Enhancements to BlockTrades Steem account creation

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Estimator added to Steem account creation page

We’ve added an estimator to our Steem account creation page to make it easier to determine how much Steem you will get for a given payment amount. Note that the estimator only estimates how much Steem will show in the account: the new account will also get Steem Power equal to the cost of creating the account (currently set to 3 Steem by the witnesses).

By default the estimator is set to send 1 Steem to the newly created account (this is done to reduce the chances for a shortage in the amount sent in the case of a price change before your payment arrives). If you’re planning to buy your account with Steem, you can safely reduce the amount you pay to 4 Steem instead of the recommended 5 Steem, because there’s no currency fluctuation to worry about in this case (you pay in Steem and the blockchain charges Steem to create the account). BlockTrades charges a fee of 1 Steem to create the account, which is why it costs 4 Steem instead of 3. But if you're paying with Steem Dollars, however, we strongly recommend you pay at least the recommended fee.

SteemConnect can be used to buy Steem accounts now

The rollout of SteemConnect on our Quick Trade has significantly reduced the number of mistakes made by customer paying with Steem and Steem Dollars, so we decided to add support on our Steem account creation page as well. If you’re paying for your account with Steem or Steem Dollars, just enter the amount you want to pay in the “Send” Amount of the estimator before you initiate the “Transfer using SteemConnect” (or you can just leave the recommended amount, which should be sufficient to pay for the account).

BlockTrades can backup your password, but only if you let us!

If you sign into your BlockTrades account before you create a Steem account using our site, you can optionally request that we save a backup of your password on our secure server. We strongly recommend this option to avoid loss of funds in the event that you later lose your account password.

Remaining pre-order delegations filled by tomorrow

We’ve had a lot of emails asking when individual pre-orders will be filled, so I wanted to answer this question again here in the hope of saving a few more email replies: all remaining delegation pre-orders will be filled by tomorrow (January 14th).

Another common question is when we will re-open for delegation sales. It will be sometime this coming week, but we can’t yet say for sure beyond that.

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@blocktrades do you still offer mail support on support@blocktrades.us ? I have sent few mail's within the last 10 days, but no response.


Like real mail? Snail mail?


Hmm... sorry to hear that--I have actually just got done emailing them at that same addy about how amazing their customer service is--particularly the speed with which they have returned my email inquiries!! Perhaps they were out for holiday, and are back now. (Hopefully they've already responded, and this is a moot point by now :)

when I registered it was free.. so why does it cost now to create new accounts


When you registered, the SteemIt platform paid your fee for you.
It was always paid.


Oh I see.. so now Steemit platform stopped paying for account creation?


Interesting. I did not know that. There is still SO much I'm learning every day about how all this operates--one thing I do know is that I like it here--a lot!! :)

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You got Facebook page for your comics?

I have send 9 sbd, but my dogecoin. has not reached my account yet, and I use the correct memo, please process it .. thanks.



Hi, you used memo for Steem, not for SBD. I've manually refunded, but I strongly recommend you use steemconnect instead of manual transfer method to avoid this mistake in future.


Thank you...I wiil do it.

comfort is the most important thing that is needed here. I am so impressed with the convenience that has been done @blocktrdes. regarding creating an account by having it back up the backup license, I really agree with it. It is very nice. and we are very reasonable users to do so. thanks @blocktrades. i like you.

Finally I can make an account for my mom, thanks!

You are as a great exchanger also doing all as cheaply, wish you to better future, carry on and best of luck!! @blocktrades

Hello @blocktrades, have a question. At the time of pre-order, we have sent SBD for steem power delegation, now as the SBD current price has come down, are we going to receive the steem power delegation which is promised 2 weeks back or does it vary as per the SBD price ?

Progress! Thanks for this amazing exchange.

good news,thanks

Thats great, people want to know how much pre loaded steem their new account will have!

Best exchange ...very simple & no fear of losing money or crypto....

I made a trade just a couple of days ago and it was super easy. Thanks!

This is great news! Sometimes steemit takes days to approve accounts and sometimes they don't approve at all. This service will truly make steemit accessible to everyone. And the concept of storing password on blocktrades database, superb! My former steemit account is useless now with 46 sbd trapped in it because I misplaced my password. I hope everyone learns from this and keep their password safe.

hi @blocktrades
I am confused reading this post.
I think it's very difficult for new account users.
from where they get steem to pay the price of the account. they do not have an account yet and never have steem.


Can pay with Bitcoin, Ether, Dash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc. 😊

Hi @blocktrades, There was not fee for creating accounts previously. Why have you started charging fee now? What features are you offering against this step?

