BlockTrades steem wallet down temporarily, should be back up within the next hour [RESOLVED: Steem Wallet Up!}

in blocktrades •  8 months ago

Once our Steem wallet is back up, you will once again see Steem and SBD in our coin options.

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Don't you think you guys should lower down the Delegation pricing.? It's seem that they are very much unrealistic and humongous.

hey @blocktrades Please lower down the prices for Delegations. It has become too high for us to afford.

It does not make sense for 5500 SP to pay about 180 Steem. Please!


You should compare prices with neoxian, minnowbooster and smartsteem, or just seek for a deal with some user/s.
And you should also compare with another choice: buying Steem, which includes comparing prices between the different exchanges.


I don't know about Neoxian service. is it any good? any idea?


No idea.
When I tried to find him on discord according to his own information I did not find him, and when I asked him about it here, he did not reply.
He partially compensated zeartul's victims with his own funds.


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Hello @blocktrades please help my friends steemit account, so that the account name of @muhammadzairil was stolen and phising by account of the name @fatlee. @fatlee doing trap by sending a link for coment of my friends account. After klik the link it appear is trap. So he know the pasword of my friends steemit account. Then he replace the pasword and transfer Steem and SBD to account @receive.steem then he transfer again to account @barca10, after that directly he transfer / withdrawal to blocktrades with memo 8360a2f7-8212-464b-8a5a-428f228b55c4 and 44e07a0e-ae3b-4385-aebd-80d2cf208636

Please help me the get informastion about the memo, and to find who is main that memo,
I’m a fasilitator to help my friend.

@muhammadzairil because he can’t login the account anymore.

NOTE : I’ve to find an other victims on this trap right now. Please be respond i think this will be crash and trouble.

My best regard


@blocktrades they are now working to pull all steem and steem dollars, his help for our friend,
they try to withdraw using some new accounts.


my friend @boyelleq also experienced the same thing, his account has been stolen by @receive.steem. please help him to get his Steemit account again.


Why are people following for this ? -1 rating
Come on people be smart


The rating is calculated from the up and downvotes it only gets -1 if eneught downvotes were reached


To any one who may concern to this actual issue please support both @muhammadzairil and @boyelleq to take over their account back, or block any transactions from those two accounts, because those two accounts seem to be hacked by the account mentioned above. wish this kind of thing will not happen to anyone else


I want to hire a delegate but it is very expensive .. if possible, Please down the price of the delegation, because I think for the present price the tenant will lose.


Supply and demand
People want it bad enough to pay more my friend
If the demand goes down the price will too

wow @blocktrades, This is a very good initiative.
But i would like to know if it responsible for the latest reward model where we get steem power, sbd and steem on rewards.

Thanks for the Update...

This BCH-transaction should have gone to you:

But I haven't received any Steem at my account. What did go wrong?

Hi @blocktrades ! It has been some time since I did not see updates on your blog. You always take care of things really fast compared to Openledger and other services. They still have some Steem of mine for around 3 months, and have not returned it to me yet.

By the way, I just posted a New Chapter of the Full Steemit Guide. Your thougths and support in the past will always be appreciated!

Chapter 10 of 11: 30 Useful Apps on the Steem Blockchain - This is part 10 of 11 Chapters (Full Guide) to help new people make their way on the Platform

Looking forward to your thoughts!

Regards, @gold84

Everyone sells their votes these days.. how come @blocktrades is not capitalizing on this.. ;)

Why did you jack up the price for Steem Power Delegation? We get a lot less now per Steem.


Supply and demand

still not working, just checked

It's a cool service you provide @blocktrades however the last time I moved SBD to STEEM the fx rates weren't great. I'll keep using your service, just keep competitive with x rates! Thanks for the update

Hey @blocktrades. 8 days ago, I exchanged sbd for bitcoin and had put my wallet address there and I have not received bitcoin in my wallet. Can you please refund my sbd?


Wow! That's good news. This is the kind of things we want to hear in this platform such as improvement , restoration , innovation and revolutionalization .

was just about to ask you guys! thanks for the update.

Hello; is it possible to retract a transaction you made on blocktrades? this might be necessary incase one's account gets hacked as it just happened to a friend of mine.


Unfortunately there is nothing we can do in such cases because transactions are irreversible on the blockchains.


Help Me Anyone With Some SBD

hy blocktrades .... i am new join to steemit...
my level newbie...
can you help me...?
i hope your gift me some SBD or steem....thanks a lot

my steem power did not pass into my account.
2018‑02‑28 10:34:33 1.381 SBD 90.8 days revan746 n/a
2018‑02‑28 10:32:02 1.539 SBD 90.9 days revan746 n/a
2018‑02‑28 10:29:30 1.07 SBD 90.7 days revan746 n/a
2018‑02‑28 10:21:55 2.643 SBD 91.2 days revan746 n/a
2018‑02‑24 10:56:45 4.807 SBD 90.3 days revan746 n/a
2018‑02‑24 10:53:34 7.764 SBD 90.8 days revan746 n/a

Hello i make a Mistake, i send sbd for Bitcoin Cash (BCH), but i put a bitcoin wallet , what can i do

This my transaction


Unfortunately there's nothing that can generally be done in such a case.


The funds are lost. It’s not blocktrades keeping them, they sent to addy you Gave and it’s gone.

@blocktrades Are you aware that stolen SBD from hacked accounts are being transferred to you?!

Several hacked accounts have seen their SBD transferred to the following account:

This account in turn sends it to you! Please see the history of fund-transfers in above account. I'll bet you that all accounts, including mine, that have "sent" their SBD to @receive.steem have been hacked.

