Phishing advisory: Crypto-based phishing attempts seem to be increasing

in blocktrades •  11 months ago

I just got one this morning that pretends to be from Poloniex and attempts to convince the reader to give up their two-factor code:

A request to confirm your mobile number is still open. Please confirm your sms code in your Poloniex Account, please click the > following link: https :// for security reasons, this link will expire in 80 minutes

The Poloniex Team

This one was pretty obvious with the https-poloniex (and the bottom of the email was in portuguese, for some reason). The link was functional, I broke that just so no one clicks on it from this post accidentally.

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Damn, that's weird. This means they have the email addresses.
I don't think you are talking about messages from the transfer in the wallet.


Yes, it was sent to one of my email addresses, and not one that I normally advertise either. It would be interesting to find out if the other people who got the email had poloniex accounts.


That's bad. Even email we have to be careful


right, we should team up


Hello, blocktrade.
I want to change steem to doge.
Please,help me.

Don't trust anybody!

I tried to send transfer btc to steem using bitshares but it says it went to blocktrades? I'm so confused...
From yonstar7
To blocktrades
Quantity 0.00464999 BTC
Memo steem:cyberblock
Fee 0.00000594 BTC


Sounds like you used the BlockTrades bridge within the BitShares wallet. This works by having you send the btc to us, then our system sends the steem to your cyberblock account.




a very noble job @blocktrades, you are great. Continued success 🤗

You expired my delegation well before the expiry time.

Please consider a refund.


To my knowledge, this has never happened. But if you are convinced our software has made a mistake and expired it early, please file a support request to Note one possibility is that you have multiple delegations and you're seeing the expiration of a different one than you're thinking about.


Yes, true that. I was mistaken. Thanks.

is there a problem in the blocktrades site? i tried to get in but i cant. i tried to access the site with few devices and different internet connections. i still can't get in. is it the problem in the site or i am the only one facing problems? @blocktrades


Seems to be working fine now, and I don't see any error reports from our monitoring systems from last night.


thanks for replying. the problem was actually in my browser. it took some time to figure out but its okay now

bad people want easy money..yes easy to get in hell too.

hello sir i sent 18 steem by mistake with wrong memo please sir refund

Stop creating Accounts.
Send couple messages via your wallet.
I guess you are busy. Many of them are from your Accounts Creating services.
#whalepower , Curator / Moderator

Thats very concerning news! By the way thanks for sharing.

Hi @blocktrades, you have a problem with Steem and SBD? They disappeared.

How much time is required to transfer sbd to dogecoin addresses?


It's very fast within 5 minutes or less, so if you don't see the doge, something is wrong.

Thanks for letting us know, it shows that you care about us and the platform. I've been pretty safe so far, but I've noticed a lot of people speaking of phishing attempts lately. A lot to be aware of out there!

Not to be off topic, but I remember once you saying you were an introvert...are you the sole person representing @blocktrades? I'm running a challenge called the love it/shove it challenge if you're interested. Basically you list 5 things you love and 5 things you dislike under the tag #loveitshoveit, then tag whoever you like. I'd like to get to know more about you and I'm sure the rest of the Steemit community would to as well. Anyway I thought I could invite you here to participate if you're interested. Much love, @snowpea!

Thank you very much for notifying, I also received this email and it seemed suspicious.

We have to be alert to these scammers who seek to take advantage of people. Your publication will make many people be prevented


alejandromata please visit my blog and any comments for my post
thanks for my future

Hello there! I've used your service yesterday and it was flawless.

On another note, I was attacked by a user - apparently he didn't like a comment I've made - and my reputation was lowered to a point where I cannot post any new photos...

What can I do to get my reputation back?

So pity..

Scammers got to scam. These e-mails are so dangerous. We always need to be alert. One time I was tired and I clicked on a phising link. Luckily I noticed the website was off.

Good catch. Thanks for letting everyone know.

the phishing attempts are on all time high this is insane now

I have a challenge, I converted 5Sbd via blocktrade to my btc wallet, it was shown to be successful without it reflecting in my btc wallet.
This was since 10th March,2018, pls I need help, what do I do?
How do I get my money back?
Its urgent
Thanks in anticipation.


Please send transaction info to

Hello my dear friend! Today is a big holiday in Ukraine - Palm Sunday! It is said that something can be wished on this day and it will surely come to fruition! So today, I want to wish you happiness, health and harmony to you and your family! I wish you creative success and never stop at the achievement! I believe that my wishes will be fulfilled for you! Who is such a happy person? Happy people call those who know what they want and aspires to achieve their goals. Who is planning to implement the most cherished dreams and not afraid of difficulties. I think you can be called happy - let this happiness not leave you all your life, let your dreams come true one after another, let it bring joy! Your friends are always close to you, your relatives are ready to help at any moment - let it always be!6417.png

Doesn't that make you wonder how they got your email address? If it is a commonly used one, maybe a little understandable but if it is not??

Good info.
That would keep us vigilant against phishing attempts.


Thanks for sharing the public information @blocktrades 😘😘😘😘

Huh....yeah this is scary stuff.

A lot thesedays in KR community too.

Be aware, they are everywhere and on the lookout, thank you for sharing this data that will keep us alert.

Thanks for your information

I joined the community for a short time, my English level is limited, I feel this is saying a scam!


