BlockTrades adds support for Bitcoin Cash

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Bitcoin Cash was most requested coin on BlockTrades

We’re celebrating the new year by adding support for the coin most requested by our customers: Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Note that some exchanges use BCC as the symbol instead of BCH.

In addition to supporting regular buying and selling of BCH, customers will also be able to purchase Steem accounts with BCH.

Why the wait and why now?

We waited a long time before rolling out support for Bitcoin Cash because the address formats used by Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are the same, which means it's easy for a customer to accidentally send Bitcoin to a Bitcoin Cash address and vice-versa, which causes a headache for both us and our customers.

But today is "Change the Address" day for Bitcoin Cash. The latest wallets for Bitcoin Cash support a new address format that is specific to Bitcoin Cash to avoid confusing Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin addresses. Here's an example of what a BCH-specific address looks like:


Usage of new Bitcoin Cash addresses

BlockTrades will allow BCH to be sent using both the new BCH-specific addresses or the old-style addresses, but the deposit addresses generated for users paying us with BCH will only be generated in the new format. If you need to send BCH to us from an exchange that doesn't support the new format, you can use this conversion tool:

Cheaper transaction fees than Bitcoin

One useful aspect of Bitcoin Cash is that transaction fees are cheap relative to Bitcoin, and Bitcoin Cash is supported at many exchanges that support Bitcoin, making it a useful intermediate coin (like Litecoin, Ethereum, and Doge) for going to and from fiat currencies.

More Info on Bitcoin Cash

For more information about Bitcoin Cash, including how to obtain a BCH wallet, check out the community home page here:

The wikipedia page for Bitcoin Cash also has some useful information about it (I like to include a less biased source of info when possible):

Also, please feel free to share your own thoughts about Bitcoin Cash with our other customers in the comments section of this post!

P.S. All delegations pre-orders filled this morning

As per our last announcement, today we've filled all outstanding pre-orders for Steem Power delegations. Please do not email us asking when we will resume offering new delegations: we will make a public announcement when they are available again (when we ourselves know).

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When i last renewed my sp lease then i saw that 20% discout the current price and after discount the price showed me 30sp/1 steem for 30 days. but when i took the lease the price was 37sp/1 steem for 30 days. can i know the blocktrades increase the lease price and the current price is 25sp/ 1 steem for 30 days ? i think this is so high rate @blocktrades

You're the product. Not the customer.

Yeah that is a great addition, I would look at adding Monero XMR next, as that is the best "anonymous" trading currency in my opinion.

I agree, i'm in love with Monero!

Excellent! I've been hoping to see BCH support through Blocktrades. I've been having great success using BCH as opposed to BTC.

Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!

Nice job @blocktrades....Next on the list is to add NEO please.

How is going with delegation power? when we will see a new portion of power ?

Thanks for adding bitcoin cash I saw it earlier but it has disappeared! What happened to it? Steem On @blocktrades has always been my number one source to exchange . Lightning fast speed all the time!

It's back now, we had a config setting wrong.

@blocktrades thanks so much . Can’t believe it’s almost 2 years since I start trading on your site and I use the panic and have to call Dan he was always extremely patient and got things done quickly thanks Dan

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@blocktrades did you have the chance to see my comment about 30 or 35 threads below. Looking forward to your thoughts!

I posted Chapter 7 yesterday and had a big mention for you!

Chapter 7 of 11: Learning "When and How to use Voting bots to upvote Quality Posts that you would like to be reached by more people - & how Cheetah bots help avoid Plagiarism"


Regards, @gold84

I have come to you at 22.191sb, please do not come to Urdu bit please

I sent to you 22.191sbd 2 hour ago please do not come to Urdubit plz help me I am new on steemit plz help me

Thanks for the good news! It's another great option. I just hope the fees will be much lower. I tried other exchanges because of the high transaction fee.

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I sell Steem to Dogecoin via BlockTrades and to SAVE fees. We can convert Dogecoin to BTC/BCH/DASH/LTC and transfer 0.002 or more BTC to external wallets for free. Sometimes Processing takes more than 48 hours but at least it's FREE. :)

Thays good, with more coins listed on @blocktrades more people can buy steem

SO very true , but just as a reminder do you have enough Steem so that you are set if this goes viral to the moon ?

Well TBH, you should buy BitShares, they were around 90 cents and now around 50!

