BlockTrades updates web site, first round of delegation pre-orders filled

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We've updated our site's software ( to improve usability and performance as we scale to increasing numbers of users. Below are some of the new features.

BlockTrades sessions auto-expire now after a few hours

Your BlockTrades session will auto-expire now after a few hours of inactivity (e.g. no mouse clicking, typing, etc). Twenty minutes before the session will expire, a dialog will pop up to warn you of the pending expiration and you can click on it to continue your session.

If you are using a public terminal, we still recommend that you manually logout when you finish your session, or close the page if you're using an unregistered session.

Web site checks for new versions of site and asks user to update if a new version is found

Going forward, our site's code can auto-check for updates to our web site, and will prompt the user in such cases to update to the latest and greatest version of the site. This is mainly useful for users who leave a tab open to our web site for long periods of time.

Increased visibility of the option to backup the password for Steem accounts created on our site

Our Create Steem Account page now highlights the option to download a file containing a copy of the password for the account being created.

Added warning when user tries to send Steem Power to an exchange

Generally it makes no sense for a normal user to send Steem Power to an exchange: they should only be sending Steem or Steem Dollars. The new version of the site will now warn a user if they try to send Steem Power to one of the exchanges known to our system.

Updated to latest stable version of Angular (5.2)

We've updated to the latest version of the Angular programming framework, allowing us to decrease the size of our pages (allows our pages to load slightly faster).

Filled first round of Steem Power delegation pre-orders

We filled the first round of delegation pre-orders. Unless you purchased within an hour or two of this post, your delegation should now be filled. The next round will be filled on the evening of February 16th.

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The SP Delegation is 50% more expensive now. I understand it is market and demand drives prices UP. But it has got way expensive now.

Is there any chance the prices get to normal or the good times has been sealed to the past?


I can't say where the prices will go in the future, of course, as it's primarily set by the market. But at the moment, we're still pre-selling delegations fast enough that we are still unable to even offer immediately purchasable steem delegations, so I don't anticipate any near term price reduction. A lot depends on the price of Steem: if Steem goes up relative to other currencies, then the delegation price will go up relative to those currencies, and vice-versa. So it's also a function of what currency you are buying the delegation with. But if you're buying with Steem, the price is expected to stay constant for now.


Its not about Steem relative to other currencies. If one could buy 90 day delegation of 100 SP for 7 Steem, now it costs 11.5 Steem.

Taking into consideration, that steem power holder gets max 25% from upvotes as curation rewards, current price is not profitable.


The price is probably dictated by voting bots. They make a lot more money using that leased steem power. So at this price, for them it is still profitable.. Unfortunately, for a normal user, who only receives curation rewards, it is not profitable any more to lease..


Actually, someone wrote a post that analyzed people buying the delegations from our site and found that the majority wasn't bots. I upvoted as I found the info interesting, it also had some good data that showed how widely the delegations were being distributed among different users.


That's very good news for the long term value of steem, as the demand for SP is not artificially created by voting services.


You got a 100.00% upvote from @slimwhale courtesy of @prometheus21!


Help Me Please Some Sbd


thaks your porst dear sir i am new member help upvote and solution ida


With the price of steem dropping why haven't the delegation prices dropped as well? Also was I not suppose to get a discount for renewal of my delegation? My delegation renewal price is more expensive than what I originally paid.... I thought there was a 10 percent discount for renewal?


Prices for delegations have dropped in cases where the steemprice relative to the payment coin has dropped. But if you purcahsed your delegation more than a couple of months ago, our base price for a delegation relative to the price of Steem has gone up, as demand was so high that we couldn't keep any inventory.

The renewal discount is relative to the current price for purchasing a delegation. Basically it is a 7 day discount to current pricing that we give because whenever we give a new delegation we lose 7 days before we can reassign that delegated SP: so it's more efficient for us to renew an existing delegation than it is to give someone a new one, so we pass on that discount.

"The next round will be filled on the evening of February 16th."

I didn't get my delegations of 36343.632 Steem Power (90 days)
tx hash

Plz, inform me when it will be filled ?"


Yours in next in line, but it's big enough that we don't have enough to fill it yet. It will fill tomorrow evening.


i dont get any delegation also..


@blocktrades I mistakenly sent 27.5 sbd to u please can u refund? Here is the proof

Hello @blocktrades, I got message that my delegation is expiring in 48 hours. Although it is expiring on 22.02.2018. Please check what is wrong


I sent 33 SBD one hour ago , is there a problem why it’s not being sent to the EOS address I sent ?

