proposal system fairly quickly.


Well, I am not too keen on Steemit but I will trust them on this one.


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Riiiight... I'll believe it when i see it.
BUT... I still think we shouldn't wait on them.

I know they're presently your client... and good on you for sticking up for your client. But still i think steemit inc needs to recognize what they're good at and give you the go ahead and release this when we have a couple good interfaces by front ends or developers.

Great job! Very exciting!

Liking the direction of this. We'll look over the interface proposals and see if we can't build intuitive systems to inform people about what they are voting on. We've recently upgraded our building software to alpha which could make integrating these features in to XR UI wysiwyg.

Especially promising is the testnet progress. One fun solution to multiparty escrow would be to build a side chain just between participants, possibly just bringing relevant information to a side-chain as a proof of game. For instance have game between airplanes where the inputs are the accepted possible states of the game. Allowing 500ms blocktimes to verify no cheating in an ad-hoc dog fight. At the end the contract clears the escrow appropriately to participants.

Excelet 💱💰

Love your service, no complaints!

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Know very little about this kind of stuffs but sense some great work going on here. Courage to the entire team.

It’s great to see a project requesting feedback on such an important project for the community! I think progress looks well despite knowing that bugs will continue I realize that at least accountability is where it needs to be. Thanks for your efforts!

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nice. keep the update coming. steem on !

🚀 🌕

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I'm happy to see things moving forward at an expected pace. Thanks for the update.

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Good work! Glad to see this coming along nicely.

Thank you OCD and blocktrades for your upvote of my vienna post. This meant a lot to me!!!

Nice work guys. Can't wait for a testnet to start working on my part of the interface.

Btw, wanted to ask when steemjs api will be updated and ready to be used again? It seems like it's not reachable now https://api.steemjs.com

Maybe the endpoint has been changed? Would really appreciate your help.


We're not involved with that API node, so i can't say.


Got it. Thanks anyways.

Hi @blocktrades, just in case, in my post Witness of the people, by the people, for the people, I'm not saying that your witness vote is a problem or so. Actually I don't know the detailed early history of Steem nor the current politics well. To me you're doing many works to help the Steem ecosystem these days. Thank you for doing that. (of course it's also good for you :) The main message of my post is now big voters' power seems getting smaller :) Steem is getting more decentralized in terms of witness votes. Thanks.

Really looking forward to this, I think this will help encourage and facilitate non-Steemit Inc development and marketing.