Buy Steem Accounts with Pre-loaded Steem from BlockTrades

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New Top-level Steem menu on BlockTrades web site

The observant user of BlockTrades may have recently noticed a new top-level menu on our site called Steem. Under this menu are three new options:

  • Buy Steem Account
  • Buy Steem Power
  • Buy Steem Delegation

The latter two menu options are simply shortcuts for first-time users that set up the coin selectors on the Quick Trade page to buy either steem power or a steem power delegation. Until today, the first link just took the user to an “Exchange temporarily unavailable” page because we were still doing last minute work on our new account creation feature.

New Steem accounts now available for sale on BlockTrades

But we are happy to announce the feature is now live on the site, and users can purchase new Steem accounts with different cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, bitshares, bitusd, bitcny, biteur, dash, doge, ethereum, litecoin, steem, and SBD.

Simplifies Steem purchases for first-time Steem buyers

Several services already exist for creating steem accounts, of course, but the focus of our service is on enabling new Steem users to rapidly buy an account and get some Steem in one easy step. During the account creation process, our site tells the user the minimum amount to pay to buy the account (the equivalent of 7 Steem as of this post, most of which ends up as Steem Power in the new account). Any additional funds sent to the deposit address beyond the minimum amount will automatically be used to purchase Steem for the new account.

Optional backup service to protect against password loss

We expect many users of our Steem account creation service to be relatively inexperienced in cryptocurrency management. Users of traditional centralized services have been trained to expect that they can always regain control of their account if they lose their password. Despite numerous warnings, new users do occasionally lose their passwords, resulting in a total loss of the funds in their Steem account. To better support these users, we’re offering an optional backup service where we keep their password on our secure server. Users can subscribe to our optional backup service by clicking a check box during account creation, whereupon our site will display additional warnings associated with use of our backup service.

We don’t charge any additional fee for the optional backup service, so we don’t make any guarantee that we will be able to recover a user’s password in the event of loss and we specifically disclaim any associated liability, but in practice we believe it will provide an extra safety net for new users who take advantage of the service.

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@blocktrades Can you please check my transfer: Input memo: 3464d88d-2d1c-49fe-bc80-6a4b383356fc

I haven't received my BTC yet and its been several hours already. Usually it takes minutes to appear in pending status but I've got nothing at the moment.

4 hours ago Transfer 28.891 SBD to blocktrades 3464d88d-2d1c-49fe-bc80-6a4b383356fc

Thanks in advance

Interesting concept.


For buy steem account how many amount need to send? @blocktrades


Yes the learning and earning potential are limitless
Thank you

That was one of the hardest things to figure out when I first joined Steem and it is discouraging to see $0.01 earnings on your post or nothing at all for your first few posts perhaps this will help overcome that.


Looks like I joined STEEMIT two weeks too late...!


Same here lol


Unlikely! Stick with it and you'll see the same said next year!



Could you explain why you think you were here two weeks too late ?
Maybe I just need a coffee or so ^^


The prices have gone up. Now steem and SBD cost more.


Ok ! Good to know :o) Thanks!


Yep :-(


I got steem and forgot about it for a while, life happened, until 8 months later. Like very recently, when I came across a bookmark on my phone. Yippee, I have something. I looked and wow, Value went up, big-time. But for all newbies and crypto in general, you should never perceive this as a get rich quick scheme, and sure some people do get lucky. Some. Luck happens when preparation meets opportunity. That kind of luck takes a little prep work. Good luck.


you are still lucky whereas I recently joined in this steemit.
How sad his newly joined and I don't understand how to play this steemit.


It is interesting that when the price shoots up, then people get much more conservative with their likes (except bots, lol). I think that it is OK, because it forces content creators to improve the quality of posts.

As Steemit becomes a contender with some of the more mainstream social content sites, we will hopefully see some of this become more intuitive.


Yes this will be very useful


hahah so true i have no clue


I hope so


agreed ...that is the most dispiriting thing about Steem


You are right on it. I still not sure how everything works :) Anyway I think Steemit will become large crypto news platform with nice lifestyle section .

Hi @blocktrades
I have make mistake with my post...
I am flagged yesterday. My level only 8.
I have delegate steempower. So, I fear my account influence with my level.
help me to increase my level at less 25.
excuse me sir, I don't repeat it anymore...

@blocktrades - Wow - this preloaded account is almost like a preloaded gift card. Saves a lot of hassel for new comers who wish to join. Great development. Please keep up the good work. Upvoted full



True, New user here. I have found it to be quite simple, did my first deposit from my Bitcoin.