The additional of the warning before sending SP to an exchange is a great feature. A friend once sent some SP to an exchange. Needless to say, he lost those funds.

I'm happy this feature was added.


When you want to Flag them but see their Steem power lol


And why exactly do you want to flag the post? I wasn't under the impression that I've done anything wrong


I'm not! lol relax it was just a joke


Ya, sucks right.


Lol sangat lucu


Thank You, BlockTrades

i have given 40 steem for a lease 3 days ago but dont recive any lease please refund my steems.

every time you open your delegation it is always the time that I don't have any on my wallet lol.. Lucky for those who already receive the sp you delegated to them.

A very useful post for Steemit players. I can not afford to pay this delegate distemely. how can I earn money in steemit to help my family's needs. please enlighten @blocktrades.


Post 'good' content.


• Post ORIGINAL quality videos via #dtube or photos via #zapple or articles via with proper TAGs etc and interact with others.
• Vote for Witnesses
• Join #contest/challenge


Make good contacts, get involved in interesting discussions, play around!

I have analysed the sale of Steem Power Delegations. Take a look if you want :)

Good to see that block trades had a smart upgrade. Some times people like me are not able to understand the difference between the steem and steem power and usually do the errors during trading. Now you have created a warning system,that can be helpful.
Also visibility options, new trading ways, auto updates and password brolem are solved.
Hope you do best with this update....

@blocktrades If at this moment I send you an application as soon as it would be, it would not be much SP who would request at the most 50 SP

I am sorry i don't know steemit good , i can mistake with delegation..can you send me back my sbd and doge for sbd? i am sad for my mistake if it don't done please give me a vote.. :(((

WoW, that was a lightening fast sellout.

yes very helpful.. i just created this account on block trades.. slick!!!

I am a newbie here and this is the first time I heard about blocktrades. I am looking forward to find out more!
Feeling like a dumb newbie 😅

Hey blocktrades.. I came here to discuss an issue.. Bitcoin and cryptocutrencies are banned in our country.. If we transfer them to pak it considered illegal.. I love your services.. I have a suggestion.. If you guyz can add paper money like pakistani rupees dollars to your wallet and allow our accounts to coonect them with our local bank accounts.. Then it ll be great favour.. We will be able to transfer our earning directly to our bank accounts from steemit..


Just look into other Coins instead maybe ? Just because they Bannes Bitcoin in your country shouldnt me u cant use other Cryptos. OR whats with VPN sercives ? cant u use Bitcoin id u use a VPN ? Please let me know what exatly your Problem or Wish is and i can think about it and maybe help find a way around that barrier.


amazing post thanks for information @blocktrades

Thank you for the updates @blocktrades
upvoted and resteemed


nice updates indeed

I really like the idea behind the decentralized blocktrades exchange. Do you guys plan on supporting more crypto assets?


my thoughts would be very nice to have much more other cryptos listed.

Nice information,,, forget about expensive,,, this is rule of the game,,, we must "just do it "
Thanks for sharing,,,,

Thanks, glad to see this great project evolves!

that escalated quickly..
(actually I'm amazed that it lasted as long as it did...considering how fast the first part went)


just took the words out of my mouth

Your post @blocktrades is very useful for the steemians. Upvote my posting let me sting in this Steemit.

Bagus sekali postingan, boleh kah saya bergabung? Bagaimana caranya mohon beri saya arahan. Regards, @elhajary

Network and server issues are the main things that make slow application users even errors, thanks to the improved service of steemit teams.

Yeah I just registered on blocktrades few days ago and I would encourage you too to do so. I think they even added a new feature that delegates steam power for around 90 days at an affordable price. It's totally cool feature

Good day @blocktrades! Was just wondering if this is a bug? Been looking at it for four days now. Hope you could give attention to my comment. A great reaction would be greatly appreciated. More power!



Sometimes you must exchange a . with a ,
Was that the reason ?


What do you mean?

Tell me please, I sent a request for STEEM POWER on 17.02.18 in the amount of 8132,931STEEM POWER . Tell me when to wait for an answer? (fe9625b5-da7f-4b83-9ee0-d9886f194091)

Upvote and Follow me

Thanks for the upgrades... It feels good to know blockchain got our backs

I was lucky enough to get in on the first round! Thank you for the SP delegation..

