BlockTrades improves affiliates program: withdraw affiliate rewards into other coins

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BlockTrades’ affiliate program allows customers to monetize the referral of customers to our service. Today we've made an enhancement to our Affiliate program that allows affiliates to claim their affiliate rewards into other types of coins.

Affiliate rewards are given based on the types of coins used by the people you refer to our site. For example, if you refer someone who buys Steem with Bitcoin, your affiliate account will be credited with Bitcoin.

Previously, you could only withdraw this Bitcoin balance to a Bitcoin wallet. If you actually wanted to have Steem, you would have to withdraw the Bitcoin to your Bitcoin wallet, then send the Bitcoin back to BlockTrades in order for us to send you Steem. But this process results in two unnecessary Bitcoin transactions that fees have to be paid on: one blockchain transaction fee when we send the BTC to your wallet and another blockchain transaction fee when you send the BTC back to us for a conversion to Steem.

Now you can directly withdraw your affiliate rewards in the form of a different coin, which means eliminating these extra blockchain transaction fees and reducing the number of steps involved. For example, now you can withdraw an accumulated balance of Bitcoin as Steem without paying two expensive Bitcoin transaction fees and without having to access your Bitcoin wallet.

If you want to read more about how to become a BlockTrades affiliate, see this post.

Example withdrawing Steem affiliate rewards as a Steem Power delegation

From the Affiliates balance page, press the "Claim" button beside the Steem balance to go to the Withdraw Affiliate balance page.

Note that when you withdraw to a different coin, we may not have enough of that type of coin available to supply your request (it's unlikely, but it's possible). Therefore note that in the image above that there are two different limits on the amount that can be withdrawn: 1) the user's reward balance (5 Steem) and 2) the Withdrawal limit ( ~80K Steem). The withdrawal limit is a function of the amount of the output coin we hold in our hot wallets. In this case, it's the maximum amount of steem power we can delegate in one transaction.

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I am all in, and totally like the idea of being able to withdraw affiliate rewards into other coins and will make a video about it, for now I have done this to support "Awesome Blocktrades"

BlockTrades Digital Currency Exchange / Intro Video
The idea of this video intro was to display the names of the digital currency that is exchanged through BlockTrades. (please click and up volume to view video)

Hope you enjoy!


To be candid, if hundreds of of people like you can be posting things like this, blocktrade will be adopted by all. Nice video keep up the good work. I enjoyed it

@blocktrades I have one question, I hope you can answer it for me.

When I created a manual deposit address, it states that I can use this adress as much as I like.

Question: How long is the created manual deposit address usable?

Thx in advance for your reply.




Currently, the answer is "as long as we're in business". Now eventually we may have to stop monitoring addresses that haven't seen a usage in a long period of time (for example, if no transaction has been sent in 6 months). But we haven't had to do that yet.


Thank you Mr. Blocktrades, for your time and reply.

I am happy to hear that the anser is "as long as we're in business" for now.


Take a look at last article of liferubix too, below is the snapshot:

Crypto Market Share_20180812.jpg

Could you included something static information above the widget? I put my affiliate on my blogsite but I doubt if someone uses it without any single information like the name and/or taglines. It helps attract buyers/sellers.


There is an optional flag that can be configured in the widget to advertise that the widget is "Powered by BlockTrades". We'll add documentation about how to set the flag soon in the Tutorial section.


I like block trades

Have any Tutorial videos, how to implement Affiliate in our account?

Congratulations... I realize that improve the platform is improve our transaction options, an oporttunity to stay with blacktrades

@blocktrades very good news thanks for this news .i always want to read these type of article .i will always follow you

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Nice😄. At least i can put my mind at rest now...

I have as friend on Twitter who wants to come in. The issue he is having is the type of coin he is into... I dont know if @blocktrades trade XRP... Or u are working on it?😉

And why is ripple coin not here?😓 A brief explanation will really help @blocktrades.

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That's a real smart idea, and it's a no brainer. I've been wanting other companies to adopt this mentality. Some either exclusively use Bitcoin, or ETH, or other more exclusive coins, but being able to withdraw in others like Dogecoin and Litecoin is perfect! It's a good thing for the community to diversify and leave their dependence on Bitcoin.

