Update on BlockTrades web site developments

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It’s been a while since our last update, so I wanted to give a quick run down of some of the improvements we’ve been making related to our web service.

Sale of delegations will be re-enabled some time in the next 2 weeks or so

First, since we continue to get emails on this issue, I’d like to announce that we will re-enable delegation sales some time in the next 2 or so weeks. We will not provide any more guidance on an exact time when this will happen. Note that the price for delegations has increased dramatically since its original introduction due to demand and also because of the increase in the price of Steem which it is tied to.

Continued focus on reducing/mitigating user mistakes

Many of the changes we’ve made fall into the “invisible” category. When they do their job properly, the user never has to know the mistake was caught and auto-fixed by the software.

Auto-fix (when possible) bad memos where destination address was mistakenly entered

One common error when people are sending Steem/SBD to us is to put their desired destination address in as their memo when they send to us. If our software can tell what specific coin type they are asking for, it will automatically fix such transactions and send the desired coin type to the requested address. Note that this is only possible when the formatting of the deposit address is unique versus other coins we support.

Auto-fix (when possible) transactions where Steem was sent instead of SBD (or vice-versa)

One common error is when the wrong coin is sent to a deposit address (Steem instead of SBD, for example). We can’t in all cases fix this problem, because we can’t always be sure of what is the “correct” destination to send to, but often we can, and in such cases our system will auto-correct the transaction and process it now.

Auto-refund of Steem/SBD sent with a bad memo

If we’re unable to determine what the user wants to do when a bad memo is sent, our software will auto-refund the Steem/SBD to the sending address, unless the sending address is an exchange or steem service that might send a user’s funds to us. We don’t auto-refund in such cases, because the exchange wouldn’t know how to properly credit the funds we sent them to the originally sending user of their site.

If you operate or plan to operate a service that does do auto-refunds on customer errors in a similar way, please contact us and we will whitelist your service against auto-refunds. This will prevent our server and your server from ping-ponging the funds back and forth due to repeated auto-refunds (we saw one such case already before we whitelisted the service against auto-refunds).

Allow re-use of deposit addresses associated with Steem account creation to buy more Steem

If you get a deposit address from our system to buy a Steem account, you can now re-use that address to buy Steem for your account. Once the account is created by our system, any further funds sent to that deposit address will be treated as a regular deposit address for buying Steem for the associated account.

Ability to fix some transactions where user sends wrong coin type to “compatible” address

If a user accidentally sends litecoin to a bitcoin deposit address, or vice-versa, our support personnel can manually “fix” such transactions if you send us an email with the transaction hash. Previously this was a difficult undertaking, so we’ve automated the process somewhat.

Please note however that it’s not possible for us to do this in the case of bitcoin/bitcoin cash address mistakes because one uses SegWit and the other doesn’t. So these mistakes will continue to result in a user loss until enough exchanges implement the new Bitcoin Cash-distinct addresses (discussed in more detail in our previous post on Bitcoin Cash). If you use an exchange with Bitcoin Cash, you may want to consider recommending they make this switch to help their users avoid such losses.

We’ve also changed our default conversion from Bitcoin → Steem to ETH → Steem and requested that Steemit makes a similar change to the default web URL they specify when linking to our site, since this will force users to make a conscious choice between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash when making a purchase with these two coins (ETH addresses are incompatible with Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, so there’s no danger of sending BTC or BCH to an ETH address).

Increased the recommended minimum amount for buying Steem accounts

Our Steem account creation now recommends sending a sufficient amount to purchase 2 Steem beyond the base price required to create the account. This reduces the chance for a price fluctuation that would cause an insufficient amount to be sent to purchase the account.

Improvements to our internal administrative panels for support personnel

We’ve made many improvements to the internal information provided to our support personnel to allow them respond to support requests more quickly.

Added web site “revision numbers”

We frequently update our web site as we make improvements like the ones above. We’ve added a “revision number” at the bottom right corner of the site beside our copyright notice so that we can verify what version of the site a customer is using. We’re also in the process of adding code shortly to notify users when there is an updated version of the site, in case there is an update while they are on the site.

Performance improvements to handle the load from large numbers of customers

This last task is a long term one, although we’ve recently made some important improvements in this area.

Currently our site has been able to handle the peak number of concurrent users without any problem and indeed our primary challenge has been to maintain our high-speed response to customer support issues (hence all the work above to reduce the number of customer support requests that require human intervention). But we also want to be sure that our site itself remains robust in the face of increasing numbers of concurrent users.