Good konten. Please follow and upvote me @andresulaiman

Hi, @blocktrades, my friend @botefarm wants to power up but he mistakenly opt for delegation and that's his first time of doing that.
Note he's not asking for refund but Power Up
Memo : 818d9b2c-567a-4da8-9426-5e5ec9b7a36d

I actually want to power up my sbd that's why I came to your site as advice by the Steemians, but I mistakenly opt for steem power delegation of 90 days which was a mistake, Pls kindly help me power it up at my account cos that what I actually want to do.
Sorry for making this mistake this imy first time Screenshot_20180213-171158.png

I don't know good steemit if i send for example 3 sbd and i take 27 SP after 90 days delegation you take all 27 SP or 24 SP?? please help me, answer please

Thank you for the support!

You provide a great service, both with this website and the steemians you support with your massive votes. Thank You!


just want to ask if why i havent receive any reply from you sir?? my sp doesn't change too,,

Great information, i would like lear more about that, i am new in this

voted you man :D

Hi! I was looking to buy some steem from you with BCH, but when I generated the address to send the BCH to, Coinbase doesn't recognize it as a valid address. I was looking in my electron cash wallet and it has a converter. If I convert the address and send it to an address coinbase will recognize, will that work? Or should I just send from coinbase to my electron cash wallet that will be able to handle the "bitcoincash:" type address....



you will have to use the converter to send from coinbase (or you can send to electrum first, but you'll save a transaction fee by sending direct). Just make sure you select bch when doing the send.

Nice post brother, please vote post me..

Thanks for being here to help us all out. I have sent some ltc for sp delegations.

Ok it needs a very busy hand and busy body Lol!

I love seeing the platforms develop over time to keep users safer from themselves! Keep it up!

thank you for posting @blocktrades, this information is very useful especially for myself

Nice SP, something to learn here !

Best Regards,

Thank you for the post. Pardon my noobness, but why is it unfavorable to send steem power to the exchange over steem or sbd? Is steem power actually tradable?



Steem power isn't tradeable, and exchanges don't have any way to credit you when you deposit Steem Power to them. So if you send Steem Power to them, it's like giving it to them. And they can't even return it quickly if you can get attention from their support team, since they would have to power it down first.


Thanks for the info!

Very usefull post.

sir, yesterday, I had sent 0.31 ltc for steem power delegation and it was recorded as 118. something which is a pre order. Since then the price of ltc has increased considerably. will you be able to increase the delegation amount or should I request for a refund so that I can use it again for a higher amount?

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Well done, i just sold my steem dollars for steem power, it works perfectly, thank you!!!!
Best Regards

thanks for the import of my heart I really need this guidance because I am a new person in steemit easy midahan I sukse follow him thanks

A am four time exchange

WebSite now ok?

Is there any way of cancelling my Steem delegation that I bought 5 days ago?

useful postings, it helps.
regards steemit @suheri91

Please just an upvote for this just spare a little time

how to make a friend web @blocktrades

Thanks for all you do, you have been a tremendous help for a granny trying to learn crypto!

nice post ...
if u dont mind can u help to vote my post

Have new update for better aplication

I appreciate the work you're doing to help the Steem economy, your website is really useful and it make trading steem a breeze. I appreciate the steem power delegation you're doing as well. I'm just bummed that I missed out, will you come out with news about it soon?

In light of the complete sellout, I just had an idea that would be interesting to implement: automatic decentralised delegation between users. But rather than force the delegation to be met 1:1 by a single user (as is the norm), it would be cool to sign one's user up to the delegation pool, and that software divides up the necessary SP and sends it out.

As in a user would sign up and say use my steem power up to x %, you come up with a rate for how many steem or SBD or whatever per SP, but then when someone makes a request the program divides it into portions of minimum 2 SP (as that is the minimum to be delegated) and allocates it over different accounts. And vice versa. So for instance if I sign on with 500 steem and someone else with 246 and someone else with 328, and someone wants say 580, the program understands to take 500 from the one and 80 from another. Get it?

I think that would be a GREAT way to keep this SP delegation thing going without relying on one single source of SP. So rather than the way Minnowbooster does it (where I simply never get my requests filled no matter what tbh), this would be more reliable and on demand. That way it can be for different time periods too.

how to delagate steem power from you

@blocktrades - Did you see this blocktrades promotional video

My friend @tomekkk made this... he is very talented! I'm sure he could make some edits to it if you like it

Hi sir,about 30 minutes ago i made a transaction,i wanted to change my steem dollar to bitcoin via blocktrades.I sent 10sbd to blocktrades and did the transaction but i did not get any confirmation email.could you please tell me where i went wrong and how i could get my money back.thank youScreenshot_2018-02-18-10-56-16.png

