Update on Steem Proposal System/Steem.DAO: Week 3

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We continued our work this week on the Steem proposal system that will allow Steemians to propose work to be paid by the blockchain (e.g. proposals to add new features to the blockchain, marketing and advertising proposals for Steem, or even charitable work proposals). For more details about the function of the Steem Proposal System, see https://steemit.com/blocktrades/@blocktrades/proposing-a-worker-proposal-system-for-steem.

Progress Report

In the blockchain code, we added the “hardforking” code to allow for a transition to the new version of the blockchain code that supports the new types of operations (e.g. creating proposals, voting on proposals, etc).

This week we moved into the testing phase for the Steem proposal system. We started a private testnet and we’re using the tinman test system to inject test cases into the testnet. We had to make some fixes in tinman along the way to get it operational with the current version of steemd (the blockchain software). We also made a fix to allow for an initial SBD supply at blockchain startup time (fixing this issue: https://github.com/steemit/steem/issues/1803).

At the same time, we’ve begun work on updating steem-js and python libraries (these are libraries used by javascript and python applications to communicate with the blockchain).

Next Steps

In the next week, we’ll be continuing with the update of the API libraries and fixing any bugs we find, and if we’re lucky and no unexpected roadblocks pop up, we will have a working system for a public testnet by the end of next week.

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and if we’re lucky and no unexpected roadblocks pop up, we will have a working system for a public testnet by the end of next week.

Is it going to be completely public or are you having a select few run through there first?


I can't think of any reason offhand not to make it completely public, but I haven't really discussed it with the team. In general, the more people testing, the better, I think.


Yep, makes sense to me other than if there is a need to give it to a skilled sweeper team first for a day to go through and have a good look with fresh eyes.


who is this team and why arent they working for @ned ? this team seems extremely competent

Howdy, just a short and off-the-subject thanks for the recent large upvote. I really appreciate it. And keep up the great works you do for Steemit. Cheers

Hi Blocktrades, thanks for your support.

Nice. You're moving quite fast guys. Would like to add your proposal system on Steem Insights asap. I think people will love it.

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I read your article very well. Your writing helped me a lot.


Oh shut up.


How can i support this campaign .

Putting this in language the average non-tech person can understand is your biggest challenge.



I don't think that's really possible without writing something way too long to be interesting. Some of what we're reporting in our status updates is really only going to make sense to other coders.

But that's still useful info as it's important for the frontend coders to know when it's time for them to start looking at what we've done so they can integrate into their web sites. And it gives the witnesses an idea of when they should be getting ready to potentially run a node on our testnet.


Very good points, well made!

Although perhaps it would be helpful to make it obvious at the beginning that most people will not understand this post. I only say that because it is pinned, and anyone and everyone can and will read it...

Thanks again for your explanation :-)


thanks for the update!

Hi! Thanks so much for you support and upvote on some of my posts. It really motivates me and makes me continue my work on steemit. Thanks again! It means a lot :)

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"Steem.Dao" is a terrible name.

And you know it that's why your title says "steem proposal system" first because that actually has meaning. Stop letting people like @ned / steemit decide wording on things... they're obviously not good at it. "Witness" "Steem" ... they talk in useless acronyms.

p.s. I'm looking forward to your product @blocktrades... best of luck

That official steem python library did need a touch up, last time I checked, it was near unusable.

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Here’s my gesture of support for this development. ♥️

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Thank you for update I wait for next steps. Keep going your efforts to improve Steem system.

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