Since March of last year alone, we’ve seen the number of transactions processed by our site on an average day increase by roughly a factor of 30, and there’s every indication that we will continue to see such increases in the future, so we’re taking pro-active steps now to be sure we can handle future loads.

Help prevent accidental transfers to “phishing” accounts on Steem and BitShares blockchains

As some people have already discovered to their misfortune, some malicious accounts exist that attempt to mimic the name of a popular account such as bittrex, poloniex, blocktrades, etc in the hopes that a user will make a typo and accidentally transfer to their “phishing” account.

In order to help prevent this, we’ve been maintaining a list of such phishing accounts and warning users when they try to send to them. But the weakness of this approach was that we had to keep up with such phishing accounts as new ones were created. To better combat this problem, our software will now auto-detect names that are “similar” to known exchanges and similar services that we are aware of, and warn users they are about to send to a suspected phishing account instead of the account that they are likely trying to send to (to do this, we re-used some of the code that we previously wrote to prevent our Steem account creation service from creating such phishing accounts).

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Wow! What a nice performance! Keep it up bro


Just more music and fun :)


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Ha ha I agree! 👆🤓
Thanks @blocktrades !!! I just invested and transferred some bitcoin through it and it worked flawlessly 🤙 Namaste


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Hello @blocktrades.
There is mistake on your website:

There is . (dot) once and , (comma) second time.

Blocktrades just keeps getting better and better. My transactions in and out of Steem have never been faster! Thanks for all the great work!

Steem to moon


10k per second that is crazy.


10k per second. That unprecedented!


Great graphics thanks, 10,000 steem transactions per second impressive


now steem at earth agan


Steem will be here for the long run! This is an amazing blockchian with the potential to dominate the market! I truly believe steem will be the "Next Big Thing" so enjoy the ride guys!!! Its going to be Great!!!


I agree 100%. Upvoted, Followed. Check out my most recent post about Lightning Network if you're interested please :)





Steem to pluto


hello... i upvoted your blog and kindly upvote my blog as well...

God i love blocktrades!

I tried signing up to blocktrades yesterday but never got a confirmation email. Is there a problem? Please let me know becuase I want to invest into Steem and get going. Please advise. Thanks, Bob


We noticed recently that our emails are being blocked one of the abuse-blocking services (which is pretty silly, but these services aren't perfect). If you have another email address, I suggest you try that one.


Ok Thanks for letting me know. You may want to put a disclaimer on the sign up page to that effect. Just a thought. Cheers!


Mine was sent directly to the spam folder. I agree with @robertnevin that a disclaimer would be a helpful & quick to implement update to the signup page.


might take a day or 2 if they very busy , there are 1 million bitcoin account sign ups around the world for different exchanges as fiat money pours out of banksters banks and into cryptocurrency ,so unbanking millions per week see https://blocks.wizb.it/# realtime bitcoin globe


Ok Gotcha. I'm patient but tried twice and got nothing back. But they gave me a good excuse why it maybe happening. I know Aweber will not accept my business email address so perhaps Blocktrades has the same issue. I also know that Barracuda Systems that protect spam and other types of computer hacking also deletes my emails and Have to contact my client to white list my address. (Shrugs) (I work as a recruiter and HR people contact me asking for resumes and when I email them back with a resume, It deletes the email. Grrr. )

That's awesome you guys are looking into fixing people's mistakes instead of just blaming them for a bad transaction and letting it go. I think establishing yourself as a reliable and customer friendly group at this stage is going to keep you in the crypto game for a long time. Keep it up!


That's definitely one of our key strategies to differentiate ourselves in the market. Thanks for the kind words.


Thanks. I've made a lot of these mistakes. Thanks for looking out for us!


Yes nice strategies. Here's my entry for the jerrybanfield contest


Can you add more pairs for exchange? Such as xrp, waves, omg


Yeah I checked, blocktrades has been adding new features lately and that's good.
So many people had questions about steem delegation and now I hope they got their answers. Can anyone tell how profitable steem delegation would be if prices get raised?

Add some new coins here.

Zcash! Zcash! Zcash!


Hey are you still leasing SP? i want to lease 1000SP for 30 days..how much?

I am very concern with the buying delegation service, hope to hear your good news soon!


yeah, I was looking at the steam delegation price, now at 28 SP per Steem. That's going to be tough to compete with minnowbooster and other services, but It needs to be done for the sanity of the Platform.

i like steem crepto it's very fast transaction

@blocktrades you are actually being the best in customer usability, and in helping customers avoid problems with transactions! You are the best in the market for this, no other exchange or similar service (even you are not an exchange), is doing what you do!