Me alegro que las operaciones tomaran esta desicion:)

BlockTrades sessions auto-expire now after a few hours

how many hours? do not forget that many do not live on steemit and we work more than 8 hours to live ... if you do not take into account that would be a great injustice

Good one. Making it more user friendly

I find it all a little confusing, the steem and steem dollars and the steem power, & all the passcodes and pretty much everything is confusing 🤷🏼‍♂️


There is a lot to read up on if you're just starting out. As long as steem and SBD are above 1 dollar use 50/50 post payout, not SP. And use your private posting key in most cases if you are just posting. You only need the private active key to move funds around your account. I recommend searching for articles on these topics with the search bar here for whichever topic confuses you and go from there. Good luck.

please upvote me

I find @blocktrades an easy to use platform. I mean when I signed up and got my first rewards it was very obvious and easy how to transfer them whenever I needed on blocktrades even if I never heard of it before.Of course some updates are always welcome,great job there guys!

Can you help me?

it seems that parts are still not working properly for me.
the little red thingy number

doesn't seem to work


I never HAVE got that part to work.

Otherwise it's doing GREAT.
I got a bunchaton of delegated it.

This was my first time using @blocktrades, couple of days it was in. I was only playing around being a newbie, so i transferred 5 steem for delegated steem power just to see what happened :) Happy with the service and amount of delegated steem power obtained from a small amount of steem!

I eventually want to get my SBD traded for bitcoin and then sell that for some money as well as reinvesting and keeping in the crypto currency world, @blocktrades is it possible to obtain a bitcoin wallet through and still be able to compare this against the GBP £?

Still getting my head around the system and probably a bit early to be thinking about BTC yet but just trying to learn and understand everything :)

Hi I also purchased some delegation last week, I'm sure you're working on it but do you think it's getting filled this week? If it's all sold out then better change it on the website so that people can't buy it anymore. Like fair enough if people got to wait for a week or something, but if it's longer than that then better just shut it off for a while (like if it's several weeks or months, no point in waiting with money out).

For reference these transactions:


Got the first round, many thanks!

Not yet received my SP. I got only this message on ur site ;
Time (local) 2018‑02‑19 02:37:51
Input Amount 1.5 SBD
Output Amount 15.069 Steem Power (90 days)
Sent to Address gangas
Transaction ID n/a a


Minimum it's is 2.0 SBD


But why did they accepted my order , without stating the minimum?

Thank you for continuing to provide service to the community and keeping the system and users up to date with new features and software updates. Many projects are left abandoned and leave people in the dark on developments.

Thanks for your work guys!
I don't fully understand: Steem delegations only available as pre-orders to be filled over the next week. Do not purchase if you don't want to wait.
What are pre orders? Yesterday I tried to send 50 steem to bitshares. Appearently it didn't work. But is it now a preorder and will be transfered automatically next week?

Please can you refund my steem?
I changed my mind the delegation buying queue is too long.
Memo: fd487ee5-8938-4618-861f-17617e91b49d
Amount : 19.704

thanks alot

Hi, im gonna be truthful to you... I'm looking for a way to get higher upvotes and I don't like the buy a vote thing... so, what can I do to get your attention or in case you don't wanna do it... can you give me some advice?

@blocktrades Not sure how I missed this, thank you. Best wishes to you always. - @splendorhub

If you are using a public terminal, we still recommend that you manually logout when you finish your session, or close the page if you're using an unregistered session.

Hola @blocktrades, haces tres días solicite una delegación de SP, entiendo que es previo pedido anticipado y que estoy en cola para recibirlos, pero existe un lugar donde una pueda verificarse cuanto tiempo resta para recibir la delegación SP. Gracias y disculpe la molestía.

hi !! thanks and congratulations for yours jobs !! i love blocktrades...

can i know for what you remove bitusd from receiver option?

just made made a transfer from bittrex, ETH to STEEM through @blocktrades but i never received the STEEm

I love the frequent updates that you post and the way that you communicate with your followers! More businesses should be so open and honest with their audience. I like the warning on sending Steem Power to an exchange. It can be a little confusing for newbies to tell the difference between Steem, Steem Dollars, and Steem Power, I think. - Ivy-

I got message that my delegation is expiring in 48 hours. Although it is expiring on 22.02.2018. Please check what is wrong

The additional of the warning before sending SP to an exchange is a great feature. A friend once sent some SP to an exchange. Needless to say, he lost those funds.

I'm happy this feature was added.