When you say most of it goes to Steem power, out of the 7 Steem (at current prices it’s 19 dollars) how much exactly?


We charge 1 steem, 6 steem goes to steem power.


Great thanks.

I should totally create a preloaded account for my brother. He isn't very savvy with most technical things...but he can definitely figure out blogging...once I get the ball rolling! <3

Great news

How can a STEEM account be sold?
Once its master password is known, it can never be safely owned by another person.


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STEEM is my favorite crypto by far. What other crypto pays you dividends just for talking to cool people?


Foreign STEEM forks? xD

(I think BAT is also giving content creators BAT to give out to youtube/twitch viewers? I don't remember clearly)

Loving the new "buy steem accounts" feature! I assume this puts AnonSteem out of business?


Well, I'm not so sure about that, I think we're aimed at different market. I always considered anonsteem a way to get an anonymous account. We are focused on easing onboarding of relative newbies.


But I assume your service is potentially as anonymous as the payment method, right?

realy great service for us.thanks @blocktrades

You guys are doing cool shit for the block. Thanks for making this!

A magnificent service because humans are still behind accounts and they sometimes forget, misplace, or lose their passwords so a backup server for lost passwords is sensible.
Anyway there is a risk to anything so its still cool. Also buying a delegation and account creation service really will get patronized by people because it is easy on the @blocktrades way

That makes it super easy. fairly priced too, especially if paying with Steem (fee is only 1 Steem).

It is amazing to see how fast we are growing, and all new opportunties!!

this is really great because alot of people cant get their account fast enough this will completely make things easier

I really like the option to buy New Steem Account loaded with STEEM.
It is a perfect gift idea for upcoming Christmas season ! 🌠🌠🌠
God job @blocktrades 👍

Thats good, i will buy some

This comes really convenient!

@blocktrades Thats great!
Account creation still a slow process! This will make things a lot easier for new users.

If you are thinking of getting Steem delegation, do it now whilst SBD is flying. Great deal and the power that you get from just a few SBD is a worthy investment into future SBD creation.

Please follow me

This is really motivational step for the new user of the steemit family
steemit rocks

Nice lesson! Thanks for sharing this among the steemians. I follow and upvote you. Pls do same for me.


It has to go really fast. Look where it is 6 hpurs later 📈 🚀🚀🚀

Screenshot 2017-12-18 at 23.59.52.png

This article will help all steemains earn some good money every month...

Wow Blocktrades never ceases to amaze me for being advocates of Steemit. Very cool onramp for new users! Thanks for pointing it out.

Thats a good service to offer. What is the cost though? i am going to check it out now.

whats the difference with just buying steem and transfer it to your wallet in your account

Interesting. I tried blocktrades,to buy some steempower it s great!! I'll check out this new offer for sure.

blocktrades is the quickest and the most convenient way to buy and sell steem, sbd and btc. Thanks for your good service @blocktrades

The delegation should be available for one week. @blocktrades

Looks interseting can't wait to use the service :D

This is brilliant! Congratulations on the release.

I've just told a few friends about it, so maybe they'll join. :-D

Good work. :)

This is actually a great idea. I know a lot of newbies who would love to key into this.

This is really coming in handy. I am super excited about this. Nice job @blocktrades for really trying to make things easier for the newbiews and even the oldies who are not doing well with their accounts. At least, empowering people will be much more easier.

Wao really great that would make things much easier. Anxious to prove it.

its a great news for me and i decide to purchase steem power very soon ,it will help many peoples ,thanks for it

Can't wait to try this out!

I'm a new user and I find this information really useful, big thanks.

This is big for the coin i mean if you are not restricted to one common factor and diversify then you are like gold same goes for these crypto entities

wow!! trading steemit accounts?

Check outmy profile for FIFA 18 series and tips. There will also be drawing coming up.

That was one of the hardest things to figure out when I first joined Steem and it is discouraging to see $0.01 earnings on your post or nothing at all for your first few posts perhaps this will help overcome that.

Pre-loaded account really saves a lot of time and effort and will allow a beginner to be well developed. Excellent work, especially the saved password on the backup server, it will be very important for some users. I wish you luck, this is a good thing

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Happy STEEMing!

I remember you posted about this very matter a few months ago. Here you are making it happen!

This is a great idea for a gift, an incentive to write - and loads of other possibilities, including promoting Steemit!

Well done for thinking outside the box again :)

Such a great idea! This is awesome to see how it has all been evolving :)

Kick ass!