Yes block chain helps or improves very much in affiliate program

Wow this is great news. Customers will maximum the use of the opportunity to also earn some coin through referral. I look no further because I am opting in for this opportunity

Another laudable step by @blocktrades...This will save lot of funds from being wasted on as unnecessary transaction fee...
Cool ....

would be cool if you added GBYTE and EXCL :)

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@blocktrades this is very good news.
Sir, I would really appreciate if you can support people like us. Your little help will help us grow too.
Looking forward to hearing soon from you. Thank you.

It's great Change by team @blocktrades and now we can withdraw in any Coin form. It's reduce the complexity of withdrawal. That will attract more users/affiliates..

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very helpful article ,@aryaan

info great! thanks

very informative

#Well, what do I buy steemit dollar, ??
Or where will I give money,
I'm not new to anything
Help me a little.#

This is great news. Quick trade within the paltform , exactly what we needed .Blocktrades will always be number one 😎😎 Customers will maximum the use of the opportunity to also earn some coin through referral. I look no further because I am opting in for this opportunity!!Time to start building upOne of the good exchanger .Great initiative! Your stakeholders including investors and potential auditors will be happy with the transparency in your records since it will be blockchain based. This demonstrates are great use case for blockchain based accounting applications for many other industries as well. Thanks for the information; I would love to know how this progresses as it is definitely an area of interest for me.@blocktrades. It's easy and efficient and most of all it is partnered with my beloved blockchain #Steem. So far I have no bad experience using this exchanger Great works @blocktrades.

oh thank you so much for tips i really need to know this withdraw affiliate balance :) i vote you 100 i wish :)

i like this block trades . nice

very useful info in article...I will follow u to get all these updates...keep up the good work...thanx

Very good idea for steemit

Hi good trading platform.can you help me? for upvote

Yes it is working, and recently I get money from my coinpot it is a really good way for buy steem and steem power from others I like it...LOVE YOU BLOCKTRADES.

Fist bumps sent to you guys :D
Hope you are all well and splendid!
Have a good day :D

hey sorry. ive just send the money on @blocktrades but forgot to send the memo. please help me refund. its my tuition fee please

That is a cool idea. I hope I have the knowledge to install this on my blog.

hello, how can i contact blocktrades? because the user @antonioprado is an impostor of identity who already stole 100 steems from a U.S. state using a Venezuelan foundation name under the account @donacionesacv. Several exchange houses in our country and projects are investigating the case as there are several accounts in a network of theft and fraud.

And they're currently using your exchange to move the rest of the stolen money.

Affiliated program hmm

Can we earn affiliate rewards if our referrals simply post on steemit and earn rewards. For example, a user starts from scratch, like myself, posting getting upvotes earning steem, sbd, sp.


No, the affiliate rewards program is strictly for cryptocurrency transactions made via our trading service. Steem itself doesn't have a referral program for collecting referral rewards.


Sorry for disturb you. Do you have 1.000 for me .????


Hello Blocktrades. Do you sell high powered upvotes? I’m looking to skyrocket a post (would be interested in long term business relationship if you can offer this service). Thanks.


I see, sad that steem doesn't have this. I have hundreds of people I can refer to steem.

Just used it to cash some of the coins I had in affiliate balance out. Gotta say, its quite amazing. Really fast and easy.

Can I make a direct exchange for BlockTrades without having an account?


yes, but it's better to have an account: it allows you to track your transaction history. We'll have other benefits in the future as well.

I would say how to buy sbd

Im on board. Got a better than expected exchange rate. Thanks.

I did my first transaction on block trades today. I bought Steem with ETH, then published my very first post. BOOM! Exciting.
Your service is super easy to use, much more then your competitors.
Thank you @Blocktrades.

is the platform only for whales or for newbies like us also, because I had been trying for almost one month and my reputation is not increasing.
However, all other people who have joined after me have a score of 30 or 31 and I had of 25.
So, I wanna ask that is it for only whales or for newbies also.
Please tell me.
And someone here can help me to grow in steemit because I am broken on it and trying hard but not succeeding , please help me or reply me.

i like block trade reliable and easy to use .

I've transferred but it failed to show me how I can get it back. Please help me.sir....

Could you included something static information above the widget? I put my affiliate on my blogsite but I doubt if someone uses it without any single information like the name and/or taglines. It helps attract buyers/sellers

Fantastic idea. Any videos/tutorials to watch? Mention it plz