Thanks for the tip with all the hours I put into my blog I haven't had time to check. If this is still accurate more BTS for this woman :)

Let's see if Bitcoin Gold will be accepted :)

Here's my analysis on BTG:

Bitcoin Gold (BTG) - Analysis (162% POTENTIAL PROFIT) — Steemit

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 13.53.38.png

Don't worry! it will be topper, make a market leader very soon, carry to @blocktrades

i hope you right

Yeah! that's the valid point @th1bkfast 😊

yeh it's good !!!!!! like that

love blocktrades, so easy to use and quick!

great. I love Bitcoin cash because of its extremely low fees and fast confirmation as compared to ass bitcoin

Tell Roger we say hello 🤨

Just joking friend 👍

Most requested ? Hmm.
That's strange in world where BCH is rather tanking a lot and everybody is into the likes of NEO and Ripple - so I'm wondering who requested it, Roger Ver ?

BCH is really gaining a big popularity in a very short time and surpasses lots of Classical coins.
I am glad anyway that Blocktrades ads it so It will go on with the maximum possible and I hope lots of BCH Holders will get it in and buy Steem why not joining Steemit and let us know their thoughts here.
This post is awesome.
Keep it up for the best.

I am cashing out of Bitcoin and going BCH exclusively. $40 transaction fees are an insult.

If BCH were dealing with the volute BTC is dealing with...... eh nevermind...

Oh yay... this is great. Earlier, I had to change send steem to @blocktrades for LTC into coinbase before I change to BCH there. Now, direct steem/sbd saves time and fees hopefully 😎

That's the great news.
I love the way you have mentioned like "no one will email us, we will tell you when even we ourselves know when delegation is available" lol

Thank you very much for adding this! "Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System". The closest match to the original vision of Satoshi, without off chain scaling needed and micro transactions affordable to most.

Inb4 getting attacked by Core supporters.

By the way will blocktrades allow us to withdraw Bitcoin Cash in the future? Since it has even lower fees than Ethereum and Litecoin it would be really good to have this option as well.

It's supported now.

Amazing! Thank you!

I already sold SBD to BCH ;)

This is great news. Hopefully, this move will put more pressure on BTC to become more competitive. BTC transaction fees are not sustainable.

Yeah, if BTC can’t figure out how to lower transaction costs and speed up transaction times, then BTC will be overtaken eventually.

@kimor It might be outcompeted even if the fees go down again actually (should Lightning Network work well enough to accomplish this, or should they decide that they have to raise the blocksize earlier anyhow), simply because of security design flaws, no longer sticking to Satoshis definition in the paper and censoring/effectively expelling a good deal of the previous community. These things don't go away so easily.

But my hope is that they can both live on, doing their own thing. The risk is that a lot more money will otherwise be lost in the process, as has already happened previous to the fork even. It's never good to see people get hurt, even if changes are inevitable and necessary.

Please please add PIVX on blocktrades. Its rapid and anonymous with almost zero transaction fee, and in fairly high demand.

Thank You @blocktrades I have been a benefactor of your trading platform and I do appreciate your service. With this additional Bitcoin Cash feature I am sure it will give us just another great choice should we need to take advantage of a trade.

@blocktrades You are my favourites! Best exchange ever! Extremely quick transactions, absolutely reliable services.

Great news. I hope even more currencies are added in the future.

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Hi @blocktrades /all

Has anyone reported that the site doesn't load on iPhone? Both safari and chrome display a white screen for me, although the logo is present in the address bar.

I'm quite sure the site worked until recently?



  ·  last year (edited)

I cannot access BlockTrades even / SteemConnect from my old iPhone I assume it is because my iOS is not updated. I access BlockTrades from Chrome on android. :)

hmm, both don't seem to work for me (mozilla and chrome) - i think they are working on it :)

  ·  last year (edited)

Finally! I can now access BlockTrades and from Safari but is still better on android Chrome. I prefer using iPhone so I post from

  ·  last year Reveal Comment

Its coll to trade BCH with blocktrades

Bug is confirmed with one of our devs who has iphone, we'll start looking into it.


It's great to have the option to move funds around while on the go - and for convenience this has been the best method.

By the way, it's fixed now, it was an issue with some versions of Safari.

Cool, I admit to my IOS not being up to date!

Can you confirm if it works on your chrome now too?

