BlockTrades Steem Power delegation inventory sold out, 150K SP available via pre-order

in blocktrades •  10 months ago

BlockTrades has temporarily sold out of delegatable Steem Power

BlockTrades has sold out of immediately available Steem Power delegations (we sold out of the 400K SP we had available for delegation in less than one day).

Our web site reports this condition by showing that the Deposit limit for purchasing a Steem Power delegation as 0 in red text as in the image below. If there was Steem Power available for sale, the deposit limit would show an amount based on how much was available.

Limited amounted still available for purchase via pre-order

We still have approximately 150K SP that will become available for delegation over the next week, so we plan to continue to accept pre-orders for 90 day delegations until the pre-orders hit the 150K SP mark. After we hit that mark we will remove the option to purchase delegations from our site until we have a reasonable inventory of Steem Power available for delegations again.

If you have already sent in funds over the deposit limit, you have two choices: 1) contact us in the next 24 hours if you want a refund or 2) wait until your delegation can be filled. At the time this post was made, all pre-orders placed so far can be filled by late Monday.

For new Steemians

For readers who don't know what a Steem Power delegation is, you can find more information at the bottom of the post we published yesterday:

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Thanks I got it on time yesterday!


Amazing work . This really helps steem be redistributed to a lot more people. I love it. Keep up the great work.

So how exactly does one do a 'pre-order'? Do you just go to blocktrades, select Steem power and order the usual way?


Select 90 day steem power delegation. Ignore the Deposit Limit of 0.

It's time to collect those emails again @blocktrades


I guess it is a hot commodity!

Is it much more expensive now or am I missing something?

Most likely bots...

I have a feeling this one will be filled out soon too 😂😂😂

Hello Sir
I am not seen deposit limit before delegation purchase so after transferring balance I seen deposit limit is 0 so please forgive my mistake and refund my balance if possible.
Thank you so much blocktrades team for giving us their amazing service without any delay...

If you buy steempower delegation for 90 days on the "zero" limit order. Is it considerd as pre-order then? @blocktrades

This is amazing in the perspective of the blockchain, this shows that there is progress in the believe of people on steem.
Many will not know but the more people put faith in the coin steem, the more rampant and beneficiary to the lot of people here.

As much as people are powering down, a high more percentage seem to be getting more steem power, which of course is a. Progress.
Steadily there will be a growth and steem may take a balance where the elastic limit will stay at a balance.

Long live to blocktrades

Wow! That was fast. Thanks for the proactive updates.

Can i send dogecoin for steem power delegation???


Thank you, your plan is very creativity and you help us because we have small steem power!!
i have send 3sbd and 11.864 Doge for steem power delegation (90) there is a limit for every user to avoid being abused? for example, I do not have to send another steem?because other people will not prevent.. Thank you again really i will be happy today!!

Awesome! It seems steem will really be in demand for the next months and years.

How fast did you guys sell out?


What should I sell on @travelersmemoire ☺☺☺☺☺

It is good to see updates, updates and developments about this, because it means that we will rise to the top

Wow that's so fast. I would want to do it myself but you know I can't now

Wow they went very fast. I was just on blocktrades yesterday thinking about making a purchase and saw some really good pricing.
But today unfortunately I had to go purchase some Steem and convert to Steem Power at the regular prices.
I guess I will try again next time.

I have a plan, but my steam is not enough

Thanks for the updates !!

thanks for sharing this type of post.

Wouldn't it be even nicer to delegate your SP to some creative people who are struggling here, like partnership with them, take 50% of their SBD rewards and asking them to help others grow their account, like a gift economy.

I see people upvoting their own content and comments and this is negatively affecting this community. Though you have all the rights to enjoy profits but there are some other ways to acheive this objective.

Just saying, no offense!

information nice and explanation accurate
easy dipaham I like

do not forget my divote

Of course it sold out.😂 I was trying to see if I can afford some last night. (i obviously can’t lol) thanks for the update!

Took what? 2 days for all the SP to be delegated? Steemit really has many users

Great post dear @blocktrades ..... its very helpful post for us................

Good work,good post,i like your posts,i request to you kindly visit my blog.

I really like this post. This post is a lot of benefits for us. This post you write in a language that is very easy to understand. We wait for your next post. Successful greeting always, and my prayers for you @blocktrades

Very helpful info sir..thanks

WOW! That went fast! great deal and 90 days of powerup votes congrats to all that got the buys! Look forward to seeing one again soon

Thanks for the updates

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Follow me @getupvote and get a upvote and resteem thank u

this is amazing. it is very fast and does not require much time. this article is very helpful reader. keep success!

Good news

I'm new user help me out please

Hi @blocktrades I do not see the limit 0 ... I have sent SBD Create you ... Can it be back ... I am your loyal user ...



I've refunded


Okay thanks @blocktrades for the cooperation 😗😗😗😗😗😗

Totally grateful for the update

Hi @blocktrades ! This SP Delgation inventory sold really fast! Hope it has reached good hands and that the Power is shared to help the Steem Blockchain grow even more, and to help people that are really making quality contributions for Steemit and the blockchain.

