Update on Steem proposal system development

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Progress since last report

This is just a quick update, as progress inevitably slows in a software project once it becomes necessary to coordinate the work between multiple project teams (our team + UI teams for the various Steem frontends).

We've been operating the testnet for over a week now, with one reset so far to incorporate some changes. Since our last post, we've been responding to community questions/issues in github and communicating with some of the frontend UI designers. This includes making minor changes in the implementation of the proposal system as a result of these requests (mostly from Michael Vandeberg of Steemit's development team).

Updates to new steemit.com web wallet added to our task list

One of the most important things that's happened this week is that it's been decided (after some discussion with Steemit) that we would take on the task of adding support for proposal voting to the upcoming Steemit wallet web site, so we've assigned two of our UI designers to this task. We're currently estimating that we will be able to complete this task in about a week, as we'll be working with a "new to us" code base that will have some amount of learning curve associated with it.

Proposal system nearing completion, almost ready for release

After we've completed the above step, the Steem proposal system should basically be complete, so we'll check in with Steemit at that point and see if we can coordinate release of the Steem proposal system with any work they have ready (to reduce the number of updates that node operators must make). From discussions with Steemit, it looks like that the current practice is to release the software with a 30 day delay before hardforking code activates (in order to allow node operators like exchanges plenty of time to update before the hardfork activates).

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That's good to hear.

Good to hear that you've got the frontends actually working with you, @blocktrades, principally Steemit. This new era of collaboration is nice. :)

So, it sounds like then, that the proposal system will somehow be accessed through an individual front end, so a link somewhere? I guess I've not been clear no how that's supposed to happen.

Regardless, thanks for the update. It's been interesting to see this process unfold, and even more so as implementation takes place and we go live with this and other things that are happening around STEEM.


Yes, I expect all the general purpose frontends that support wallet functions will probably support the proposal system (well, not sure on the mobile apps).

As far as a link goes, I hope that we'll have a prototype running late next week to see how the one we've started on today will look.

Good to see you guys are really working hard on this. Thanks for the update.

as we'll be working with a "new to us" code base that will have some amount of learning curve associated with it

@blocktrades, could you please throw more lights on the above quoted


Yes, it means we will be working in some GUI code that we haven't worked with in the past (i.e. condenser, the code that powers steemit.com). Because we haven't worked with it before, our guys will need to study it some.


That's cool. It would be cooler if you can add tutorials for programming novice. Thanks

I'm really excited about this. For Steem it will be a very important step and that was necessary. I even wrote an article in a blockchain diary. I hope to write the definitive one soon when we can use the system, thanks @blocktrades

Glad to hear that, Anyway i love your services blockctrades. Keep up the good [email protected]!

Good news looking forward to it being live.
Honestly i must say I don't really understand the task you're working on this week.

STEEMPEAK has been working on the UI I believe you're aware of that.
However we weren't sure where you're at with things or what need there is.
Love to hear about that and we'll restart work on things.

Will a UI be needed soon or not really until after the proposed hardfork which is 7+30 days away?


There should be UI before that point, because a UI will help expose the need for any changes needed to the API.

Note the API is functional now. I added a comment to your issue in github that discusses the problem you were encountering and what you need to do to overcome it, btw.


As far as the above comment, not sure if that was your issue or someone else's (a lot of aliases, so it gets confusing).

But in any event, you should be able to proceed with a functional prototype now, and it would be great to have one as soon as possible.


adding support for proposal voting to the upcoming Steemit wallet web site, so we've assigned two of our UI designers to this task. We're currently estimating that we will be able to complete this task in about a week

So does this mean you're hired to create a UI for the new wallet website? That was what I was a bit uncertain of.

Cant wait to see what happens to the reward distribution. :P

Interested to see changes and how they will help to grow the community as a whole.

thanks sir for the update

There will be a hardfork?

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Yes, a hardfork is required to enable the Steem proposal system, as it represents a new way to distribute funds using the blockchain itself.

Hey guys, I was thinking about this the other day.

Have you guys considered adding a cap to the amount of rewards that gets added to the worker proposal pool?

That way if we ever find ourselves with a drought of development we don't just keep pouring money into an ever increasing fund where it sits and does nothing.

Like say it reaches a certain amount and rewards stop diverting over. People could still donate etc

Love to know what you think, cheers


That issue is handled via a proposal that "refunds" the money back to the treasury fund. This is discussed more in detail in the original proposal post, but essentially you vote this "refund" proposal up to a rank where it returns any funds you don't want to spend back to the treasury fund.


Actually, on a closer reading, I think the "burn" proposals are what you're looking for, instead of the "refund" proposal. The "burn" proposal destroys the funds it gets, reducing the amount in the treasury fund.


Perhaps in the future you guys might consider a refund option. Seeing as how this effectively is a tax on authors, perhaps a form of tax refund could one day be established? Maybe if the creator pool does get large enough or something like that.

The idea of a burn is good but it's a bit of a waste isn't it? If we did that, then the taxed money would be for nothing - right? I can't imagine people would ever be okay with seeing tax dollars gone to waste let alone destroyed.

I'm no Blockchain engineer, but the idea of an actual refund seems extremely possible. It may save you guys a gigantic headache in the future if ever there is a vote on burning surplus worker proposal tokens. In theory it sounds pretty easy, but in reality people could get extremely emotional.

Anyways, thanks again


Oooh okay, actually I can kinda remember reading that. cheers guys 👍


Maybe an alternative could be to integrate a reward system+ fund for finding security issues.

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Thanks for the update

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Thanks for the latest update.

interesting information, greetings.🤗

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