Yes, I just prepared a trade without the send and the process worked fine.
Thanks for the speedy resolution.

It's the first report I've heard of it so far.


Another Great Options for everyone, My Last Bitcoin transaction took more than 12hour to confirmed and with high Txn fee

One on from my desktop wallet has not moved since last time I laid to rest.

Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin!

It absolutely is!

Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin period.

Capped blocksize, RBF, Segwit, 1 IP address 1 vote, Lightning hubs and so far fees so high that small not to mention micro transactions are unviable, that's not Bitcoin in any way.

I am the real satoshi nakamoto!!


@austinhopper please upvote and comment. Thank you.


Great news.
the future is bright for BCH.
Steemians needs to amass BCH since now the fee is really affordable.
Keep on steemit.

Congrats! I don’t see why people would care if addresses look the same, I highly doubt that anyone cares if 35 alphanumeric are seemingly similar! So none of the confusion elements makes any sense because when you copy and paste an address for any coin they all look like a line of alphanumerals! Anyway it’s good that you finally added BCH. Bravo

I agree with you, some people did make the mistake in the past where they sent BCH to a BTC or to a Segwit adress. A lot of that has been recovered but some people lost their coins forever.

Although I do have to say if people can not properly transfer their coins they need to educate themselves a little bit more on cryptocurrencies.

It's not the way they look to humans that is the issue. The formats are different so that the software will reject an attempt to send funds to a mismatched address. If you get a BCH deposit address from us and try to send Bitcoin to it, the Bitcoin software will reject it because it's not a valid Bitcoin address.

Exactly! Guys listen to block trades here! It’s a major problem

People do care
As it’s not how they look to us that is the problem. It’s a serious issue

Your knowlege is very useful

right dear..I agree with you too

Help!Help! Sorry to trouble you, just now I transferred 236.897 steems to my bts wallet with the right memo (bfd768d0-e804-415c-9ccf-483c13c6d0ef) , but at present I do not get any bts in my account. I have no idea about this. Can you do me a favor? Thanks @blocktrades


One of our admins refunded a while back, the memo was for SBD, not for STEEM.

I have received the refunds by admin. Thanks, this time I'll check it carefully before transferring!😊

Wow that doesn't look so good!


I'm a big fan of BCH, but BTC is the OG...

BCH is the original Bitcoin actually. It's just not the larger network so far, but that qualifier only means something if the fundamentals of Bitcoin are already there. Which they are with BCH, but not with BTC.

I hear ya. Big fan of BCH...

How so ? Not trolling u
Seriously asking... segwit completely changes everything
How is segwit chain OG ?

Sometimes newer is better

No argument here...

Please call it Bcash to avoid confusion. Idd it is a good Idea to dump your Bcash for Steem.

Calling it Bcash is what causes the confusion and pushes the bitcoin core narrative. It's Bitcoin Cash.

Bcash has split off from Bitcoin WITHOUT CONSENSUS so it is no Bitcoin in any way.

Anybody can at any time create a hard fork of any open-source cryptocurrency, and nobody's consent is needed. All it takes is some programming knowledge.

BitCoinCash (Or BitCoincasH? Don't confuse with BitConneCt, the scam coin) has some good ideas, mainly the increase of the block size, but would have been more useful as a replacement of bitcoin, which would require consensus of a majority of the BitCoin community.

Yes, that's the definition of a fork.

I don't see people going around correcting the names of other forks. I don't see people calling for Bitcoin Gold to be called BGold. How about Segwit2X? That's a fork too. Let's call it BS2X! Why should that get to carry the name of Bitcoin? And yes, Bitcoin Cash is not Bitcoin - it's Bitcoin Cash.

Full disclosure - I hold both coins, but I'm equally frustrated by BOTH communities. They are both so toxic and more focused on shilling and smearing than on growing and scaling their respective projects. I do find that Bitcoin Cash is much closer to the original vision of Bitcoin than "Bitcoin" is. At least I can make a quick and cheap transaction using Bitcoin Cash.

Personally, I look forward to the day that there's a decentralized peer to peer currency that runs at scale. I have a feeling thought that it won't be either of these, so this debate is probably a moot point, but the conversation is worth having, because this situation is what will create urgency for a brighter future.