Yes, this email I got was a scam, it's not really from the poloniex exchange, it's from someone pretending to be poloniex.


There are many such frauds in China, and the same group of criminals, usually from the same village.

Thank you for information @blocktrades

Gracias por compartir la informacion, es bastante preocupante, saludos

Saya agak sedikit repot ketika beli steem melalui bitcoin indonesia

I really support my best friend @blocktrades hope this steemit program can run smoothly, as well as safe and comfortable thanks

Yeee hope it increases. Thanks for the infor Weldon for the good work

Thanks you very much for this information
Months and i collected what i put in it
If broke my account i would probably lose my mind
Thanks 🖒🌷

I love your articles! I have posted a similar article to this one, where I talk about how to identify scam ICOs. Please check it out and upvote if you like it!

Good morning sir. I send 15steem from @blocktrades but I didn't receive some in my wallet.. Hope you will refund me :(

Good thing I swore off Poloniex when they were acquired by Goldman Sachs!

Well yeah it has increased a lot !

While I am still avoiding links in the wallets or in any kind of posts unless they are from trusted persons !

sorry to intervene in this blog..
I transfered 10 SBD to blocktrades to be transfered to my coinsph account but I did not receive any.. I wonder why?
I tried again with 6 SBD and then I got it in just a few minutes..
Is there any way to refund my 10 SBD?




Please email

Hey friend i had a failed transaction yesterday. 2Sbd for 2 Steem

Thank you for the information.
Hopefully the Steemian not falling prey to misleading link that.

Hey man your a big scammer and big layer. You are stolen all my balance. Why are pretend and lying others ? Have you no idea to earn yourself? ..If you honest person then you will give all my sbd balance..right!


We didnt take your finds. But someone sold sbd to us from your account. Sounds like you gave your password to a fake site. You need to change your password now.


But Your responsible for that because the name was your account name.So now what can I do, I want delete my steemit account if fake pretend and scammer also there then nothing to say!

Hi sir I have recently been joined, I help me with any information about, I thanks

Very interressant

If you get help, then we can reach our goals. Be good all the time thanks for @blocktrades

Thanks for sharing the information with us

Hello, I'm a reviewer for smartsteem and I've sent you a DM on discord, could you please have a look at it. It's regarding someone you're delegating SP to. Thank you for taking notice.


I'm traveling right now and can't cannot access discord. if it is urgent then please send an email to


Hi, can you please check this transaction? It's lost and I didn't receive the money in my ETH wallet. Thanks.


I just got a wallet notification from you with many lines of numbers and letters - can you tell me what it means?

Hi @blocktrades I received an email from Cryptopia yesterday with a similar type of message. Weird, right? How did they get with our email addreses?

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Regards, @gold84

i would like to bring witness t0 me ye i.d. 0 w/(h) e (a)d

Been seeing a few scammers here on Steemit trying the same thing.

Real nice info to be safe from scamers, tnks for sharing


Can you pls check this transaction i havent recieved my eth. I checked the recieving address from the completed tab on your website and it seems you guys capitalized the last few letters?

morning guys, is the steemit 'kitty/wallet' empty? noticed it was missing from the blocktrades site about an hour ago. cheers.

Very important information,,,, thanks for sharing,,,

this is alarming situation. it can expose their private keys and passwords by hacking their emails. this can be fixed by not using these sites.

@blocktrades good day.. a couple hour ago i transfer 105 sbd to bentransfer to my etherium wallet but until not my etherium wallet didnot receive any amount... hope you take necessary action with this


@blocktrades see attached photo for your reference... i also send a seperate email to your support regarding this issue...

Hello. I tried to withdraw my sbd to my eth wallet in, it seems like successful but I haven't received my eth up to now. Do I need to wait longer? I've been waiting for 2 hours.

very concerning news! By the way thanks for sharing.

thanks for sharing this vital information

thank you for this advice, it make me more careful @blocktrades

hi, i try to send sbd to coinbase.. and i cant. can you check it? @nikosnitza

Yea have received a snilar mail too, just hope this increases with time

Good day. I've heard from my friend @moiselle that she mistakenly transfer her total SBD to you. Is there any possibility that she can have it back? Thank you. :)


It depends on exactly what happened I guess. Please have her send an email request to with details about it so that our support personnel can investigate it.


Plz. I have issued.. I buy bitcoincash worth of 25SBD but i mistakenly enter Bitcon address instead of Bitcoincash during the buy.. plz how can you help me out.. plz. Here is screenshot of the transaction:



Unfortunately there's nothing to be done in such cases to recover the funds.


I can't get back that 25 SBD manually ? Oh that will be huge lost to me.. if I can't get that back.


I had 1.000 Steem Dollar Withdraw from your account. I did not get my money in hand. So if you give me Steam Dollar please, it would have been better. Otherwise you send me your Coinbase Account. We have transferred the account to you @mdfardushkhan100 If you send us your coinbase account, please copy this Bitcoin Address -3Lf49KazMboF7U7Qk8dWeUA8kGwQcmBZBx If there is any mistake, please forgive us. Unfortunately, My Steam Doller returned. My friend sent Bitcoin address. Wait for you. Please protect my application. Please give my thing back to our brother.

Even email we have to be careful

Excellent Public message