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in blocktrades •  11 months ago

We had several customers report problems sending bitcoin to us today from Coinbase. Coinbase was reporting "invalid btc address" for perfectly valid addresses. I'm hoping it's resolved now, but if you see this message while using Coinbase, the problem is on their side. From what I've gathered, this problem was only occurring on their web page; it didn't affect their android and iphone apps. Here's some info about it:


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Thanks for the heads up

I've been using litecoin for the past 3 months because of your advice in this post

Life has been great ever since!


Sounds like a great idea.

very good information
with the explanation of this post, the people of steemians are not in a hurry in the delivery (transaction).
people must ensure web that they use, in order to avoid the trap of certain people.
I have seen so far, many outsiders are looking for loopholes to weaken the steemit. in whatever way they do.
therefore, with the information as in this post, the steemians may be spared from irresponsible people outside of steemit.

@blocktrades - Thanks. This was driving me crazy. Will try the ios app
Thanks for the valuable update. Upvoted full




wow nice!!

Luckily it worked fine for me yesterday

Good information thanks for sharing I like your post

bitcoin very nice site.

Hope the problem will soon resolved..

Hope they resolve it. Sending bitcoin now is not just sweet because of the high fees

thanks for reminding, sir !

Thank you for the update! What about the "error" message when transferring sbd?

Still having this issue, but I ended up using their mobile app, hope it is fixed soon because I don't like using my mobile device for my bitcoin exchanges.

Thank you @blocktrades for informing us the information

I transferred too to btc wallet and I did not received as fast as before....thanks for informing

thanks for information

Thanks for the heads up.

thanks for the update @blocktrades, i really like your services and your interface is so easy to handle and i love to use it because it's easy and fastest exchange i ever experienced, thanks for providing us such easy and fast way to exchange our cryptos, Stay blessed.

Thank you @blocktrades because this is good information.
I'm sorry if the words I'm less polite. apologies from @bachtiar0210

Thank you for the update.

Hope it will fix asap cause too many customer of yours and them are being affected . Business was being affected as well. Thanks for info blocktrades

Your site seems be down

Just use eth less fee's less time to confirm. btc has so high fee's

Thanks for sharing an update on this

good post, good information, all depends on the network, not as long as the network is great there must be valid all it's done as the time,

Hope it gets fixed ASAP !
Thanks for the info !

Thanks for the heads up!

There are many better sites thanCoinbase
For posting, they are very good sites about a personal experience I wish you would use

Your posts always inspire other steemit users. I think your post is quite interesting and very in demand by other steemit users. I hope you are not bored to continue working @blocktrades

It's certianly taking a long time.. I sent this morning at 9am

Has this issue been fixed?

I never once when transfer to the wallet btc sbd instead exchange with steem dollars.

that's why.

but not too much just a little and I try to transfer mentran with 0.3 sbd for me try not even go into my btc wallet.

actually the limit of sbd withdrawal to btc wallet in blocktrades.

please blocktrades information.

let me not wrong anymore.

Thank you.

I have reestem and upvote your post last yesterday..thanks for upvote@blocktrades

Thanks for inform its really helpful for btc transaction

Thanks. helpful

@blocktrades Thank for sharing ...

thanks for your information .. i like this post.

Information is very useful for us new users steemit @blocktrades, hopefully every problem in the transaction, you @blocktrades always share information for us who and all other seniors.

I am very confident with the system built by you, because I never experienced a transaction failure for bitcoin, not long back to me sbd back to the wallet. Although my friends frightened me, but I was not fooled at all at the time, because I believe a mega project would not hurt its followers.



please help me...i had transferred my money but this is what happened.

saludos podrias orientarme ya que es estado tratando de usar esa plataforma de BLOCK TRADES para cambiar mis BTS que tengo en E-BOT a steem power y me e quedado trabado

I have sent 00.10 bitcoin for convert in Steem Dollars but 1) Coinbase result sent on Blocktrade nothing :-( Updates : arrived :-)