A hardfork is not meant to fork off, but to upgrade the system. Segwit 2x expected to get full consensus and become the upgraded Bitcoin, but they didn't get it so they cancelled. A fork as Bcash has done is actually a FAILED fork, because only a tiny part of the community was supporting it and thats why the Bitcoin network rejected their nodes because it was not compatible with the majority anymore. But people who say this is the real Bitcoin are liars, because the community has never chosen for this code.

I am very bullish on Lighning Network, and reading the paper I know that NOTHING is centralized (every action is backed by smart contracts backed by the blockchain) and IMPLEMENTING KYC AND AML IS IMPOSSIBLE (standard Bcash FUD). It is being rolled out and expected to be consumer ready this year, so we have an instant, extremely cheap, scalable and super secure global payment system soon.

BTW the vision of the white paper doesn't matter, you think the first creators of the internet saw video streaming, virtual reality ect as a use case of the internet? So the recent internet is shit because it doesn't fit the original vision?

I know now the purpose of a hardfork has changed, today it is used as a kind of an ICO whereby the new created altcoin gets a lot of attention, can profit from the Bitcoin brand and get distributed under many people.

It's certainly a polarizing topic, isn't it?

I'm fine with Bitcoin being whatever it will evolve into.

Right now my favorite description of what it is this: "the reserve currency for other cryptos." - But to say the original vision doesn't matter, doesn't make much sense either. The internet analogy doesn't fit, because today's internet is undeniably better than the original vision. Is today's Bitcoin better than the original idea behind it? The answer is subjective, but the demand for a decentralized currency is real.

When one transaction can cost up to tens of dollars I can't help but think is this what Satoshi wanted? Is there a consensus for bitcoin being too expensive to use? Clearly not, no matter how much censorship happens under Theymos to make everything look just fine. Competition is good for everyone and the best money will be used.

Look. I hope you do really well with your coin and I'm looking forward to Lightning finally getting implemented, which would at least make the old network a viable payment method again in some sense.

But if you think the whitepaper and the fundamentals laid out there - that define Bitcoin - are irrelevant, so is your use of the name.

It's nice to see a more balanced perspective.

Is there any point on which the Bitcoin Cash implementation as you know it is not matching Satoshis definition of Bitcoin?

It's sad imo that we have to add a redundant "cash" on the end, but that's the situation we find ourselves in.

To fully evaluate the technical implementation requires a pretty specialized set of skills and understanding. I think a good barometer for the layman is to observe how the platform performs under increased demand and merchant adoption. We will see!

I would suggest you read the full white paper, as well as Satoshis own emails and posts. He makes a lot of sense in them and it's often not as hard to understand as some may want you to think it is.

"Performance" can be a good barometer, but it doesn't show which coin is Bitcoin unless you define "performance" by adhering to the fundamentals Satoshi wrote about in the white paper and explained elsewhere. A lot of anti-Bitcoin Cashers would suggest that a high price is or popular support is "performance" enough, when that actually has nothing to do with it.

Yes, we'll see what happens. My hope is that both systems endure on their own merits, but that Bitcoin Cash lives on known by most simply as Bitcoin.

I hear you. I have read the whitepaper and some of the emails, but it starts to fall apart for me when I get into some of the non-basic cryptographic concepts and economic theory. I don't consider "high price" any sort of indicator at all though. It's more of a red herring. I like Vitalik Buterin's somewhat recent series of tweets that question whether the high market cap is actually deserved. Bitcoiners should be asking themselves the same questions.

Bitcoin Cash > Bitcoin Core

Have some upvotes.

People call it Bcash because they are angry it has Bitcoin in it's name. Meanwhile not realizing that it is the Segwit fork that split off from the original roadmap.

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

Greetings @blocktrades, I made a transaction by means of blocktrades transferring 25,010 SBD per BTS ... the transaction is identified as 52bdd819-4fdf-4328-a0fd-39c60373c5a7 it appears that it is already complete but does not appear in my OpenLedger account .. . can you help me, please?


That is great news, blocktrades, will grow bigger!

That is great.


Thank you @blocktrades

(((gives HUG)))


It's normal. Everyone knows it.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Good news to finally get some steem with BCH although Litecoin and Ethereum are fine but people who hold BCH will not need to spend extra money on exchanges.