The steem blockchain and graphene has the best of the best in terms of developers and smart people working on it, and that is why you are here and with bistshares.

Your service, efforts and dedication certainly are a very important point for the growth of the steem blockchain and for lots of new people who come here, and see the blockchain as a serious investment, because of many facts, but your financial services for the platform are simple great.

Thanks for dedicating your time to make the steem blockchain a safer and better place every day!

Regards, @gold84

Steem to blue moon :) Thanks @blocktrades that's a great comeback. loved you auto-refund feature.

These changes sound great. I have lost a lot of Steem due to exchanges failing to accept addresses and memos (when they were correct). This was not with block trades. I will definitely look to switch over to this exchange!

Hi @blocktrades
I've just received transfer from you with memo:


I guess this is a message about renewing delegation but... what I'm supposed to do with it?:)

Any plans to make it easy to see our trade history?

Down Down Down in a burning ring of fire ....

Very good news!

Every time I check out @blocktrades the platform is better, having a low fee, fast and easy to use exchange really makes steem more accessible and brings a lot of value to it! There are a lot of great projects that have everything to succeed but the coins are almost impossible to buy.


yes blocktrades is one of the best. https://blocks.wizb.it/# see block transactions live here its great to see what bitcoins bought in your own city and country


I haven't tried it, but thanks for your post. I'll check it out!

Also , Upvoted, Followed! Check out my most recent blog about the Lightning Network if you're interested show some support back thanks brotha!

-Crypto Rocky

Moar like this!

really nice service

Can Blocktrades provide some guidance on how to buy Steem using Bitcoin Cash?

Thank you

plz enable delegation i really need that


Check out Jerry Banfield posts. @jerrybanfield He has a program that he covers regarding delegation and its very detailed how he does it. Hope that helps.


okay thanku robert


hey robertnevin.. i think you have mistaken..
jerrybanfield has a program which is allow you to delegate your sp to other people..
its not the program of getting delegation..
but blocktrades has the program of delegate sp to other people


Ok maybe this video will help... Warning its advanced.


@jerrybanfield is the man!

Upvoted, Followed. Check out my most recent blog about the Lightning Network if you're interested show some support back thanks brotha!

-Crypto Rocky


Thanks for the update @blocktrades.

Thanks @blocktrades for updating us with these amazing upcoming updates of a great platform... Looking forward to see Steem power delegations back ....

thanks for update

you are doing great job guys,, u guys give me confidence to hold my steem,,thank you again


yeh i agree with you they are doing amazing


You are doing amazing stuff. Thanks

Many Many Thanks for updates

Can I send steem out of steemit through blocktrades?

you guys rock!

blocktrades has been awesome so far.

I think what you guys have created with blocktrades and how and It works is fantastic. It took me two days of research on Dtube YouTube and reading posts and now I fully understand it. It is really fun me using Blocktrades and If you guys ae open to delegations again I am happy to contribute. Thanks for the update and greetings from Vietnam.


Totally agree!

Upvoted you a whopping 3 cents! As well as followed! Check out my most recent blog about the Lightning Network if you're interested show some support back thanks brotha! Follow back if you are inerested in crypto big picture content!

-Crypto Rocky

Good job.

Thanks. This is good information for you because @blocktrades always fix the service to you. Very very happy with the service improvements you make. This information is very useful for all members of steemit. I hope you allow me to translate in my language so that some unfamiliar steemit members can understand it. If you allow me to translate this information, please reply to this comment

당신은 개발자입니까?

잘 보고 갑니다.

@blocktrades ..I think this kind of writing awaited by steemian so with me .... this is very useful sir

useful sharing

Good for

Auto-refund of Steem/SBD sent with a bad memo

I lost some steem before. Luckily just a bit 🙂

Thank you very much, I was checking your blog every day for news, and wow here it is. I am again fully updated.

Keep on going strong!!! thumbsup

Wow! This is a very informative post. It's awesome when followers are given details of what is going on behind the scenes and how to fix common issues. I wish all businesses or anyone in business would post updates like this. You guys rock!

Is there any chance maybe in the near future adding SmartCash to pair with steem.

Blocktrades does provide a very good infrastructure tool for Steem and Steemit. Nice work all involved there.

Thank you @blocktrades for the improvements you're always been a hero to us..."Mabuhay" ( Long live)!

Powered steemit. Great job!