Very nice job thank you blocktrades

Excellent each subject better than the previous one

Ingenious idea. I'm surprised at what people are doing with the Steem platform. Let's see what you guys come up with next!

I am assuming the account price is equivalent to the STEEM value or slightly above for a processing charge? This should be very effective for bringing in content creators that maybe aren't as familiar with crypto transactions.

Having pre loaded steem....I think it would be disastrous for the overall growth of the community ...because those who could afford to buy theEGA accounts will rule the community.....Capitalism is shading this beautiful's disastrous...we work so much hard on steem and tomorrow a newbie with preloaded steem is gonna kick me out


A newbie could always buy more steem. This just makes it easier for him to buy it.


do you want to give me back my SBD please, i fail when i transfer to bloctrades and then i make mistake :(


Nice and easy. Awesome, thank you.

Could this ruin Steemit though? Isn't that the purpose better steemians have better accounts?


How could it ruin the Steemit?
For me it looks like simplifying the process of creating accounts. Please understand that not everyone feels comfortable with new technology which can stop tehm from joining our community.

That's so cool, I just came here for posting and didn't know that another digital currency added to my collection, power up steemit!

Damn this was a great idea! This definitely helps smooth the landing spot for new accounts!

A preloaded account is fine and all, but like does that mean the account also has followers and reputation or is it just that it has SP already in it? If its just the former, then I really don't see the purpose since you can buy as much SP as you want on a new account using other currencies. Maybe I'm just missing something.


We had a number of customers contact us lately who wanted to buy Steem, but they didn't have a steem account and this was a bit of a blocking step for them. We had to either point them to steemit and tell them to wait until their account got approved or point them to one of several services where they could buy an account, then tell them to come back to us when they got their account. Now they can get an account and buy steem from us in one easy step.


I see. Ok, well, that makes much more sense to me now. Thank you for taking the time to explain.

This will be a very useful idea because it will boost the steemit activities. Great post. I follow and upvote you. Vote me too.

This another excellent idea from an excellent service.

Very cool and helpful feature. Now if I can just find the time to figure this all out while busily trying to make money trading coins.

I want to know that what is steem account? Can it open account by self? And I want to buy steem delegation for 30 days but there is no to buy on blocktrades

Great news!

Good going there blocktrades, now it will be easy for new members to join steemit but just paying around 7 STEEM worth of money. So its a nice idea, and also a backup service to protect again pwd loss is what mostly required, cause many ppl due to system crash or else lose their pwd which they might have saved only in there pc and not elsewhere so eventually end up losing their account, so its a nice one.

So in the end BOT says you are doing great, and Merry Christmas to all humans in advance :]

WOW, nothing like hitting the ground running!

good post.thanks for sharing.


do you want to give me back my SBD please, i fail when i transfer to bloctrades and then i make mistake :(

thanks for sharing the experience you had when first starting out. i will keep that in mind for any future comments i might be making. thanks for preventing new steemians from making those mistakes :) by the way i like what your doing here on steem, you keep it real, i can appreciate that for sure :)
thanks for sharing your experience :) ..

Look, if you keep on making announcements like this, providing easy to use solutions that benefit users.........well........ it will completely alter my view of you !
: )


just realized that i even gave you an up up vote !!!

This makes it way easy, plug and play. Have Fun :) Six Days until Christmas.

one of the good news today :)

Kami berharap banyak pengguna layanan pembuatan akun Steem kami relatif tidak berpengalaman dalam pengelolaan kripto kardiak

Great news for newbie. Actually newbie will get their account in easy way and also they can rescue their forgotten password very easy way. I love steemit very much. Thanks for excellent idea.

now I have an argument for my daughter to get into Steem...

This is actually really cool. It really would help to jumpstart new users. A lot of people I know who are on steemit immediately bought steem anyway so this just saves a step.

Cok guzel harika

youre taking it to the next level

go @blocktrades go... this making more users on steemit and a better platform for all of us

That good

Now this is a service i can support.
Thank you.

I love steemit

I like your posting .post is good. i want to be like you are a lot of fans. and i need your support in achieving the ideals in order to become a good artist. i need support from you.

@blocktrades this is great just what was needed for the newbies welldone
keep on steeming on

This is AWESOME!!! I remember waiting days and days for my account...this will be super useful.

Looks great!

Very informative. Thanks for the info

gonna give this a go. i used but having lots of services to do this on will certainly bring more people to the platform. nice work guys. love what you do, use you daily near enough, always loved your service.