BlockTrades charges a fee of 1 Steem to create the account, which is why it costs 4 Steem instead of 3. But if you're paying with Steem Dollars, however, we strongly recommend you pay at least the recommended fee.
I wrote an article about you and have been bringing traders to this platform. So, it's important to know what you are offering for paid Steemit accounts so that I could convey this message to the Steemians I interact with.

Thank You and Steem On!


We've always charged 1 steem to create accounts (always being very recently, of course, since we just started offering the service recently). The service we provide is primarily conversion from different coin types to the steem required by the blockchain to pay for the account's creation. We also offer optional backup/recovery of passwords.


how to pay steem account


Just scroll down payment method options ;) image.jpeg

I made a trade just a couple of days ago and it was super easy. ..Thanks...!

Great work..

Thanks for the update.

So much taking new techno. Kudos to blocktrades.

nice new enhancement.

woahhhh Im craving for the delegation.. I hope it will be back the soonest.


I just bought new account for nsfw hahaha joke 😛😝😜 where are you?!

Used blocktrades today. Fast and easy. Nothing fancy. Nice work! Upvoted and Resteemed.

My partner @ivantorres used steemConnect the other day and it was a success! Making changes to make it easier for stemians to access is great help. Thanks @blocktrades.

Good to see some inovations and enchancements to that system, as I am

about to do my first payout on this site.

Looking forward to it.

''If you’re planning to buy your account with Steem, you can safely reduce the amount you pay to 4 Steem instead of the recommended 5 Steem, because there’s no currency fluctuation to worry about in this case'' Thats great ! @blocktrades

Thanx for sharing your new creation.. You wrote well but still confusion so i need to search more about your setup..


Heyyy! I just bought one. Very easy for me 😅


Congrats my sweet friend..
Your shared pics are mentioning everything nicely

I love your services the fastest in the west

Was a very nice write up and I so much recommend it to the world.. Thanks @blocktrades

I have something you will like

Your Upvote will be encouraging.. Thanks

@blocktrades you are getting better and better with all these new features. Thanks.

good to know .. thanks! ✔️

Thanks for this wonderful information you have added .this shows that we are on a serious progress to attain the goal of the creator of this noble community.

thank you very much for your project and your dedication ..

I would like to know if blocktrader is open source because I would like to propose a logo ..

do you have a project on github?



No, our code is closed source, so we don't have a project on github.

Thanks for the information. Although I find it quite complex but I guess I will have find a way to understand it.


I've tried it and it's just very easy for me 😅

That steem connect addition was really BEAST!


Did you really mean beast or BEST? 😝

That's cool. Working towards the right direction. You guyz are making steemit more and more stronger among other cryotocurrency. Keep it up.

Really good post that will help a lot of users with using the new enhancements to Blocktrades....
Upvotes and resteemed so this post can help more Steemians...

Good educational information should be shared so your post has been Upvoted and Resteemed. Hope more people get to read your blog

Lovely waiting for more Steem Power 😍

Wow its a good news and i think block trade will develop a lot in very few time :)


interesting!!! It add my knowledge about blocktrades account. I already have an account but I am still studying on it. Thanks to you @blocktrades

Very good thanks for the information

king for steemit you are

Hi @blocktrades, I mistakenly sent money to your account. Can I have a refund? Thank you

Verry good post

Wow tomorrow and then when will start delegation because i have been waiting since three week.

This is a great formula to go by and steemit keeps getting better.
This post is what saving. But unfortunately I haven't seen a button on streemit.com that allows you to save or star a page.

Very excited to hear about the estimator being added.

Password backups are hugely important too, glad to hear you'll be supporting them if we choose to back ours up.

Thank you for the convenience and the rapid development of this platform, and I think it will be better in the future.

I'm going to check it out! Thanks for the information.

@blocktrades plz tell me about 30 days delegation. will it be enabled also with 90 days delegation?

"Blocktrades now has a Password Backup Service for STEEM"

OMG Why is this not front page news??

#steem #cryptocurrency #overdue

Good exchange.

Look for the SP renting service



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He is leasing 30k SP from @minnowbooster then using that to VOTE Up his own 7 Day old comments on random posts at the last minute. Scroll his comments to around the 6 day mark or just go to https://steemd.com/@ryacha21; he has a lot of self love on his own old comments.

HE IS DOING IT OVER AND OVER AND OVER.. He is farming the pool.. If you could help it would be appreciated..

