BlockTrades Steem wallet is back up

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As many of you probably already know, the Steem blockchain went down for over 12 hours due to a bug in the code for version 0.20 that caused a fork between v0.19 and 0.20 nodes (this bug has been fixed since then).

During this time, we along with many of the other top 20 block producers (as well as some notable other witnesses such as @abit who donated some useful fixes on the way to getting the blockchain operating again) worked pretty hard to get the chain running again and were ultimately successful as of a few hours ago.

The decision was made to switch back temporarily to v0.19 code until most of the top witnesses got back on the proper fork to avoid possible double spends. As of this moment, we're back above 90% participation rate (this means most of the actively producing top witnesses are on the proper fork). I expect that many of the witnesses voting for v0.20 will probably switch back to an updated version of v0.20 tomorrow or the day after.

The chain is fully functional again so we have resumed support for Steem/SBD transactions on our site.

P.S. If you made a Steem/SBD related transaction during the time our wallet was re-indexing, it will be processed once the re-indexing completes.

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Thanks for the info, as many use your cool service. I'm too.
greatings and Steem on!!

Thx for hardworking to fix bugs

Thanks for selfvoting tons of bullshit comments via proxy account/ bot. Thats a great behavior and surely gives much value to the ecosystem. Love that!

Also you can send at least 0.03 steem to sleepagent for boting the vote ~

In fact, I am waiting yabapmatt to help me showing my bot on steembottracker.
I already have set my bot config via steembottracker, but the bot still do not show on the list.
Do you know how to show it on the list?
I have asked yabapmatt , but I still not receive any reply from him

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Well, i think there are enough voting bots on steemit allready. To be listed at the top bar you have to have at least 10k SP. I don't know why you are not listed downside.

Only one idea: The other bots have set their profile before defining the config. Maybe try this:

{"profile":{"name":"sleepagent","about":"Send min. 0.03 SBD/STEEM to @sleepagent and get upvote of 0%-100% with full voting power every 2.4 hours.","profile_image":"YOURIMAGELINK","cover_image":""},"config":{"min_bid_sbd":0.03,"min_bid_steem":0.03,"bid_window":2.4,"comments":true,"posts_comment":true,"refunds":true,"accepts_steem":true,"funding_url":"","rules_url":"","tags":"","api_url":"","max_post_age":"6","min_post_age":"","is_disabled":false,"fill_limit":"","max_roi":""}}

Or better: Think about if there is really need for another bot. Cheers.

One more question 😂
Do you really think using proxy bot to vote the comments are great behavior and surely gives much value to the ecosystem?😂
In fact, sending steem to my bot is because I do not want to waste my vote power😂
I really want other people to use my bot😂

Thanks for reply 🙇
I will try your suggestion ,
but I think that least than 10k sp is not the reason why my bot do not show on the list😂
It is because I find some bot which is less Sp than me on the list😂
I guess the main reason is that steembottracker has a bug after it recent update.
In fact, this is one of my project.
Other projects need bit bot to support themselves.
Finally,if you can use my bot,I will be happy 😂
I think I will make promotion for my bot after my travel 😂

Blocktrades is amazing!

I send the amount of 5.29 SBD to your service, which usually worked very well, thanks for that.

"2 hours ago 5.29 SBD sent to @blocktrades 3f2e2f64-dd04-45fc-b10a-3781c4a7caac"

But now i didnt get the SP!

Best regards!

Hi, sorry for the delay, we'll process your order and similar orders on Monday when we recover enough resource credits to send it. See other comments here for more details about it.

No Problem, thanks for your clear answer!! You do a great job here on steemit!!
best regards!

I am all in, to back up BlockTrades.
(used a rubik's cube as a metaphor for the video)
Here is my contribution.

Isn't the wallet supposed to be back up? I'm getting:


Today create blocktrades account..

good news.Thank you for the update.

Hoping to see a better v0.20.

Kudos to all our witnesses working hard to better steem.

Thanks for giving us this valuable information, it's not easy to communicate information to the community, and it's not easy to access these ideas, thank you again for this noble effort .

@blocktrades doing well to strengthen the steem and its dollar

Great to see it all running well

any btc trader here i have something that might take your interest.

Aha! good to know I read this before I did the transaction.

Blocktrades site says: "Declarations I confirm that I am not a citizen or resident of the United States, Cayman Islands, or European Union

Blocktrades is the great helpful for us, we are steemian everyday use your blocktrades market to convert our steem or another exchange, thanks @blocktrades for your kind of help

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Thank you for the update.

Yes it was not working yesterday and I was surprised to see steem not responding, I don’t the bug problem , but thank you for this update bro

Can you give me permission to translate this post to indonesian language? So my friend will know about this annoucement!

feel free to translate it

I hope the HF20 next week will be seamlessly executed without a glitch.

@blocktrades Thank You for the Update and I will be looking for my STEEM in my Wallet today once you are re-indexed today. Silly me for Trading some LTC to get more STEEM....................

Any idea if @BlockTrades will accept credit/debit card purchases of Steem/SBD anytime in the near future or is that not due to a security risk?

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Are we close....i REALLY need to make a transaction

I didn't know what had happened until now so thank you. Just managed to log in.

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  ·  last year (edited)

Thanks for update. I transferred some bitcoin yesterday to buy some steem but my transaction stil not processed @blocktrades plz check it

I have made a conversion of steem to SBD and I do not get the SBD, can you help me please, id of the transaction: 5c9e50cb-55c4-42c6-bc69-b6503fb90852

do u got ur sbd?

Thanks for sharing your knowledge Good day ........


I hope it'll be fixed soon.

Am glad for using for about 5times this weeks . their speed for processing transaction is really encouraging .

Thank you for this information, a bug is what I guessed it was. There really needs to be better communication about Steemit when things happen. I looked on discord, and searched Steemit and no one is talking about the fix or just what happened. I know they were busy fixing the bug, I am thankful for there hard work, but communicate with the community!
Resteemed !!!!!!

I've suggested to steemit team that they add the ability to put announcements on their front page whenever there is a long interruption of their service.

That would be very good, the more information the better!

Would we face same issue on 25 September on implement of velocity Hardfork ?

Hopefully not.

good news and thanks for your hard work .

I am glad that they take us into account to inform us about these errors in the platform. Yesterday I could not do my post or anything on my page, I assumed that something was happening. Thanks for the explanation and the information. Thank you very much @blocktrades

Thanks for the update... Yes, the blockchain down temporarily affected everyone.. :)

Ok, thanks for info

I haven’t been on steemit very long so I have never witnessed it crashing before but I am glad they got it back up and running.

thanks for update the system ,i really like your(@blocktrades ) work and service all the time , great job keep it up ,have a good day ,,, i like and upvote you ,please upvote me thanks ,,,,,,,,,,,

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Thanks for reporting, it is interesting to know a little more about the platform that I am falling in love with. When difficult situations happen, it is when you see the true friends, creators, investors, witnesses faithful to this platform. Let everything continue to walk well and let the positive energy flow in the chain of blocks.
Good vibes.

Great news for this bug issue, I also was trying to make a steem deposit on bitter and binance and it's still impossible.

Do you want me to translate this post into Spanish so more people will know about this?

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