Our steem wallet is currently down (UPDATE: steem wallet back up again!)

in blocktrades •  5 months ago

We noticed that our Steem wallet wasn't sending out payments properly, so we've disabled the wallet temporarily on our site until we have correct the error.

Our system has a record of all the payments, so don't worry about your transactions being missed. As soon as we get the wallet operating properly again, we'll process all pending STEEM/SBD payments.

EDIT: Pending transactions are being processed now, most are processed already.

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Hello Blocktrades, Can you help?
I sent 50 STEEM to friends in Acapulco that need our help.


What Che did not tell you in her post was Casey and her went to the US Embassy on an emergency basis three days ago looking for assistance.

Casey and Che paid the hospital bill which left them with no more money for food and Casey’s insulin.

The hospital would not release baby Cisco until they paid the $6000.

The US embassy is literally holding them hostage in Mexico now until Che and Casey can document they are US citizens with proof of residency with original documents for the past 5 years to get the baby’s documents to travel home.
Who has that when your traveling? Mind you copies? they can not be digital, everything has to be original documents due to the new immigration and naturalization laws.

A Passport is no longer proof you are a legitimate US citizen.
Can you please spare a upvote and resteem to them? ty

Thanks for the Update!...

Any updates when it's should be working again?

Thanks for the updates and sorting things out. It always helps when you keep the updates coming and any problems you're having. Hopefully everyone is sorted now happy with the outcome

Problems happen but its how you resolve them that matter. And this has been resolved well

Thanks again


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@blocktrades Hi is your site/account down again?
I've had a transaction pending for the last 2 hours


all sorted thanks

One of the transfers to my account got failed, I have dropped an email regarding the same. Could you please update when the failed transfer will get cleared? Upvoted for visibility.


We should be able to process all transactions once the reindex finishes (should be in the next hour barring any further problems).


Just an update, wallet is still progressing on the index, just taking longer than I expected to finish.


How much time it will take to resolve the problem sir


It's working now and all pending transactions have been processed.


Thank you. The transfer was successfully credited to account.


I don't know how long the reindex will take yet. Based on time required so far, I guess it will be at least a few more hours, unfortunately.


Ok thanks for update

Hi there I made a transaction a minute ago for doge coin, this is the hash.... its in complete.


This is my wallet address.....https://dogechain.info/address/D8QRPire7bV75HEygKDLGfgThzRPCoHNAA

Please help me out @blocktrades.


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I've made a trade like 6 hours ago, didnt know the site was down :/ so I've sent an email to support. Now I see is under maintenance. I hope you guys could update me when is done and when will I receive the transfer.
Thanks in advance.


We're reindexing now, we hope to have it back up in within the next hour.


Thanks i have recieved my steem now.
Great customer service, even with an issue at the weekend

Hello @blocktrades
Sir I have sent 1.72 steem to block trade before 13 hours but payment was failed but didn't received my steem back now..
From wahid7860 .. sir plzz check and refund me Screenshot_20180903-143221.png

Thanks for letting us know.

hello im still waiting for transaction.

Few hours and counting 🤔


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Thanks for letting us know!

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keep up the good word

How long can it take to back up?


I suppose it will take 2-4 hours.

i trust you guys. just make a plan for backups. dont keep all the eggs in one basket.


We actually have a backup wallet, which we switched to. Unfortunately, after about 30 minutes, the same problem that hit the first wallet hit the backup as well, so we were out of commission until we figured out the root problem.


i bet its the HACKERS! and they would have done their stuff, if it were not for you meddling in their plans! image.png
good luck with your business!


@blocktrades make me your child!!!

But all jokes aside: no problem. Thanks for the update!


LOL 😆..

I was wondering what had happened to Steem wallet 👛, Thanks for the Info info ℹ. please make it snappy @blocktrades

That was a quick fix in no time :D
love to use blocktrades easy fast and secure

I just sent an amount to buy power steem and I wanted to know how long will last


it's fast that I see thank you

It's good to see that the issue is being resolved.

Ooo thanks for the info @blocktrades,

Was planning to buy some Ethereum with steem today.
Ran out of gas to send some tokens.
I'd probably just wait.

Thanks for the info.
Hopefully service will be up within the speculated time

I tried to send STEEM to get ETH through @blocktrades yesterday and still haven't seen the funds reach my ETH wallet. Is there still a problem? My transaction memo was 118cdb25-5501-4b42-b74a-43402d3e8064

Does this have anything to do with the fact that blocktrade will not varify my debit card information ? I have tried 4 different browsers & 2 different computers.

valuable post dear

Give me 1 steem! please

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Now the wallet are working??

I sent a transaction of SBD to buy STEEM six hours ago and nothing yet.... :(

Is there any information on how long the Steem wallet was not working correctly?


It stopped sending out transactions sometime last night, not sure of the exact time right now.


Is there a reason I haven’t had a wallet collection available in four days?

Hey my dear @blocktrades I think I have done some delegations and wanna cancel them. How does it works? Pm if you like per discord hugs

Hello @blocktrades sir,
I have done a mistake during transaction by steemconnect. I give my BTC address, but in recieve option,i select the litecoin option..
Now can i get my SBD?
My id @shahin69

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am still not received my steem transaction id : 693a96f3-26dc-4fdc-bd6e-4e9422c93823

I send 10 SBD to buy steem power. But the transaction is failed and my SBD is gone. Please chek it @blocktrades, and send me back if can not process. Tks

Thanks blocktrades you are really supportive and your effort is appreciable for our steemit community i give my witness vote to you :) and i make Dtube video on witness whom i like as a witness