Learn more about this sack of monkey spunk here:


Also kinda a dick move to use the actual good post of another person to post a comment for no other reason to come back and farm it later.

Post Author, @blocktrades I do apologize.. This dude makes no actual articles of his own so the only way to draw attention to what he is doing is to comment his comments. My sincerest apologies for cluttering up your blog, outing the abusive self voting behavior of @ryacha21

It was already a very successful site. It has become much better quality with innovations.

Dear sir you have sent me renew delegation message but i could not see this message and don't understand please send this message on my E-Mail

this message i receive and i tried different browser but it does not convert in English @blocktrades


Thats cool and useful good job ! :)

Wow are blocktrades going to take on exchanges? Could they?

That is cool but when are you starting the delegation again ?

@blocktraders I have a question , being a new user of steemit i experienced a lot of scam here . Many people ask for money to give back votes but they did not do it . I have low steem power, I want to increase it, can I send you sbd to get steem power?


Of course you CAN! Or just click "Market" under your SBD wallet to buy STEEM then Power Up. 😊

The best exchange service provider and SP delegator is @blocktrades. More power to you..

I don't know how I would get anything done with cryptocurrency without you. THANK YOU!

no one is replying the emails :(

I will promote steemit around me,,,but too difficult to register or make new acc??? what are going on??


BlockTrades made it EASY here 😊


Thanks so much for your information I've registered my friends and now we have builded a community. I as a founder (Jeunieb Steemit Community)


Nice! 😊👍


So many friends of mine are waiting for this information... Asap they will have their accounts... Thanks... It's really helpful

Very happy to know that.
I have a little question
when will start again delegation option in blocktrades?

Very good my friend

hi block-trades you are awesome...can you please up vote my comment

Awesome updates! I think it's really good that you are backing up passwords, because a lot of people who have no idea about cryptos and the blockchain will not realize how important it is to save the password. This makes it easier and safer for new users from losing their accounts!



Just sent 31.083 steem to Blocktrades and got "! no mapping data".

Emailed support.

Nothing back yet.


is there a referral for opening a new account for a friend?

Wow amazing thanks for information @blocktrades

There is no issue in having multiple accounts, right?


No issue just like Twitter we can create one for each niche 🙂

Great and super useful!!

Ok. Maybe i should create a blocktrades account too...


I created already... oh I mean BlockTrades created new account for me (for someone) 😜😝😛


Weh? they can create an acct for you???


YES. This post is all about Steem/Steemit account creation. Akala blocktrades account? 😅 Check my latest post I just bought new steem/steemit account kaya nabisita ko to ulit


hahaha oo bakit? sus spam!!! 😅

Ano ung isa mong acct?


Secret pang nsfw hahahah joke para kay ehem 😂



Not sure where to ask this question but I saw you can buy accounts, a friend of mine recently signed up through the steemit website, how long does it take to get approved do you know? thank you

i hope i can get some steem power delegation this week,will be looking out for it.

@blocktrades -- how much actually is the cost for new account creation? I'm seeing a price of 2.0 Steem on your website. Can you confirm if this is true please. Thank you!


I paid 6.000 STEEM (1 STEEM for blocktrades). 2.000 was credited to new acct Steem wallet and 3.000 as Steem Power :)


Thanx dear! Was that the default amount every new account gets? I'm wondering if it is likely to leave the wallet zero and just pay @blocktrades the amount of 1 STEEM for the service.


Yes that's the default. 😊
Can send 4.4 STEEM but I just leave the recommended 6 STEEM. :)

Hi is there a place that I can go and see what the rates are to "lease" steem? I have seen this done and know you are the big player that does it, but I don't know how to start. I try to always experiment with a small amount and then see how it works and then do it bigger after that. So any help, links, website, or url you can send me to get started I would be very appreciative!

Thank you very much

I will be very glad to cooperate with you

saludo hay cosas como esto que usted explica que debo a prender, para el futoro, gracias

but it is very hard to signup for a steemit id from bangladesh.


Not only Bangladesh. BlockTrades made it easy now if non Steemians wants to join they can BUY STEEM ACCOUNT now thru BlockTrades, pay Bitcoin or Ether, Dash, etc. image.jpeg

Happy to meet a whale

Just bought new Steem Account ;)
Very easy! It works from Chrome on my android 6. 👍 I just don't know where the password back up file went when I downloaded it haha I rarely use android. But it's alright I'll keep my password safe.


If you're looking for a great file manager on android, I recommend ES File Manager.


Thank You! 😊

how can i receive steem power from blocktrades ? I am beginner, request for help. thanks