Depending on Blocktrades fee structure, the fees you pay should also be able to come down with time due to the premium on congestion you pay in Litecoin and Ethereum. =)

I am new to crypto tech and heard people call BeeCash, BCASH? Any thoughts on what the right way to say it is? thanks. Just don't want to sound like a fool

The right way to say it would simply be "Bitcoin", but we can't call it that currently because so few understand that Bitcoin can even be defined by anything other than popular demand or even full node miner support. So instead we call it Bitcoin Cash.

BCash on the other hand is a Brazilian owned company and payment system that has nothing to do with Bitcoin. That's why a few high ranking r/Bitcoin redditors fueled what has spread to be a social media spam campaign to call Bitcoin Cash "BCash", so that users will be confused.

The people controlling r/Bitcoin and BitcoinTalk since Satoshi left are no longer aligned with his vision of scaling the main chain without requiring 3rd party intermediaries. As they don't allow other opinions there, you should use r/btc instead, which was started for the purpose of not banning based merely dissenting views.

.....Seven Days Ago, I used your blocktrades to convert 47.000 SBD's to aquire more Steem Power... I got back 48.991 in Steem Power... Then TWO days ago I converted 2.000 SBD's and got back 3.039 in Steem Power... This leads me to believe that I was shorted when I converted the 47.000 SBD's a week ago.... Can you please correct the Problem...???
The Transaction Number is... f69d3971-8947-4fdb-b215-5a9b5839676b
I think I should have gotten back closer to 70.000 Steem Power instead of 48.991 ...
I'm sure it probably seem like a little to you, but it's a lot to me... Thanks...

COIN MAN by @pocketechange f69d3971-8947-4fdb-b215-5a9b5839676b

A good afternoon. I have redeemed 25 sbd to bitcoin from account @ atafauzan79. But until now there has been no successful confirmation. how to handle it? Thank you for your help

Ripple and EOS on Blocktrades would be awesome!

hello @blocktrade I am an active user on the platform, I have been a year, I would like to help the platform, voted to new users, with this the community will become stronger, I would like to have your support and if not much ask for some power of delegation. thank you very much in advance, you are great

@rakison1 please upvote and comment. Thank you.

great info

so helpful. now i have many options @blocktrades

I tried to transfer some BCH just now to Steem. Didn't see that option. What am I missing here?

Few hours ago I couldn't select BCH either. Now it’s there, for me at least.

BCH was available today but COINBASE did not recognize the BCH addresses.

Yea, you are right. Coinbase only supports the Legacy Address format, while BlockTrades gives you a BCH address in the new CashAddr format.
You can use this tool to convert the address:

@blocktrades on a serious note how did my delegation expired because i have paid for the renew of my delegation and you have taken away my delegation what is the meaning of this how can you just take my delegation away i need some answer and how is this possible how did it expired so quickly please reply me @blocktrades.

Alright 👍
Been waiting for this!
Thank you for adding!

I hope @bolcktades always give the best to its customers, this is good news thanks

You have a complete leader sipirit blocktrades👍

Woooow,, cool,

The more methods of intermediary value and currency transfer mechanisms available the better.

BlockTrades charges upwards of 4%... This is more expensive than any other exchange I have yet seen.
1 BTC -> 2366.898 STEEM
2366.898 STEEM -> 0.90779818 BTC
Exchange fees can be even greater:
0.01 BTC -> 23.718 STEEM
23.718 STEEM -> 0.00829299 BTC
That's 8.53505% per transaction.

This is the reason for which I do not recommend using BlockTrades.

  ·  last year (edited)

I do not care about fees as long as I am satisfied with the QUALITY of service. ;)

Cheap is the twin of LOW QUALITY in most cases. ;)

I read some recommendations of Changelly, I visited the site and it's hurting my eyes on mobile. ;)

Poloniex is my favorite since 2016 because it is easier to navigate from mobile compare to Bittrex but sometimes they "temporarily disable" Steem/SBD and other coins.

With BlockTrades, selling Steem/SBD is just few clicks on android Chrome that's why I prefer BlockTrades for Steemit. ;)

I see no reason to cash out of Steem as of now, as it is, on a fundamental level, much better than most other cryptocurrencies. This is not however saying it will go to $100 and stay there because that is simply not going to happen.

  ·  last year (edited)

I sell Steem/SBD not for fiat always but for trading different altcoins. BCH is AWESOME to HODL too :-p

Saludos Friend desde Venezuela Anzoategui.