Please read how i lost it all. Don't let this happen to you.


Blocktrades is awesome. I have been able to buy steem, eth, bitshares,and doge all with very seamless transactions. I think this is the best thing going in the crypto-sphere. I commend the programmers and people who make blocktrades such a wonderful tool.

I am reading all of this new info about Steemit, Blocktrades and Steem in general and all it's telling is me is how much I still don't know... I have a pile of homework ahead of me!

Steem is life <3

As a newbie to STEEM I appreciate this info

Thank s informasion

Its hard for a minnow to comprehend..... No problem, it's all about time...

He was wanting this information. I've been wanting to know about the delegation for a long time.

useful and helpful information. Thank you @blocktrades

You don't have to sign up to block trade to recieve Steem here though right? Im trying to transfer some in and my username here is populated auto. Couldnt get BCH address to work so now I m waiting for wallet on Polo to correct so I can get some steem here to really power up. I m a new user here but read the white paper etc and love Steem but equally as much love this social media platform. Being retired I like to come here and have interactions with the other users and Steem investors.steemupvote.gif


excellent, very useful these updates. Welcome to the @blocktrades revolution

A few hours ago, BTC price was as low as $9700 so I tried to transfer some SBDs to Bittrex and it never happened. Time was the factor so I took the Blocktrades route and sent money to Binance and it went through in no time. Your website has always been a savior for me and many others in such times of dire need. Thanks for the udpates and I hope you come up with a far better version and also add some more coins.

I am both excited and relieved after reading this article. I think you guys are solving a lot of problems that needed solving. Keep up the great work and may the crypto Gods bless us all

whst about delegetion dteem pawer?

How many percent up price for delegations Sir @blocktrades

Good news, thank you for your contribution to the development of the platform. you let the users experience more and better service . thanks @blocktrades.

Keep up the amazing work. Love what you do. Making Steem better every day.

For the first time, I used blocktrades yesterday and it was really easy to use.

I really want to support decentralised exchanges and eliminate greedy traders who negatively affect the organic growth of Steemit tokens which actually impact many peoples life positively.

I think centralised exchanges are bad for our crpto ecosystem. They'll trade Poison to make a buck. Traders who trade just to make a buck are living very low standard life.

thanks you dear

That's great job done so far!

If those "phishing" accounts can be booked down and stopped from advancing their scheme, then users will appreciate more the service experience.

Fantastic information!
Good job @blocktrades

I’ve come to love your services! Good to know about the improvements. I’d also love to see EOS, BAT and Omisego, hope you get around to it :-)

I might be making another Steemit account with you soon.

We desperately need something done with all the phishing that’s going on. Funds are being stolen from innocent people daily. People need to smarten up! Don’t let these boneheads trick you into believing they actually want to help you. Scammers don’t care who you are or what position you’re in financially.. they’re just looking for a quick come up. Don’t be their come up 👌🏻

What about supporting XMR (Monero) on your service? Would be a nice to have it on there.

Check out this account and transfers for a network of phishing accounts.

Nice Info. i ve been waiting for weeks your latest post. i hope The SP is not too expensive so available for us for grabbing it. i hope it will not sold out so soon. well done post @blocktrades

thanks for update

So much future potential for the steemit platform! I cant wait to see alot of the bugs, and glitches worked out!

You guys are awesome, was a bit intimidated by block trades at first, but once i did it it was easy.

Great information! Thank you for the good post! If you interested in Cryptocurrency and the trending news about, you more than welcome to check out my page and follow if you like it.

Blocktrades is really awesome, so fast and easy to use, love it! Thanks!

How can I know which Bitcoin services to trust?

best regards bro...

Nice Update thanks. I hope it is growing fast and big!

I always love the idea that this blocktrades.us site is keeping on improving. Satisfying and making all fellow Steemians choose an easy way in exchanging currencies! Always a great idea! thanks so much for the updates!

how many percent increase to lease a delegate Mr @blocktrades ?

Hello, blocktrades.

If you remember me@julybrave
I always use your blocktrades.us website every transection. that good , instant arrive tnx.
I upvote u . If you want to help me with upvote, i welcome you to @julybrave thank you

You guys are crazy lol

These developments have been long overdue. It is better late than never, however. Perhaps blocktrades can now start getting the respects he/it deserves.

Thanks a bunch for the updates.

I like it

It is un blevable website

Pls how long will it take before I will recieve the steem power?

nice development,keep it up

I really will wait for sale of delegations. I'm new to the platform and surely will not miss this offer for my account to grow better