Thanks you so much for the information.

Hope it can be working soon

I recently checked on it earlier, but there's still no Steem?

Everything seems down. I have been waiting for 2 hours for my OpenLedger transfer from Steemit and now i see Steem is delisted from Blocktrades. Fun day today.


Just transfered from Bitfinex to Steemit. Blocktrades says its completed but there is no Steem in my wallet :(


For a new tech promising lightning speeds i have to wait 12 hours for OpenLedger to send me back my SBD. Blocktrades said they have a maintenance of sorts for Steem and SBD transfers.


So many people lost money either on Coinbase, Bitfinex... now Blocktrades... I am not saying that its gone forever but the time its stuck.. thats awful. Last time I transfered Money from Coinbase to Bitfinex ive lost 15% of the transaction value cause I couldnt sell when markets tanked. This time ive got 140 Steem stuck which is not that bad but still.....

It's gone again?


I transfered and it collapsed in the middle of it :(

I just transfered from bitfinex. Blocktrades says its completed but the stated amound is not in my steemit wallet

Do you guys have a discord channel i can join?That way i can beg for Blocktrades upvotes and educate myself! 😁
But seriously, seeing how slow Openledger has been over the last few days id like to keep tabs on the state of blocktrades at least since you guys seem more reliable.


We don't have a discord channel currently, but we may add one in the future. We make all company announcements on this blog and all support is handled via email right now since most issues currently can be handled in a very short period of time.


Not to bash OpenLedger too hard, their support service is much faster then their withdraw/deposit time. Id get a support response very fast after sending it. Remarkable considering Coinbase wait times for example.
You guys are fast as well. I had a silly question when i started up which involved a miniscule amount of less then a hundred dollars and someone actually gave a detailed response.😂
Felt silly afterwards wasting your time.
"Thank you for explaining how cryptocurrency transfers work".😅.. Im still blushing. 😁

the more impatient I am to wait with the thing delivered by @blocktrades. hopefully you are kind to me. thanks.

@blocktrades Hello, today I created a request for exchange of 0.3 steem in exchange for bts. But as a recipient mistakenly indicated your nickname. Can I expect a refund? (2018-03-14 04:43:55 0.3 STEEM 4.5046 BTS blocktrades)

Any news on why it is down?

what happened I follow the steps converting SBD to BTC then transfer it to Coins Ph, but i checked my coins ph wallet there's no money :( please help


hi. I am new. i found the account @blocktrades can you tell me how it works ? how can i earn some money ?

How can I earn steem power and $ ? I am new, so I don't know how it works, plz request for help.


Look for welcome to steemit videos on here or YouTube
Blocktrades is a separate service

Thanks for the update!

I managed to find your response on @joanawatts's post also looking for some clue to what was going on.

Our steem wallet is down right now, it should be back up soon.

Really appreciate your response to others and involvement with the steemit community!

Again, thanks for the update!

Thanks for the information..we wait your back soon.

Back on again!!!!
You now can trade SBD and Steem again

Is @blocktrades down again? I have tried to transfer Steem a couple times and each time it has been immediately refunded to my wallet....


Hi, our service is working ok. It does a refund if it doesn't know what you want as output. In this case, you're putting in the destination address as the memo, but you're not saying what coin type you want, so our service doesn't know what to do and therefore does a refund. You need to use the memo provided by our web page instead of the destination address when you send the steem or sbd to us.

Hello @blocktrades do you have a discord?
I'm having some problems as somehow I'm getting refund messages from you to my wallet by the dozens.

Hello @blocktrades I made a transaction from bitshares to steem, getting to 2hours now I have not received the steem in my account.

I sent 60 bitshares which was 4.37steem from a bitshare account : essential1
With the memo: d467c5da-d824-4b71-8959-4c4202e69d3b

I'm not getting anything from you...

sorry I need help, I transferred 1.89 $ SDB to buy SP delegation for 90 days but I do not know what I did wrong and I do not have the SP my transfer memo is 4c6c79d9-9a74-40da-9552-be734e4a34cc
Please help me!

hey guys, a little help please, I transferred 143.519 SBD to my bitcoin wallet via blocktrades 4 hours ago and am still waiting for it to appear in my wallet. Is there an issue?

You continue to be my exchange of choice. The one and only time I had a problem you got back to me in minutes, resolved it in minutes too. If there's a place to write a review, let me know, I'll be glad to give you a good one.

Good afternoon! I want to thank you for supporting the @anomadsoul Hobby contest. Thank you very much for everything. I want to vote for you, but the system won't let me.

Thank you for your attention ...
Why within a few days this page from can not be used .. Thanks
TMPDOODLE1521826420860.jpg is error

Please resolve it soon

why We cannot Acces blocktrades site in Indonesia?

Most coins are currently down appearently, and the ones which arent seem to have quite a low limit?!

Hi @blocktrades. How to extend, while we can't continue from your website


Please do i have to sign up before buying with eth?

hi @blocktrades can you help me please where can i suggest my idea of making a new challenge? please respect my post comment thanks.

Please do not stolen my sbd.

Please, i made a transfer on blocktrade that i change sbd to steem power. The steem power do not came to me. Please, how can i fix it?

Hi, I made a transfer of in BCH to my Steemit account through BLOCKTRADE, I will have problems ??,.,.,.,.,.,.,


ready ,.,.,.,


Today one year ago you joined SteemIt
Thank you, for making SteemIt great and Steem on for more years to come!

(You are being celebrated here)

estoy confundida me lo podrías aclarar por favor

Help Me Anyone With Some SBD