Regards, @gold84

I am eager to delegate power steem, but my strength is still lacking once in terms of financially. Maybe someday I will realize that dream. This is a wonderful job and a record you can sell a lot in one day @blocktrades

Thanks you for share @blocktrades.
I like it my friend

good job @ blocktrades

Was wondering what happened to the delegations but figured that it would have been something like this, thanks for the update, looking forward to recieve my tiny amount of SP some day soon :)

All the best

hatalı gönderim.jpg

I paid you by mistake. Would you return it? Thank you. @blocktrades 2.000 steem.

love reading such stuff and getting to know more about sp from a newcomers point of view

I saw it available last night now its not. Wow! Things move fast in the crypto world.

dear @blocktrades,
I bought Steem power delegetion with 8.700 SBD a while ago. But I did not get the desired SP. Give me my SBD refund or give me SP.


Pleae read the post above for an explanation. If you still want a refund, just let us know.


I'm explaining the post. Please give me my SBD Refund.


nice post
good job

what is the benefit of renting steam power? won't you just get downvoted for eternity if you only upvote yourself to recoop your investment?

This is amazing
I wish you will success in life@blocktrades

Blocktrades you are wonderful. Thank you so much


steem to the moon. blocktrades for the win

Thanks for this update...will look forward for more...

This is something I was unaware of from Block Trades...thanks for the info

Wow, the world of steem is becoming saviour in its greenish level and maximum capacity to deliver poor masses. Thanks for the information.

Hi @blocktrade I'm one of your loyal investors, from this I want to ask how long I wait for the delegate to steem power that I bought ,, because it was too late to pay attention to the limit of time the exchange was sent. So how long will it take me to wait until the delegate I bought came to me with that steek amount ... Please help and answer this question @blocktrades yeah ,,


What time is that my pal?


Why I have not got the delegation yeah ... And I have been waiting from last night ..

This is the proof



Please reply @blocktrades why the delegate that I bought has not been until now ... Please cooperate yeah .. Thank you so much...

Proof up comment


All pre-orders have been processed, you should have it now.


Ok. Thanks very much

Thanks For post Dear @blocktrades

Please check my
Transferred to blocktrades

  • 1.834 SBD
    26 minutes ago

Transferred to blocktrades

  • 0.029 SBD
    20 hours ago

if those transfer can not reach 2 stem, please refund my SBD

This only shows that our community wants to have more influence with their post, comments and upvotes!

400K SP in less than 1 day is a little bit fast :D

Well, I'll be aware then when I can buy delegations

Wow, we will see how the rest will evaporate in the communities! Thanks for the heads up!

Well then who will Delegate me a steem as a form of support or augmentation?


Good to hear that people are participating so much and now understanding the importance of steem power and gathering it by any way possible!!!

Thanks for providing us with this service @blocktrades!! Also for the amazing exchange through which we can cash out and also for acting as an amazing witness and powering up the steemit platform!!

God bless you :)


Merhaba. Ben limite dikkat etmedim. Sbd gönderdim. Haftaya sp hesabıma mı geçecek?

you create a important information.....and i know some new from your post..... i waiting for your next post....i wish for your best of luck brother

Vote back

i followed you please FOLLOW ME i am new to steemit i need your help to get success

Thanks for your information

Hello what is exact expected time for the pre-order if I made a transfer some hours ago?

Hi @Blocktrades. What about the other way around? I would love to contribute steem power to you as well. Are you offering daily payouts as well?

excellent post, thanks for sharing so valuable information, I congratulate you. I'm following you, I invite you to see my last post

Thank you for sharing it

it is impressive, it means that there are forecasts that there will be more deae in the coming months which means that the steem will be more publicly traded. congratulations to those who work hard.

hatalı gönderim.jpg

I paid you by mistake. Would you return it? Thank you. @blocktrades 2.000 steem.

the problem was not solved


I don't understand what you mean. Our system processed the order and sent 1.69 SBD to deepcrypto8 as requested. If you didn't initiate the trade then you've been hacked.

Hi.My problem is solved. Thank you.

Thanks for Post
I learn about delegation.
Greetings from Berlin

So how exactly does one do a pre-order ? Do you just go to blocktrades , select Steem power and order the usual way

I am a new steemit user with link
kindly inform me what kind of your services are regarding steemit network.

Yes I have taken note on that.

It's time to collect those emails again @blocktrades

Thanks for all @blocktrades, thanks to your efforts the steemit users have successfully purchased steem power in the form of deligation. so now the steemians who can afford to buy the deligation, have benefited from you @blocktrades.

Amazing post.. But so sad for not getting a chance to get free rewards.. 😢😢😢

The additional of the warning before sending SP to an exchange is a great feature. A friend once sent some SP to an exchange. Needless to say, he lost those funds.

I'm happy this feature was added. what is the expected time for the pre-order if I made a transfer a few hours ago?

I have sent 0.015 sbd. So how

I like blocktrades,.. it’s a good news for new steemians,... love it.

Hey all pls help me i am new on steemit but i my post are amazing see my post and upvote me and follow me ❤❤❤

I am still confused, you bid 2 choices,

  1. If funds want to return, contact you
  2. If not wait until reopened this delegation.
    My question? If you want to help beginner steemit, do not complicate the affairs, simplify all affairs better, and certainly a lot of its enthusiasts, what else we are this beginner